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  1. Sir Mix A Lot Performed Baby Got Bach Back with the Seattle Symphony

    Sadly, Becky was not in attendance.

    If for some reason you needed proof that Sir Mix-a-Lot's love letter to the derriere has become a respected cultural touchstone, here it is! This past weekend the poet of the posterior performed Baby Got Back with the Seattle Symphony, and damn...he did not have to ask for volunteer dancers twice.

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  2. Here’s a Cat Beating a Human in Jenga

    "Your opposable thumbs are no good to you here!"

    This video of Moe the cat owning a human in Jenga is a little old, but I think its message is still relevant: never try to beat a cat in a game based on suspense and agility. It's had nine lives to develop nerves of steel, and the only thing that penetrates its shell of apathy is crushing ennui. See the end there? Moe doesn't lose—he's bored.

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  3. Netflix Bug Smashes Plot Descriptions Together, the Results Are Hilariously Weird

    Congratulations, Netflix, you just wrote fan fiction!

    If you use Netflix, you may have noticed that the content recommended to you lately has sounded...well, a little off. A bug has been melding the summaries for some adjacent titles together since December, but honestly I'm disappointed the descriptions were just the result of a technical glitch. Some of these movies I would love to see.

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  4. Accident In South Carolina Causes Major Loss of Lasagna, Pastaggedon Imminent

    Something something Garfield something.

    Last Wednesday a tractor trailer full of lasagna collided with a slow-moving train in Gaffney, South Carolina. Both drivers were able to escape with their lives, but tragically an estimated oodle of noodles were not so lucky.

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  5. Geekolinks 5/13

    An excellent model of recess cooperation, all the similarities between Luke Skywalker and Jaime Lannister, ultimate LEGO sets and a side of octopus pancakes, all part of this complete Geekolinks!

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  6. Geekolinks 5/6

    A seahorse reckoning with its own identity, amazing Ent cosplay, a real-life version of Jon Snow's sword, and more in today's Geekolinks!

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  7. A Reminder That Dogs Are Bad at the Banjo [Video]

    You know what your day needs? More animals doing things they shouldn't.

    Yes, this video of two dogs covering the bluegrass classic ''Dueling Banjos'' is a year old, but ultimately it's timeless. The musician on the left's hat, the extreme disinterest of both puppies, the overall twangy terribleness--this is the kind of weirdness that is not diluted by time. Don't worry. It's available on Soundcloud.

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  8. Massachusetts Town Lifts 32 Year Ban On Arcade Games

    Pogs, roller-blading and R.L. Stine still non-negotiable.

    If you grew up in Marshfield, Massachusetts then it's unlikely that Pac Man, pepperoni farts, and fanny packs full of quarters hold their rightful place of reverence in your heart--the small town just repealed a 32 year ban on arcade games.

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  9. Tommy Wiseau As Batman Is The Movie Mash-Up We Deserve

    Sorry, Clooney. You've been upstaged again.

    Room spoofs are a dime a dozen, but few so perfectly capture the specific weirdness of Mr. Wiseau. The casual hair flicks! The cackling! Props to Jake Torpey for his portrayal of Batman/Tommy, and double props to director Patrick Willems for capturing that Room je ne sais quoi, right down to the terrible soundtrack.

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  10. Science Reveals Secret to Winning “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

    Real talk: it's Jedi mind tricks. Always.

    Use this power wisely, young Padawan: researchers at Zhejiang University have devised a strategy for winning Rock-Paper-Scissors, and it's not just "leaving things up to chance." Prepare yourself to have a lot more influence, but be careful—power corrupts, and Rock-Paper-Scissors corrupts absolutely.

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  11. “Freshest Donuts” Employee Pays Tribute To Mitch Hedberg

    Just file it under "D," guy.

    With great power comes great responsibility--so when a Freshest Donut employee was given the ability to decide what was printed on the store's receipts, he used it to honor a routine from the late, great Mitch Hedberg.

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  12. Woman Faces Jailtime For “Dodgeball Rage”

    No, I don't have a chip on my shoulder. And if I do, it's an old dodgeball injury.

    Like Panem's Hunger Games (and most parts of P.E.), dodgeball trains players to numbly endure the inherent cruelty and pain of existence. One woman's outburst during a "trampoline dodgeball" event revealed the "game" for the barbaric custom it truly is--and although she now faces jail time, I'll forever remember her as a martyr to the cause.

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  13. Who Would Win In A Fight: A Jedi Or Harry Potter?

    I mean, obviously Gandalf could whoop them both. But for argument's sake.

    Be patient with this video: it might start off slow but it quickly becomes a tour-de-force of action, impressive special effects, and savvy nerdiness . The rat tails! The heroes' journeys! The angsty "chosen one" mentality! Luke's Hogwarts letter must have gotten lost on the way to Tatooine. If anyone could master a Levitation Charm, it's a Jedi.

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  14. Geekolinks 4/29

    The Good Ship Fire Pit, taxidermied tauntauns, upsetting Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys, and more in today's Geekolinks!

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  15. Elders React To The Trailer For Godzilla

    Bryan Cranston: the generational unifier.

    For this latest episode of Elders React, The Fine Bros. interviewed some good sports senior citizens to get their take on the trailer for the upcoming Godzilla remake, as well as a clip from the cartoon. Or should I say "Godziller?"

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  16. Compilation of People Struggling In Infomercials Really Puts Things In Persective

    If everything was actually this hard I would get out of bed even less than I actually do.

    If an alien civilization ever gets hold of this video we will be annihilated: any society so completely flummoxed by tying a towel, cracking an egg, or finding the right Tupperware deserves to be invaded immediately. And let's not overlook all the terrible rhymes by the voice-over announcers.

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  17. Cats Are Too Rude for Science to Study

    Leave me be, plebs! In Egypt, I was a God.

    Many cat owners suspect their feline companions of being secret geniuses—how else does one explain Snowball's innate superiority complex? But apparently, researchers haven't been able to appropriately examine kitty IQ yet, because cats are just not having it with this science thing.

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  18. Geekolinks 4/22

    What do a penguin being knighted, a rainbow fart cake, George R.R. Martin and a honey badger all have in common? They're together for your convenience in today's Geekolinks!

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  19. Everyone Wins In Super Mario Remade With Nine Cats

    If there are nine cats here and each of them has nine lives-does that mean there are actually 81 cats?

    Lucky YouTuber 9 cats has, as the name suggests, nine cats. But does he keep that plethora of kitties to himself? No, he uses them for the good of humanity and graces the world with videos like this. Sadly, no fireballs here. Only adorable furballs. Nine of them.

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  20. True Friends Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Play The Newlywed Game [Video]

    It's okay to be jealous of everyone involved in this.

    "The Newlywed Game" is a fun cruel exercise where couples compete to see how well they really know their partner. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen aren't a romantic couple, but they do have an enviable friendship -- although judging from this video, they definitely wouldn't win in a relationship trivia smackdown.

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