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  1. Apple Reportedly Slashes iPhone 5C Orders In Favor of More 5S

    So apparently the C stands for "commercially unpopular."

    Remember how the 5C was touted as a colorful, cheaper option to the iPhone 5S that everybody was going to want for themselves? Eh. Apparently it's not as popular as Apple was hoping, because they just told two of their biggest producers that they'll be drastically reducing their orders of the 5C for the forth quarter. Trouble in iParadise, maybe?

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  2. Your PS4 is Probably Being Built by College Interns at Foxconn

    College students love Playstation, so win-win, right?

    Foxconn has enlisted the help of engineering students at the Xi'an Institute of Technology in China to keep up with PS4 production demand. In this instance, enlisted means they're basically being blackmailed with their college degrees. It's OK, greatness awaits!

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  3. Rumor: Amazon Contracts Foxconn to Manufacture 5 Million Smartphones No One Will Likely Buy

    Since it was announced earlier this year, the Amazon smartphone has been generating plenty of buzz amongst techie circles, curious to know when the phone would be released as well as whether or not it would be able to find its niche in a saturated marketplace. Today, the wheels of the rumor mill are turning full force with the latest hearsay regarding the phone's potential manufacturer. Taiwan Economic News, your one-stop source for economic news from Taiwan, reported that Amazon had granted Foxconn an exclusive contract to produce their smartphones, approximately 5 million of them by 2013. If these rumors are even remotely true, that's a whole lot of phones clogging up warehouses and collecting dust.

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  4. Foxconn Broke Child Labor Laws by Hiring Underage Interns, Nobody All That Surprised

    The amount of labor violation accusations that come out of China isn't something new. As long as there have been factories in the country, accusations have been the norm. From time to time, these even pan out. Accordingly, Foxconn has now admitted that they "accidentally" employed interns under the age of 16 -- the legal working age in the country -- after an internal investigation at their Yantai factory. That's what happens when your company gets workers shipped to them from local educational institutions.

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  5. Apple Bans ‘Objectionable’ Game Based on Foxconn Suicides

    As a company, Apple is very finicky about the content they allow onto the iOS app store. Even if an app makes its way through certification, there's always the possibility that somebody might realize that it may raise some eyebrows and get taken down. Case in point, it took Apple less than an hour to find and remove In a Permenant Save State, an interactive story following seven factory-workers who commit suicide and their journeys into the afterlife. Though Apple didn't state a reason, (they rarely do) it isn't exactly a stretch to say that Apple had a vested interest in taking the game down: The game, labelled "a serious [mobile] game", was directly inspired by real-life suicides at Apple's Chinese manufacturing partner, Foxconn.

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  6. The Worst: Foxconn Pressures Worker Left Brain-Damaged From Factory Accident to Leave Hospital

    Is there any other way than "evil" to describe a company pressuring one of their employees, that had almost half their brain removed after a work-related accident, to leave the hospital? Thought not. That's what Foxconn -- Apple's largest contract manufacturer -- is doing, though. Zhang Tingzhen, one of Foxconn's employees, was left unable to speak or walk correctly after doctors surgically removed parts of his brain following an electric shock received at the factory. Unfortunately, it appears Foxconn is tired of footing the bill.

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  7. iPhone 5 Standards Cause Fistfights and Outrage at Foxconn

    The iPhone 5 has a earned a new nickname, the "Helen of Troy" of smartphones. Heightened production standards for Apple's newest phone, mixed with the heightened urgency of a supply shortage, have led to a series of fistfights and ultimately a massive strike at infamous Apple product manufacturer Foxconn.

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  8. Sharp Mortgages Nearly Everything to Stay in Business

    Nothing invokes consumer confidence quite like a company having to mortgage nearly everything they own just to pay the bills. Sharp has done just that with most of its offices and factories, striking a deal with two financial groups to secure up to 150 billion yen, or $1.92 billion, in credit. Should Sharp default on their loan, these buildings would be used to cover their debt. As Sharp struggles to stay afloat, this cash infusion might last them until they can cut a more lucrative deal elsewhere, or it might be their undoing.

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  9. Pay Raise for Chinese Workers May Raise Prices on Tech Products

    Workers in in the Chinese city of Shenzhen are due for a pay raise next year that could mean higher price on technology products across the board for the rest of us. Located in China's Guangdong province, Shenzhen is home to factories that supply parts for some of the world's biggest technology names, including Microsoft, HP, and Apple. Low labor prices in Shenzhen -- and in China more generally -- are largely responsible for keeping prices on consumer tech low. As those labor prices rise, you can expect the price of your next laptop, tablet, or cell phone to rise with them.

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  10. Rumor: Amazon is Rolling its Own Phone

    There's been a lot of rumblings from Amazon's hardware department as of late. We've been looking forward to new Kindles from the company sometime this year, but now a new report says that we might get a lot more: Amazon phones.

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  11. One Thousand Foxconn Workers Riot At Chinese Dormitory

    A dispute of unclear origin sparked a riot at a Chinese Foxconn plant, in which as many as 1,000 workers participated. For two hours, the workers threw bottles at security and destroyed property in the plant's dormitory area before ultimately being subdued with the help of local law enforcement.

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  12. Report: Foxconn Chairman Says Company Will Build “iTV,” Probably Not What You Think [UPDATED]

    Updated content follows below. For years, Apple fans have whispered rumors of a successor to the Apple TV; a television set built with Apple's eye for quality design and fully connected to iTunes and other sources of streaming media content. Now, a report from China Daily seems to indicate that Apple's go-to manufacturer, Foxconn, is preparing to build just such a device. Unless, of course, this is all just a big misunderstanding.

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  13. Watch the Creation of an iPad from the Foxconn Floor [Video]

    Marketplace reports that their Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz is the second reporter to ever gain access to the factory floor at the somewhat infamous Foxconn, Apple's Chinese producer. Though there's always news of Foxconn suicides, so much so that the phrase "Foxconn suicides" has its own Wikipedia page, the factory seems to do what it can to make the conditions bearable. As shown from the above video, the factory is spotlessly clean, and the campus even has athletic facilities for workers to unwind and exercise.

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  14. Rumor: Is Foxconn Hiring for an iPhone 5 Launch?

    Apparently last October's iPhone 4S wasn't enough for everyone as rumors about a possible iPhone 5 launch this June have started to swirl around the Internet. The latest fuel to this fire comes from TV Tokyo, which seems to have captured footage of a Foxconn employee telling people that they are hiring 18,000 employees for a June release. Unless that's not exactly what happened -- which is probably the case.

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  15. The True Cost of an iPhone [Infographic]

    When the newest iPhone comes out and your saliva glands start acting up, you tend to be grounded by one particular detail: Price. iPhones, while not absurdly expensive, still cost a relatively large chunk of change, especially if your old phone is working troublingly fine so that your only excuse for the expense is to keep up with the proverbial Joneses. But beyond all that, there's a bigger cost, a social cost, one that's less directly painful to you, but arguably much bigger in the long run. If you're curious about what that might be -- and are maybe looking for a way to guilt yourself into skipping a generation --  check out this interactive infographic from MBA Online. After all, people have to make these iPhones, and make them out of stuff, so who are they and what is that stuff and how much does it cost. Check out the graphic after the break to find out.

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  16. This American Life Retracts Story on Apple Factory Conditions Over Fabrications UPDATED

    In January of this year, the public radio program This American Life ran a piece which was adapted from Mike Daisey's one man show The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, which featured vivid recollections of brutal conditions inside the Foxconn factories which produce Apple's devices. After investigations into Daisey's story by American Public Media reporter Rob Schmitz for the show Marketplace, This American Life has decided to retract the story saying they can no longer vouch for its authenticity.

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  17. Foxconn Soon to Employ 1,000,000 Robots

    Everyone's favorite Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer Foxconn has announced that it will increase its robot workforce 100 fold in the next three years. Foxconn, which is responsible for the manufacture of Apple's iPad among other devices, currently employs over 1.2 million people but only 10,000 robots. By 2014, Foxconn plans to make that 1 million robots. The company's founder Terry Gou broke the news during a "company dance party" this past Friday, saying that the new 'bots would help reduce rising labor costs and increase efficiency. Aside from its affiliation with Apple, Foxconn has mostly made headlines over its treatment of employees, and a rash of suicides amongst its workers. The company also famously operates a company-owned community, drawing inevitable comparisons to American coal towns. Whether these new robots will help improve working conditions or the company's image remains to be seen. What also remains to be seen is whether such a massive addition to Foxconn's robotic workforce will lead to human layoffs, or simply greater production capacity. But this might not be the end of Foxconn's problems, since depression is not an unheard of condition for robots. (Xinhuanet via Slashdot)

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  18. Explosion at Reported Foxconn iPad 2 Plant in China Kills At Least 2

    A Foxconn manufacturing facility in Chengdu, China experienced an explosion today at 7:20pm local time, damaging what local press report to be an iPad 2 manufacturing site and killing at least 2 workers and injuring at least 16. Not much is currently known about the cause of the explosion, though MIC Gadget reports that it occurred when workers were switching shifts. TUAW says that there is "speculation that the fire/explosion was caused by airborne dust." Video below:

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  19. Steve Wozniak’s White iPhone 4

    At a recent press event, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak showed off a gadget that many Apple fans have long salivated for: A white iPhone 4. But he didn't get it from Apple, and in fact the company isn't too happy about its provenance, though Woz didn't find (?) it in a bar. Apple isn't going to make white iPhone 4s until spring of 2011, if at all. But as we've previously reported, this hasn't stopped an enterprising teenager named Fei Lam from selling white iPhone 4 mod kits, the parts for which he says are sourced from Foxconn, Apple's Taiwanese supplier. (A private investigator who may or may not have been backed by Apple reportedly sent Lam a letter accusing him of selling stolen goods, which Lam disputes, saying that he obtained the parts legally and that if Apple has a problem, it's with Foxconn, not him.) The proud owner of a white iPhone 4 made using Lam's $279 mod kit: Well, you should already know from the title of this post, but yup, it's Steve Wozniak.

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  20. Teenager Could Go to Jail for Selling White iPhone Conversion Kits

    About six months ago, an entrepreneurial Bronx 17-year-old named Fei Lam had a bright idea: Since Apple customers wanted white iPhones so badly and the company didn't seem to be satisfying their desires anytime soon (and may never do so this generation of phones), Lam contacted Foxconn, Apple's Taiwanese supplier, and was able to get access to white iPhone 4 parts. Lam launched a site called WhiteiPhone4Now where impatient iPhone fanatics could get full conversion kits for $279; major media attention followed, and Lam says that he's made more than $130,000 since August, money which he says will go towards his college education. But Lam could be in trouble. He says that yesterday, he received a letter from a presumably Apple-backed private investigator accusing him of "selling stolen goods," the consequences for which could be steep:

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