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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Freema Agyeman

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Photo Hints at Martha Jones’ Return to Doctor Who… Or That Martha Just Likes Hanging Out With Mickey

Read into this picture of Freema Agyeman, Noel Clarke, and a random kid (Mickey and Martha’s son?), tweeted by Agyeman, what you will. (Nerd Approved)


It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Four-Year-Old Doctor Who Superfan Lindalee Rose Interviews Martha Jones. All Together Now: Awwwwww. [VIDEO]

Last week our favorite Doctor Who reviewer, the four-year-old Lindalee Rose, put in an appearance at fan con Gallifrey One, where she interviewed Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) about the TARDIS’ amenities and told a rather good knock-knock joke.

If you can watch this without cooing at least once, you’re a more stoic person than I. For an extra dose of adorability, a pic of Lindalee and Freeman is after the jump.


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Confirmed: Martha Won’t Be Back for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have reached the event horizon at which concrete plans for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special have actually been made. By a real person. Probably in England. What this means is, that we no longer have to play the game of “here’s a thing somebody said which may or may not actually shed light on the contents of the special and which old characters will be coming back.”

Which brings me to my point, which is that Freema Agyeman, the actress who played Series 3 companion Martha Jones, says she’s definitely not in the special.