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Freddie Wong

  1. Your Faves Have Been Doing Panels At NerdHQ – And You Can Watch Them All Right Here

    Including Yvonne Strahovski talking about Captain Marvel, oh goodness.

    SDCC isn't the only place you can catch the stars this weekend in San Diego - Zachary Levi is doing his usual awesome thing over at Nerd HQ for Operation Smile, and they've kindly been posting all their excellent panels online for the world to enjoy.

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  2. It’s Never Too Early In the Morning to Procrastinate With This AVbyte Music Video

    Who knew Hannah Hart could sing?

    The AVbyte Brothers sure do love their musical numbers, and "Procrastination: The Musical" might be their most impressive yet due of the sheer number of Youtube stars (plus Jason Schwartzman and John Hodgman) they were able to round up. Although, let's face it, they all probably had more important things they should have been doing at the time.

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  3. Get Lost In This Slow-Motion Water Balloon Fight Between 1500 People [Video]

    My god, it's full of stars. Er, balloons.

    For Geek Week, the SlowMo Guys Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy teamed up with Freddie Wong to round up 1500 people at RTX Austin and threw balloons at each other. Well, it's more like 1500 people threw balloons at Gavin and Dan. The result, as with everything filmed in slow motion, is astounding.

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  4. The 7 Best Harlem Shake Videos the Internet’s Produced Since Last Week

    Okay, folks. Looks like people really, really love the Harlem Shake meme that's still making the rounds. It might be slowly dying off at this point, but a number of late bloomers joined the party since we last posted about the best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced so far. Given that some of those made over the past week are actually quite good, they really deserve their own roundup. Hit the jump to check out the seven best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced since last week.

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  5. When You Think About It, Link’s Really Just a Huge Jerk [Video]

    One of the classic tropes seen in The Legend of Zelda games involves protagonist Link running about, smashing this and that. Typically, the objects being smashed are pots, but he's not usually terribly particular. He's pretty much a big jerk about it, since he never sticks around to clean up his mess, and he's more than happy to smash things all over again if and when they're replaced. That's what Freddie Wong explores in his latest video, with the help of Lindsey Stirling as Link. That poor guard.

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  6. Freddie Wong Turns R/C Car Race Into High-Octane Chase Scene [Video]

    Gone are the days of RadioShack R/C car Christmas presents. Normally, presents now revolve around something digital, as we're living in the age when video games became mainstream and middle schoolers have iPhones. However, famed Internet entertainer Freddie Wong shows us just how cool R/C cars still are, when this simple R/C car race becomes a high-octane thriller.

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  7. Meet Milk Man, the Superhero With a Distressing Super Power [Video]

    Freddie Wong and his creative crew have temporarily abandoned the realm of gaming and special effects wizardry, instead venturing into the absurd for their latest video. It's a pretty fantastic, albeit somewhat disgusting, look at a new superhero called Milk Man. You can imagine where it goes from here. Though not too gross, the lactose intolerant amongst our readers may want to skip this one.

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  8. Could This Be The World’s Worst Superhero? [VIDEO]

    what is this I don't even

    There are lots of terrible superheroes out there - Matter Eater Lad, Arm Fall Off Boy, Beak, Aquaman... (I kid, I KID!) but Milk Man: World's Worst Superhero may just live up to his name. "Where there's dairy, Milk Man is there with his udderal blasts and bizarre mode of transportation," says creator Freddie Wong. The video certainly has a certain gross-out factor so beware. (via Laughing Squid)

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  9. Freddie Wong Attempts to Master the Power of the Fire Flower, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

    You didn't think that could have ended well, did you?

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  10. Group Makes Skyrim Recipe, Sunlight Souffle, in Real Life [Video]

    As most people who pay attention to the Internet know, The Elder Scrolls series puts a lot of effort into their in-game books, and Skyrim is no exception. From intricately detailed stories spanning what can only be described as "too many pages," to descriptions on how to pick locks, the world within Skyrim has a bevy of information to divulge to those who actually want to read digital books instead of play the game in which said books exist. At least one book in Skyrim provides recipes, one of which Jimmy Wong, brother of Freddie Wong, and company chose to make in real life. Presenting, the Sunlight Souffle. Full recipe after the break.

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  11. Freddie Wong Does Minecraft [Video]

    Maker of neat Internet videos Freddie Wong expresses a feeling we all experience when playing Minecraft: Unadulterated rage after a creeper blows us up and takes out a chunk of the intricate structure we just spent hours mapping out on graph paper then spent another few hours building. People who know Freddie Wong get to grab a huge gun and mow down a bunch of creepers though, whereas all we can do is rebuild the thing until it inevitably gets blown up again.

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  12. Spartacus Star Andy Whitfield Dies at 39

    so long and thanks for all the fish

    Just about a year after announcing that he could not return to play the title role in Starz' Spartacus series because of a recurrence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Andy Whitfield has passed away. He fought the disease for 18 months before succumbing at the age of 39. According to a statement from his family, he was "surrounded by love" in Sydney, Australia.

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  13. Freddie Wong Genuinely Enjoys His Game-Inspired Commute [Video]

    Freddie Wong, the man who got caught up in the crossfire and did a speedrun of an airport is now giving us a little insight into his daily commute. Spoilers: It's awesome and heavily inspired by Grand Theft Auto. Despite the distinct lack of explosions or anything flashy in that way, the effects are pretty impressive. Unless of course, there are no effects and that was just footage of an actual commute for a documentary or something. Yeah, I like that option better.

    (via reddit)

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  14. Freddie Wong and Steel Panther Get Caught Up in the Crossfire [Video]

    Freddie Wong has prognosticated the future of cinema, defeated an airport with Heelys, and now he faces off against mid-1990s board games. Oh, and this time he teams up with nuevo hair-metal band Steel Panther. Why not! (via BuzzFeed)

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  15. Cowboys, Aliens, and Freddie Wong [Video]

    In a surprising turn of events, director Jon Favreau apparently approached Freddie Wong and company to make a video to help promote the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens. According to Wong's post on Reddit, the entire project was Favreau's idea.

    Jon's kid apparently LOVES our stuff - they've been watching our videos for months. Jon wanted to do something with us so he basically pulled a bunch of weight and told Universal to let us do ANYTHING. That meant shooting on the Universal lot for free, props and wardrobe from the movie free for our use, equipment, etc. It was a dream come true. So we came up with a ridiculous concept where it was basically cowboys versus the FreddieW channel, and sent it by him, and he was totally down.
    How does this match-up of cinematic minds fair? Pretty dang good by the look of it. (via Reddit)

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  16. Big Blue Ball Machine [Video]

    Freddie Wong is everywhere at once in his latest video, featuring him and about a dozen other hims performing amazing feats with rubber spheres. This is definitely going to be one of those times when the behind-the-scenes footage will be a must-see. (via BuzzFeed)

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  17. Philadelphia Airport Speedrun [Video]

    YouTube film makers and geek evangelists Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch attempt the impossible: Get from their arriving flight to their connecting flight in 2.5 minutes. For anyone that has ever tried to make a tightly scheduled connecting flight or attempted to traverse the existential horror that is the modern American airport, this video should warm your heart. Pro-tip to hardcore travelers everywhere: Get Heelys. (via BuzzFeed)

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  18. Geeks are the Artistic Vanguard of the Internet: Freddie Wong and the Future of Film

    When Freddie Wong talks, he does it with the same frantic energy and humor that have made him famous. This is especially true when speaking about his decision to quit his old job, working on direct-to-DVD films and jump into working exclusively online. When faced with the proposition of another feature-length project, Wong said that he and Brandon Laatsch, his partner in the video arts, asked themselves if they could do something new. It was clear to them that the Internet was changing how the film business was done, and that they should be a part of it. "At the time, it felt like if Apple computer had just come out and we were typewriter salesmen," Wong said at the Blip.TV offices in Manhattan. "So, should we keep selling typewriters?"

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  19. Arcade Dominator [Video]

    YouTube star Freddie Wong takes to the arcade to show it who's boss. The video is amusing, but Wong isn't exactly the best Skee Ball player of all time; he explains:

    In the interest of giving you all the down low - the only thing I'm actually doing is Guitar Hero. The Skee Ball basically is one take where I bowl 9 in a row in the correct segment of the ramp, and then we replace each one of those with successful shots from another take. Same with Stacker - I stood very still, and the action of my hand hitting the button is actually pieced together for timing. Everything up to the Major Prize payout is legit, just because Stacker is pretty easy and the way it works is the Major payout depends on the machine.
    Even if the perfect Skee Ball bowling was legit, the more impressive feat would've been finding an arcade that is still in business.

    (via reddit)

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  20. If Mario Was a First-Person Shooter

    YouTube favorite Freddie Wong imagines Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 as a 3D first-person shooter, complete with pop-up achievements onscreen. Like most FPSes, it makes me nauseous, but it looks pretty neat. Be sure to look at the picture-in-picture comparison in the top-left corner to see how everything compares to old-school SMB. (via THD)

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