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  1. The Last Hobbit Trailer Is Finally Here And Oh No Everything’s on Fire

    Including MY HEART

    All of those intense close-up teaser posters were leading up to this moment, and boy is it dramatic. Hella orcs! Thranduil being snippy! Dwarf feelings all up in the everywhere! Possibly some more Gandalf and Galadriel ones, too! It's everything we could have ever wanted.

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  2. Gandalf Is Vaguely Concerned With Your Life Choices In New Hobbit Poster

    "Do you maybe want to rethink buying that advance ticket for The Judge this weekend? No?... Okay."

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  3. Craig Drake Illustrates Badass Female Action Stars & More In Solo Show

    eye candy

    I've been ogling Craig Drake's work for a while now and when I saw he was doing a solo show, I lamented not having $200 for his work featuring Buffy...on wood! Then I found out there were prints. But they were already sold out (#nerdworldproblems). However, thanks to "The Internet," I can look at his gorgeous images until my heart is content. Take a look at a few of his pieces featuring characters from Game of Thrones, Kill Bill, Star Wars, and more.

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  4. Gandalf Branches out to Blocking New York City Pedestrian Bridges

    There And Back Again

    When I heard Improv Everywhere had a guy dressed up as Gandalf shouting "you shall not pass" at folks in Central Park, I assumed the video would make me cringe, but this Gandalf is just so good natured about absolutely nobody stopping when he asks them to that I'm actually pretty charmed.

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  5. Improv Everywhere Brings LOTR to New York With Gandalf’s Infamous “You Shall Not Pass!” [Video]

    This is actually Gandalf the White, but a few days in the city made his robes all grey again.

    To the Grey Wizard of Central Park, we are all vicious balrogs who seek to unmake the Fellowship with our fiery whips of many thongs. Luckily, Improv Everywhere has given this noble Istari his moment in the spotlight as part of their "Movies in Real Life" series. Soldier on, Gandalf Greyhame. Eventually someone will heed your warning. Maybe.

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  6. Watch This Woman As She Finds Out Gandalf Is Not, In Fact, Dead

    There And Back Again

    I know some people won't be able to comprehend how anyone could avoid spoilers for The Lord of the Rings. You know, considering the book has been around since the 1950s and the Peter Jackson films were about as wide-spread as you can get in the way of exposure. But look, some folks just don't discuss LOTR over second breakfast, ok? In any case, this woman's roommate knew she had know idea what was about to unfold in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, so the experience was documented and posted online for us to enjoy. (via Buzzfeed) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Security Cameras In Party Hats

    Things We Saw Today

    It's George Orwell's birthday, and security apparatuses are celebrating world over! Someone promised they would bring cake, but I'm pretty sure that's a lie. (via Laughing Squid)

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  8. I Put on My Wizard Robe and Hoodie

    Questions! Questions That Need Answering

    ThinkGeek says this wizard hoodie is all about Gandalf, with his Dwarf rune for G, Glamdring, and some crossed pipes, but I'm seeing less of a pointy hat and more of a pointy Magika hood. Ahh, well, I bet the hood is a great place to keep snacks anyway. For when you're done with the pipes.

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  9. Watch Willie Nelson Audition for Gandalf in “The Hobbit 2” [VIDEO]

    There And Back Again

    "You can hire me and fire that Ian McKellen guy," says country music legend Willie Nelson to Peter Jackson in this audition tape. "He's a good actor, but hell, I'm Willie Nelson." He has a point there, Peej. (via: Laughing Squid) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  10. Mal Reynolds, Harry Potter, Totoro, and Gandalf Have Never Been Cuter Than When They Are Mice


    Mice and nerdiness are bound together in eternal partnership, if just because so many of us grew up with Redwall. So Quernus Crafts' sculptures of famous geeky characters as mice is really the perfect fit. Don't question it. Just let yourself coo at Mal Reynolds, Gandalf, Harry Potter, and Totoro as mice. None of your fellow geeks will judge you.

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  11. Essential Wizarding Gear for All Occasions (Even Balrogs)

    My Precious!

    The LotR Project spends most of its time quantitatively recording, researching, and presenting details and data from Tolkein's Middle Earth setting. I see absolutely no deviation between their usual work and this poster, which is being offered for sale. Previously in The Lord of the Rings

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  12. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, Fake Eagles Snatchin’ Everybody Out Here

    Death from the skies! There's a video on YouTube right now that allegedly shows a golden eagle swooping down in a park and attempting to carry off a small child. Golden eagles are one of the largest birds in North America, but could one actually lift a baby? Nope. They can't. There were few things about this video that made us suspicious, and with good reason. It turns out it was fake after all.

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  13. The Best Answers To Come Out Of Ian McKellen Taking Over The Hobbit Twitter Feed Yesterday

    Questions! Questions That Need Answering

    We already love Sir Ian McKellen a great deal but a recent takeover of the official The Hobbit twitter feed reminds us why. The thespian was asked questions by fans via an #AskGandalf hashtag and answered so many, the account hit their maximum for the afternoon. But don't worry, plenty was said and we've documented it here for posterity. Hit the jump to see which were our favorites (the questions are on the right). We've ranked them by how many favorites they received from users.

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  14. Three Hundred Lives of Men Gandalf Has Unicycled this Earth [Video]

    Fans of The Lord of the Rings each have their own special way of celebrating the countdown to yet another film installment of their favorite franchise. Some opt to dress like hobbits and refuse to shave their feet until opening night, and others devote themselves to speaking nothing but Elvish for any and all social interactions. Portland's hometown hero the Unipiper, on the other hand, takes it one step further by combining his famous schtick -- playing the bagpipes whilst riding a unicycle -- with his reverence for Gandalf the Grey. What we ultimately get is too much nerdiness for one video to possibly contain!

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  15. Does Gandalf Ride A Unicycle While Playing Bagpipes In The Hobbit? No? Well Here’s What That Looks Like.

    Wait For It...

    Reviews for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey have started to make their way online but I'm avoiding them so I can't say with confidence whether or not the film includes Gandalf playing the bagpipes while riding a unicycle. But like, that sounds like something you'd want to see, right? Though I will express how awesome I think this is, I think he missed an opportunity by not dressing as Bilbo because then he could call himself Bilbo Bagpipes. (va Mental Floss) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  16. 17 Character Posters from The Hobbit Is A Lot of Character Posters

    There And Back Again

    But not one of Stephen Colbert!

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  17. Sir Ian McKellen Originally Had To Choose Between Magneto And Gandalf

    The World May Never Know

    You've heard of "Sophie's Choice," right? Well I think we're going to have to start a new geek phrase - "McKellen's Choice." Sir Ian McKellen, actor with an impressive resume but best known to fans as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings and Magneto from X-Men, recently revealed that at one point, it was one role or the other, not both.

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  18. Get Your First Look At Martin Freeman As Bilbo Baggins

    i'll just leave this here

    Behold! Entertainment Weekly's bringing you the first picture of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. On Freeman as Bilbo, Peter Jackson said: "''He fits the ears, and he's got some very nice feet. I think he's got the biggest hobbit feet we've had so far. They're a little bit hard to walk in, but he's managed to figure out the perfect hobbit gait.'' EW has also released pictures of Ian McKellan as Gandalf, and of Jackson talking with Freeman behind the scenes. Click through to see the other pictures.

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  19. Hipster Gandalf

    Fun fact: The Lord of the Rings trilogy is about 3,000 times longer than the average Dwarves song. Also: Facepalm. (via Reddit)

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  20. Geekolinks: 1/28

    The 5 Best Cults (Neatorama) The Geopolitics of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (The Atlantic) Hobby Shop Guy Rips of Peter Jackson for $189k (A Distant Soul) Yoda Bathrobe Pales in Comparison (Fashionably Geek) Decorate Your Walls With Giant Marvel Prints (Comics Alliance) The Colonel's Secret Recipe Revealed! (Internet Today) Gandalf is Better than Dumbledore (Geeks are Sexy) (pic via Fashionably Geek.)

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