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  1. Crumbles Automatically Converts Text Into Video Montages, Perfects Human Communication

    Take that, custom iOS keyboards.

    Goodbye, text messages. So long, GIFs. There's a new form of communication in town. No, it's not voice messaging, either, unless you expand the definition to include video montages from movies and TV that read whatever you type for them, because that's exactly what Crumbles does, and it's amazing.

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  2. Patrice Wilson, Rebecca Black’s Producer on “Friday,” Makes Direct Sequel to “Friday”

    When Rebecca Black hit the scene with her single "Friday," you probably remember the Internet, as well as yourself, flipping out at the ridiculousness of the song. Though she came under a decent amount of flack and the song rose to meteoric popularity because of how bad it is, her (currently former) producer, Patrice Wilson, took an equal amount, if not more, flack than the singer herself. You may remember Wilson as the guy in "Friday" who rapped in the car. Now, he's made a direct sequel to Black's "Friday." It is called "H.A.P.P.Y.," and it is about Saturday morning.

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  3. Kohl's Uses Rebecca Black's "Friday" for Black Friday Commercial

    Black Friday is on the horizon, and in a somewhat clever pairing of words, Kohl's is using a parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday" in a commercial to promote their Black Friday sales. The ad features the above woman having waited in line "since yesterday," the main woman continually terrorizing an older woman, and what seems to be a Rebecca Black lookalike behind the main woman as she enters Kohl's for the first time. The commercial's song follows the same tune and rhythm, though the lyrics are replaced with Kohl's-centric lines. See the video of how a department store utilized Rebecca Black after the jump.

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  4. Benni Cinkle, The Girl in Pink from Rebecca Black's "Friday," is Now Making Her Own Music Videos [Video]

    Benni Cinkle, otherwise known as the girl in pink who awkwardly dances through the sunroof of a limo in the music video for Rebecca Black's "Friday," is now making her own music videos. Presenting, "Can You See Me Now," featuring what seems to be bulimia and Cinkle as a giant butterfly.

    (Gawker via Viral Viral Videos)

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  5. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Mysteriously Removed From YouTube

    Well, it looks like tomorrow is Saturday since Friday is no longer available. Good news if you're looking forward to the weekend. Rebecca Black stole our hearts by letting us know the order of the days of the week and asking us for seating advice, but now the fun fun fun fun is over and the 160 million hit video is nowhere to be found. YouTube is reluctant to say whether or not Miss Black herself had anything to do with the video's takedown, but reminds everyone that
    “YouTube takes copyright infringement very seriously. When we receive a complaint alleging that a video infringes another person or company’s copyrights, we remove that video. Users who believe that a video was removed in error can appeal the copyright takedown.”

    In the meantime, you'll just have to wait to see what day tomorrow actually is, then maybe write a song explaining it.

    (via Mashable)

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  6. The Harry Potter “Friday” Parody We’ve Been Waiting For [Video]

    There's An Apparate For That

    YouTube user Ginnyisaprincess whipped up this Harry Potter-themed Rebecca Black parody called "Ravenclaw" in about 11 hours. There is something to be said for real, creative songwriting effort and singing without autotune, doncha think? And idiot Gryffindors, amirite? (Nerd Bastards)

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  7. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Analyzed in Flowchart Form

    There have been many analyses of Rebecca Black's "Friday," (which is currently sitting at 89.8 million views on YouTube) but none have been as convenient as and hilarious as this extremely scientific flowchart. Head past the break to see the chart in full.

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  8. Stephen Colbert Sings “Friday” On Fallon [Video]

    And All Was Right With the World

    This is the only way you will see this song performed on The Mary Sue -- sung by Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Taylor Hicks. Throughout the week, Fallon has been threatening his BFFSM (Best Friend For Six Months) Colbert with the task of singing this song ever since Colbert donated $26,000 of Fallon's money to Fallon gave his audience the chance to come up with the money, and if they did, he promised that Colbert would come sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" on his show. And it worked! Turns out people are very charitable when they want to see someone do something humiliating. The beginning has an Annie Lennox feel to it, don't you think? (Flavorwire)

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  9. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Slowed Down 500%

    With Rebecca Black's seminal song about par-tee-in, "Friday," currently sitting at 65 million YouTube views and climbing, it was only a matter of time before the popular song was slowed down and released, as per the fun, fun, think-about fun, recent trend. Oddly enough, when "Friday" is slowed down about 500% of its normal speed, the result is actually kind of good. From a repeating ocean-waves-crashing-on-the-shore effect, to infamous Ark Music Factory CEO and rapper-about-buses, Patrice Wilson sounding like a ghost haunting a mansion trying to warn us of some kind of danger, the whole slowdown could easily play while the hero of a movie sacrifices his or herself to save the world.

    The slowdown was created with a program called PaulStretch, created by programmer Paul Nasca. The program isn't strictly something that simply elongates a song, as it takes very short pieces of music, mixes them up, then digitally rebuilds them and shoves them back into sequence.

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  10. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Goes Deathcore

    Today in remixes of Rebecca Black's "Friday" (now at 30 million YouTube views and counting): Metalhead Danny Dodge treats the instant classic to some deathcore/death metal riffs and roaring lyrics. The days of the week rundown is particularly good. (via LATFG)

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Nathan Fillion, Looking Kinda Like Patrick Warburton

    Things We Saw Today

    Well, hello there. (At Fashionably Geek)

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  12. Viral Star Rebecca Black on Good Morning America

    It's #Friday, and you know what that means: Viral music video star Rebecca Black, whose 16 million-YouTube-hits-and-counting "Friday" has our staff far more obsessed than any group of twentysomethings should ever healthily be with a tween pop song, appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her unexpected celebrity. She seems like a nice, normal girl! And she doesn't sound like an Auto-Tuned Gorgon when they ask her to sing a few bars of the National Anthem. Still, the GMA interview is all kinds of strange, what with the interviewer reading her nasty Internet comments about her music and the anchors sagely observing that "Friday" is really bad, but "not the worst song ever." Also, 4chan is going to rage about Black's on-air entreaty to Justin Bieber to perform a duet with her. (Hey, she is a 13-year-old girl, after all.) Previously: Black's first interview since "Friday"-mania began.

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  13. Rebecca Black Gives Her First Interview Since “Friday”-mania Began

    Rebecca Black, the 13-year-old singer behind viral megahit "Friday," has given her first interview since the song exploded in online popularity last week. Speaking to The Daily Beast, she cleared up a number of misconceptions about how the song came to be: •Black did not write the lyrics herself: They were written by Ark Music Factory, the vanity record label for young musicians. “A few times, when I heard some of the lyrics, I was like, ‘That doesn’t make sense,’” [Black's mother Georgina] Kelly recalled. “Rebecca said, ‘I sang it as they wrote it, Mom.’ So I didn’t micromanage it.” •Though she's currently making bank off of "Friday" on iTunes, where it cracked the Top 100 singles chart, Black did not get paid by Ark Music to make the song: Rather, her mother paid Ark $2,000 for a package which included their "produc[ing] an accompanying video in a bid to make a splash on YouTube." •Black has not liked all of the Internet attention she has received so far, which has included mainstream publications asking if "Friday" was 'the worst song of all time.' "At times, it feels like I’m being cyberbullied," she said. Black is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America and On-Air With Ryan Seacrest in the near future to tell more of her story; she also says she plans to record an acoustic "Friday" "to showcase her vocal range in a non-Auto-Tune environment." Related: "Friday"-style song lyric generator. (via The Daily Beast)

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  14. “Friday”-Style Song Lyric Generator

    Rebecca Black's "Friday" has exploded in popularity over the course of the past few days, drawing more than 6 million hits on YouTube. But the music industry is unfair: Not everyone has a super-slick record label like tween-pop academy Ark Music Factory backing them.

    Luckily, we're here to help: Thanks to the deft, "thrown-together" coding of Geekosystem developer Scott Smitelli and the abundance of word lists on the Internet, you too can have the lyrics for your very own "Friday"-style pop song.

    >>>Behold the lyric generator.

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  15. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” as Performed by Bob Dylan

    Bringing his best Dylan impression to the table, musician Mike Bauer reveals the secret origins of the Internet's new least favorite song "in this lost recording from Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes." If you haven't had the fortune to hear the original, it's embedded below for comparison -- Godspeed.

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