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Game of Thrones

  1. The Mary Sue Editor in Chief Jill Pantozzi Talks to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin About Our Big Decision

    [TW for discussion of rape] The Mary Sue will no longer be promoting HBO's Game of Thrones, but our editorial team will be making decisions on the newsworthiness of certain items as they arise. Earlier today our Editor in Chief Jill Pantozzi was asked to speak with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about our decision and what we think the series could have done differently.

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  2. We Will No Longer Be Promoting HBO’s Game of Thrones

    The Mary Sue has decided we will no longer be actively promoting the HBO series Game of Thrones. Allow us to explain.

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  3. Kit Harington On Game of Thrones’ Spectrum Of Sexuality, Jon Snow, And Objectification

    Out Magazine recently had a chat with Kit Harington, asking him about how he feels about this current season of Game of Thrones, as well as how he feels about the show's commitment to portraying diverse sexual preferences.

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  4. Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 6 Photos: Sand Snakes, Olenna, Tyrion and Jorah, Oh My!

    "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken," indeed.

    With an episode title like that, you just know these photos are going to feature some strong characters. And they do, indeed. Behold!

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  5. Animated Game Of Thrones Video Shows How History Is Stranger Than Dragon-Filled Fiction

    The history nerds among you already know all this. This video is for the rest of us. Actually, this video is for anyone who's a fan of Game of Thrones, history, adorable animation, and TED Talks. Check out this mini-tutorial on the historical, real-world wars that inspired the crazy, bloody politics of Game of Thrones (or the title of a Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie).

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Don’t Forget to Vote Alison Hendrix, Orphan Black Fans

    A trustee you can trust.

    Don't you want a safe, friendly, nurturing environment where you can feel safe, friendly, and nurtured?

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  7. Emilia Clarke to Channing Tatum & Wife: “Please, Can We All Have Something Sexual Together?”

    Also, Beyoncé might own one of the actual dragon eggs from Game of Thrones.


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  8. Game of Thrones Book Spoiler Open Thread: “Kill The Boy”

    Warning! If you haven’t read ASOIAF, back away! Head over to Jill’s book-spoiler-free episode recap and discuss the episode in the comments! But if you have read the books, this is absolutely the best place for you to discuss the episode in relation to GRRM’s original series.

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  9. Game of Thrones Recap: “Kill the Boy”

    More like Game of OMFG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN, amirite?

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Jon Snow Knows Mothers

    Kinda, sorta, well okay, not really.

    This video, while adorable and heartbreaking at the same time, simply raises more questions for me. Do they celebrate Mother's Day in Westeros? Why was Hodor hiding in the curtain? Why am I laughing so hard?!

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Stephen Merchant Is Dirrty. Real Dirrty.

    Chaps and booty shorts ahead. You've been warned.

    Listen, we all saw this coming. When Lip Sync Battle was announced, it was obvious to all of us that Stephen Merchant was going to become a regular fixture. Not only that, but we all knew that he was going to be a hilarious fixture. Like those crazy things on the walls at Chili's. Woo! An alligator with sunglasses. Ha.

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  12. Brienne & Sansa Are Deep in Thought in the Latest Game Of Thrones Episode Photos

    Plotting the demise of evil people. Just another day in Westeros!

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  13. Westeros Gets the Google Maps Treatment With a Game of Thrones Map

    "OK Google. Take me somewhere safe." "Rerouting... rerouting... rerouting..."

    Commence arguing over its accuracy and cartographic merit, nerds!

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  14. First Glimpse of Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Guest Starring on Doctor Who

    When a good Stark goes to war...

    We love it when our geek properties cross paths, don't we? Filming for Season 9 of Doctor Who is happening right now, and there are some awesome photos floating around showing Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams' guest starring turn on set with Peter Capaldi!

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  15. Game of Thrones Book Spoiler Open Thread: “Sons of the Harpy”

    Warning! If you haven't read ASOIAF, back away! Head over to Jill's book-spoiler-free episode recap and discuss the episode in the comments! But if you have read the books, this is absolutely the best place for you to discuss the episode in relation to GRRM's original series.

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  16. Game of Thrones Recap: “Sons of the Harpy”


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  17. YES. Gwendoline Christie’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Will Knock You Into the Dust

    Gooooood. Let the "great!" flow through you.

    More Star Wars Day goodies, and this one may be the best yet. Just sayin'.

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  18. Opening Up: Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie Speaks About Brienne’s Inner Struggles

    Still waiting for a Brienne and Pod buddy cop flick.

    Game of Thrones fave Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) recently spoke about her character's personal emotional growth and the heartbreaking monologue she gave in this past week's episode, "High Sparrow."

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  19. New Images From This Week’s Game of Thrones Plus Keisha Castle-Hughes on the Sand Snakes & Being a Fan

    Did you know Keisha Castle-Hughes was a big Game of Thrones fan before getting hired to play Obara Sand? Oh yes, she dressed up and everything.

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  20. The Japanese Covers for A Song of Ice and Fire are to (All Men Must) Die For

    Cover-based book judgement all the way.

    Japanese publisher Hayakawa's A Song of Ice and Fire covers have been around for awhile, but their extreme gorgeos-ity knows no statute of limitations.

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