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  1. American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: “Edward Mordrake, Part 2”

    When we last left two-faced ghost/Dickens cosplayer/green smoke monster Edward Mordrake, he was determining that Ethel was not the “true freak” he'd come to the Jupiter freak show to find and take back to Hell with him. So who's it going to be? Turns out we do have a little bit of the identity-based mystery that I said felt lacking in my last recap.

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  2. American Horror Story: Freak Show Sends in the Clowns With New Title Sequence, Trailer

    Few words are more magical than "with Kathy Bates."

    October is finally here, and it's brought more American Horror Story promos with it. Check out Season Four's main title sequence (above) and first full trailer after the jump... if you dare!

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  3. American Horror Story Outdoes Itself With First Character Images & Mother-Lovin’ Slender Man Promo

    American Slender?

    Promo pics are behind the jump. Just look at Kathy Bates. I cannot resist her bearded splendor.

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  4. Rethinking the Progressiveness of Fargo‘s Molly Solverson

    One Strong Female Character doesn't cut it.

    The problem with Molly isn’t Molly. The problem with Molly is the way in which the show's writers have configured her as a Strong Female Character in a wasteland of women that we're intended to see as sluts, nags and doormats.

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  5. Here’s the First Full Trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s New Vampire Show, The Strain [VIDEO]

    Bloody Good Fun

    You know, the show with that creepy as hell (eurgh) eyeball poster? That should give you a good idea of the yick factor with this trailer, though there’s less worms-crawling-out-of-people’s-eyeballs and more general creeping terror. And eyeballs. And worms. Just not together. (via: io9) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  6. John Scalzi’s Redshirts Being Made Into A TV Series

    Set phasers to EXCITEMENT.

    If you're a fan of John Scalzi's 2012 Hugo Award-winning science fiction novel Redshirtsthen you'll be happy to know that FX will be adapting the book into a limited-run television series. Well, if this were a television show, that's what we'd expect you to be feeling. You know, if that's what the narrative called for.

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  7. Guillermo del Toro’s Vampire Show Is Coming to a TV Near You


    Every time I hear that Guillermo del Toro is working on a new film or TV show I’ve trained myself to think it’s not actually going to happen. It’s a preservation technique. He has so many awesome-sounding things on his to-do list that if I pin my hopes on any individual project I’ll probably end up disappointed when it never makes it past the planning stages. But here’s one that actually has: FX has given vampire series The Strain a 13-episode order.

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  8. FX Is Making a Rasputin Miniseries; Odds of the Existence of a Sexy!Rasputin Show Very High

    Our Adorable Past

    Sure, you know Grigori Rasputin as a historical Russian cult-of-personality leader and infamous murder victim with a seriously grody beard and strange haircut, but did you know that he's getting a miniseries from the network that brought us American Horror Story, Nip/Tuck, and Archer?

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  9. Damn, I Had Something For This: (Almost) Every Insulting Nickname From the First Three Seasons Of Archer

    Fanboy alert -- we're just days away from new episodes of Archer on FX and super-psyched for the return of one of the best comedies on TV right now. It seems like we're in pretty good company on that front, as the supercut mavens at Slacktory seem to have their jones on for the show as well. So much so, in fact, that they've put together a spanking new supercut of the best barbs, insults, cruel nicknames, and malapropisms traded by the characters on the show. While it's not a totally thorough rundown -- missing are real gems like "Serves you right, Smacky Brown," and "Who am I, Alan Turing? He was also in X-Men, remember?" -- it's plenty to kill a couple minutes between morning meetings and whet our appetites for new episodes and the spectacularly cruel humor that will no doubt go right along with them. Can't. Wait.

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  10. Carrie and Charlie Want to Talk to You About Pepe Silvia [Video]

    If this were any other situation, the only logical reason behind one drawing parallels between two otherwise incongruous shows like Homeland and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is that they watch way too much television for their own good. This time, however, YouTube user SGeorge244 might have just uncovered a much larger conspiracy going on at FX and Showtime. It just so happens that our favorite characters from these aforementioned shows, the terrorist-hunting Carrie Mathison and madcap Charlie Kelly, both suffer from socially crippling cases of apophenia and are surrounded by simpleminded friends who can't see the forest for the trees.

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  11. Louie Shows Exactly How to Put a Show on Hiatus, NBC Could Take Lessons

    Louie and Community, in my opinion, are two of the best shows on TV right now. While wildly different, both are exceptionally smart, laugh-out-loud funny television programs that deserve all the critical acclaim they get. Both, as of today, are going on hiatus. Here's why it's good news for one show, which not only features but really captures the definitive stand-up comic of his generation, and bad news for the other, whose network increasingly looks to be run pretty much entirely by saboteurs dedicated to bringing the place down from the inside.

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  12. Good News? The Powers TV Show Is Starting Over

    Don't Panic

    When last we heard about the FX television adaptation of Powers, the Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming crime-drama/superhero comic, it was shutting down and retooling. Turns out, most of the talent may not be going along for the ride. They're starting completely from scratch. Is this good news or bad news? 

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  13. Perennially Wonderful Producer Gale Anne Hurd Will Take on Pirates in FX’s Port Royal

    Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

    With her astounding genre cred, one's first reaction to hearing that producer Gale Anne Hurd is producing anything is usually joy, excitement, and eager anticipation. Like when we found out she was producing a show about Area 51. And then, you find out that Hurd is going to be producing a show about pirates for FX, and one can barely even contain themselves. And that is exactly what's happening: following her runaway success as a producer of AMC's The Walking Dead, Hurd will lend her talents to a new series about the infamous Jamaican town Port Royal. Heavens to Betsy, imagine all the zombies vs. pirates vs. aliens arguments we're going to get to have!

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  14. Things We Saw Today: The X-Community

    Things We Saw Today

    Illustrator Aviv Or has single-handedly given us something wonderful to tide us over until Community comes back to NBC's lineup in the spring: Xaver's Community College For Gifted Students. Of course they are. Visit Imgur for individual pics.

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  15. FX’s Powers Pilot Is Reshooting, Rebooting Itself

    There And Back Again

    We haven't heard anything from FX's Powers series in a while, and maybe that's a sign of how well shooting has been going. While FX hasn't completely ruled out picking it up for series, it is making the comic-based show undergo some major surgery before giving it another chance. However, according to Powers co-creator Brian Michael Bendis, this is not bad news at all. In fact, it shows signs that the network is actually interested in giving the show a chance.

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  16. Zachary Quinto to Guest Star on FX’s American Horror Story

    hold on to your butts

    Well, this sounds like a jolly good time: Zachary Quinto, best known as Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie and for his villainous role in NBC's Heroes, will join the cast of FX's American Horror Story for a guest-starring arc. This will be Quinto's first return to television, and it will be in a show that's getting some very good buzz this season. His character will be introduced in a just-announced two-parter that will air on October 26 and conclude on Halloween. Come inside for all the spooky details ...

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  17. Oh Look! Now You Can See Jason Patric as Detective Walker in FX’s Adaptation of Powers

    It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

    We've been talking about FX's upcoming adaptation of the superhero story/police procedural comic series Powers for a while now--We've been hearing about various casting news and potential plot thing-a-ma-jigs for months. But until now, with the picture above, we had never actually seen any bit of it. And as exciting as it is to hear all this news, sometimes you just need photographic evidence that something is actually happening. And so, we direct you to the picture above: Proof!

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  18. What’s Been Happening With FX’s Powers Show? Casting. That’s What.

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    A while back, we told you that a series based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's comic Powers was in the works over at FX. And then ... nothing else. But now there's news! Charles S. Dutton has been cast as Captain Cross, "the head of a homicide police department where detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim investigate crimes involving those with superpowers." So far, this is the only official casting news, but Kyle Chandler (of the soon-to-be-late Friday Night LIghts) has been in talks to play Christian Walker. That is still rumory at this point. The pilot was written by Charles H. Eglee (The Walking Dead, Dexter), who will also executive produce. Michael Dinner (who has worked on Sons of Anarchy and Justified) will direct. (JoBlo)

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  19. Powers Pilot Greenlit by FX

    Officially Official

    A pilot based on Powers, the creator-owned comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming, has officially been greenlit by FX. The announcement came via Bendis' Twitter and Facebook pages, and does not give any dates or time frames. But what makes this extra cool is that Powers is one of the first creator-owned comics to be adapted into a television series.

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