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  1. The Friends Theme Song Imposed On Harry Potter Actually Works Weirdly Well


    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, as both are at their core about the power of friendship and love. Granted, the Harry Potter crew is way more hardcore about it.

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  2. Don’t Be a Jerk: New Service Allows You to Ship Absolutely Nothing to Your Friends

    People have begun to lose their hopes and forget their dreams.

    Ok, first it was shipping glitter to people - something I would not wish upon my worst enemies - now nothing?

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  3. Somebody Mashed Up The Room With Friends And It’s Wonderful

    How did they manage to make Denny not seem creepy?

    Watching this The Room parody title sequence without having watched The Room will probably make a person think that it's a totally normal, friendly romantic comedy. It is not. It is actually bonkers masterpiece of awful cinema, which is what makes this Friends mashup so wonderfully, surreally perfect.

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  4. 70% of Americans on Facebook Have at Least One Gay Friend

    Fun fact: Gay friends are exactly like straight friends, except, wait. They're all just your friends. Never mind.

    Why have issues like gay marriage moved into acceptance in the last few years? Well, lots of reasons, many of which are heartening signs of maturity and evolution in our society. One key contributor, though, is that it's hard to support the denial of basic rights to a group of your fellow citizens and human beings when you're getting together for drinks with a few of them later in the evening, and for more Americans than ever before, that's exactly the case. According to statistics released to the Washington Post earlier today, 70% of Americans on Facebook have at least one friend on the site who identifies as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

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  5. Lessons Learned From a Week With No Facebook Friends

    Late last Wednesday night I unfriended everyone on my Facebook account to see what life on the Social Network would be like without being social. I've used Facebook exclusively through interactions with Pages for a full week now, and it's cut out all the things I didn't like about Facebook, but it turns out that it's cut out a few of the things I did like about Facebook as well. Let's look at some of the drawbacks.

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  6. Relationship Status: Does Having Zero Facebook Friends Mean Zero Friends In My Real Life?

    Thursday night I unfriended everyone on Facebook. The reaction this got has been fascinating to me. Some readers have been very supportive, while others questioned why anyone would do what I've done. By unfriending everyone on Facebook, have I unfriended them in life? My wife brought up a related point: Are we still married now that our relationship status doesn't reflect it?

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  7. Why I Unfriended Everyone on Facebook

    Last night I had 369 Facebook friends, and today I have zero. I thought about quitting Facebook a few weeks ago, but realized that Facebook itself wasn't the problem. The problem was my friends. Yesterday I realized that I didn't even have to quit Facebook. I just had to quit my friends, so last night I went through and unfriended them one by one. This is what I think about it so far.

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  8. Misanthropes Rejoice! Facebook Adds Pages Only View, Hides Your Friends

    Good news for anyone who hates their friends! Facebook has announced that it is rolling out a new Pages Only view that hides your friends from the News Feed and instead only shows updates from pages to which you subscribe. It seems like a strange move considering the problems Facebook's been having with pages getting content to users through all the new promoted posts, but we're actually pretty happy with this development. Now folks can read our Facebook page undisturbed by all their pesky friends.

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