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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Allow Us To Explain

Attention, Gamers: If You’re Celebrating International Tabletop Day, We Want Your Pics!

Calling all dice rollers, deck shufflers, and dungeon masters! Tomorrow is International Tabletop Day, and we want pics of our readers’ respective festivities. Why? Because games are awesome, and quite frankly, so are you.

Here’s the way we see it: Tabletops are crazy good fun, and a great way to bring people together. At The Mary Sue, we are all about those things. However, as we live on the internet, this is a difficult day for us to host a celebration for. So, unless reliable transporters appear on the mass market in the next twenty-four hours, we invite you to share your day with us. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing card games, board games, miniatures, or pen-and-paper stuff. We want to see it all — from the laziest Munchkin match to the lengthiest Arkham Horror session.

Should you accept this quest, we’ll need the following:


Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Game Developers Walk Out of Scripted Reality Show, With Sexism as the Last Straw

GAME_JAM was supposed to be a YouTube-based webseries, a reality show about four teams of game developers competing to win prizes and promote their careers. According to many of the folks involved, it was hamstrung by terrible contracts, mismanaged sponsorship, and a director who sought every opportunity to fabricate conflict against the will of participants, and a general misunderstanding of what game development actually involved. But the thing that united the sixteen contestants into walking off the show was when it attempted to get them to impugn the place of women in coding and game making.

And we think that’s pretty cool.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Batman Beyond Hoodie

This Batman Beyond hoodie by Poland deviantart user envylicious is prettttty awesome. Sadly, bidding has ended on this one but perhaps there will be more?


+2 Cha -2 Str

Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day Want You To Join A Day of Gaming [Video]

If you enjoyed last year’s International TableTop Day, well, good news – there’s another one on the way!  On April 5th, 2014 (yes, a different date from last year), you can join Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and thousands of others to celebrate gaming. Check out the website for more info on registering or finding an event, but first, enjoy this delightful promo!

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We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

Shiny: Fox Teases a Firefly MMO at SDCC [VIDEO]

It’s not the new Firefly we might’ve hoped for, but Firefly Online, the game teased in the video above, is better than nothing, right? Starting next summer it’ll be made available on mobile devices, and according to our buds at Geekosystem (hi, buds at Geekosystem) if it’s popular enough developer Spark Plug Games might put out a PC version.

(via: Geekosystem)

Previously in San Diego Comic-Con

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Today In Obvious

Apparently, Women Gamers Spend As Much Time And Money On Gaming As Male Counterparts. This is Surprising?

A report shows that women gamers spend as much time and money on consoles as male gamers do, and that gamers are not, in fact, all teenage boys who lock themselves in their rooms to play Xbox Live for hours on end. Wait, gamers can be women? And adults? Gasp!

The social media network commissioned the search, and had this to say about their results:

The image most people have of a gamer is usually a young boy, holed up for hours in end in their bedroom, only stopping the game for food, drink and toilet breaks. But these results show that the stereotype couldn’t be more wrong. Not only are women just as likely to be gamers as men, but we are talking about fully grown adults who work, have a family and are in a relationship.

Go under the cut for statistics, commentary, and lots of exasperated sighing.


where does he get those wonderful toys

People Want Female Warrior Gaming Miniatures So Much That They Funded This Kickstarter Campaign In 30 Seconds

When French design studio Raging Heroes decided to crowdfund a line of highly detailed female gaming miniatures, they probably thought they’d meet their goal. $12,000 is a pretty modest amount to shoot for, after all, and they clearly put a lot of planning into the campaign. And hey, they know their figures look awesome.

They probably didn’t think they’d blow past their goal in 30 seconds, though. And yet that’s exactly what happened.



In Which I Am Pretty Darn Sure That Most Gamers Are Fine With Female Protagonists

Last week, the Penny Arcade Report interviewed Jean-Max Morris, creative director of the upcoming female-led game Remember Me. After going into the game’s cyberpunk roots, Morris discussed the publishers who wanted nothing to do with a female protagonist. “We don’t want to publish it because that’s not going to succeed,” he paraphrased. “You can’t have a female character in games. It has to be a male character, simple as that.”

As the article made the rounds, I couldn’t help but notice what gamers were getting excited about elsewhere. Tomb Raider had just slipped to number two in the UK sales charts, after two weeks at number one. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm had already sold 1.1 million copies in its first two days. Indie developer Supergiant Games, the folks behind Bastion, announced their new action RPG, Transistor, which features a leading lady. Their booth enjoyed two hour lines at PAX all weekend. I’m told that the lines for Remember Me were comparable.

I don’t think it’s gamers who have a problem with female protagonists.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

DC’s Women Know How To Spend Ladies’ Night

So boss. We discovered this epic illustration by Kyle Latino after stumbling upon a fantastic new Tumblr – Real Girls Gaming. Now, what kind of characters do you think each lady would be playing? Would they play to type or go in the opposite direction? Also, I bet Wonder Woman is an unforgiving dungeon master.

(via Kyle Latino on DeviantArt)

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+2 Cha -2 Str

Felicia Day Declares March 30 International Tabletop Day! [VIDEO]

We have days for just about everything else so I don’t see why not. Seriously though, this sounds like a lot of fun and I’m sure more than a few of my friends will be putting events together. March 30 also happens to be the Doctor Who premiere date here in the U.S. so it’s just going to be one long day of geeky fun! Find out more at

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