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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Frank Marshall

Clever Girl

Kathleen Kennedy Leaves Jurassic Park 4 For Star Wars VII

Ok, I’m not gonna lie. If you asked me to choose between dinosaurs and space, I’d have a really tough time deciding. 


I will make it legal!

Here’s How Kathleen Kennedy, Producer and Studio Exec Extraordinaire, Convinced J.J. Abrams to do Star Wars

The Hollywood Reporter has an in-depth of profile of LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy, and while the whole thing is worth a read—Kennedy “know[s] the difference between a Colt .45 and a Colt .45 Gold Cup” and started dating her future husband, Raiders of the Lost Ark producer Frank Marshall, behind the back of Kennedy’s long-time collaborator Steven Spielberg (“I wanted Kathy to be working with me as my assistant and Frank to be producing the movie, and never the twain shall meet,” recalled Spielberg, “But you can’t stop love.”)—what caught my attention as an inveterate Star Wars nerd was something different.

Namely, the story of the secret meetings where Kennedy got J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars: Episode VII.


i'll just leave this here

Yet Another Update On Jurassic Park 4 & Indiana Jones 5

Oh look, some more information on Jurassic Park 4 and Indiana Jones 5. LucasFilm new co-chairman Kathleen Kennedy is the most recent one involved who had something new to say. And I kid you not, one of her responses was a shrug. 


Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Important Updates: No Indiana Jones 5, No Weaponized Dinosaurs In Jurassic Park 4

By a show of hands, who’s been waiting for another Indiana Jones film? Anyone? Anyone? Exactly. Well we’ve got some new, somewhat concrete, news on that front as well as some disappointing news on the Jurassic Park 4 front – no weaponized dinosaurs. But I wanted dinosaurs with lasers! Read on for all the info. 


hold on to your butts

Jurassic Park 4 Should Be In Theaters In Less Than Two Years According To Producer

We’re big fans of Jurassic Park here at The Mary Sue and we salivate like a Dilophosaurus whenever new information is released. Like today, when we found out a general idea of when Jurassic Park 4 would actually be in theaters. Read on to hear what else producer Frank Marshall had to say about the project.