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  1. Siri Tells Us What The Fox Says, Changes Her Tune On Her

    Now we can finally put this stupid meme to rest.

    Asking Siri weird questions about pop culture and seeing what she comes up with is one of our favorite past times, so when we found out she'll sing along to Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say" if you ask her about it, we had to try it.

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  2. The Fox Has a New Secret: The Secret of Its Dive-Bombing Magnetic Hunting Technique

    Truly, the fox is a mysterious and mystical creature with many secrets.

    You know what? Who cares what the fox says. It can jump into the air and land face first on its tiny prey right through several feet of snow. As far as we're concerned, it can say whatever it wants, because it's a deadly supernatural killing machine that we're glad is too small to hunt humans. Also, it's pretty hilarious to watch, so why don't you.

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  3. What Does the Fox Say? This Bizarre Music Video… Uhm… I Just… I Don’t Even Know

    I think I have less of an idea of what a fox says after seeing this.

    I have a six-month-old daughter, so I'm deep in the trenches of "the [animal] says [noise]," so seeing this insane music video by Norwegian musicians Ylvis first thing this morning is pretty thoroughly messing with my head. I'm like 80% sure I'm dreaming right now. Take a look, then try to convince me this is real life in the comments section.

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  4. Bathrooms Around the World Pretty Much Under Attack by Wild Animals

    When Animals Attack is making a comeback, probably to a bathroom near you.

    The one room in the home that most people can count on for a little privacy has in recent weeks become a nightmare place. Animal attacks, once one of many good reasons to avoid going outside, have moved into bathrooms around the world. In Israel, the latest attack saw a man minding his own business at a toilet rudely interrupted when a snake bit his penis, which might be the only situation to occur in a men's room that is more awkward than that guy who tries to start a conversation while you're both taking a leak.

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  5. Fox Shows Promise as Photographer, Steals Nature Show’s Camera to Practice

    This fox found a camera inside a rotting carcass. To its credit, which one would you run off with -- the camera or the carcass?

    Dear foxes, this is how you get a reputation for being sneaky and untrustworthy. A Dutch wildlife TV series leaves out a perfectly nice rotting carcass for you to snack on, and stuffs it with a video camera so they can observe you in your natural habitat. So what do you do? You ignore the meal, of course, and steal the camera -- which, to be fair, is a pretty 'foxes being foxes' thing to do.

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