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  1. Gotham Teaser Showcases James Gordon

    Police procedural + comics = best

    The new Gotham teaser gives us a little insight into the mind of Detective James Gordon.

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  2. “I Want To Play a Centaur”: Brief Highlights From the Sleepy Hollow Panel at SDCC

    Hey, if the show can have time traveling headless apocalypse demons, why not?

    Yesterday the cast and crew of Sleepy Hollow briefly met up at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss, among other things, Ichabbie shippers and naked Benjamin Franklin. As usual, Orlando Jones steals the show with unicorns. Sparkly, sparkly unicorns.

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  3. Gotham News Roundup: Two More Villains, “Ivy Pepper” Explained, And Insight Into The Riddler’s Psyche

    Pamela Isley 5ever <333

    It looks like Bruno Heller's trying to beat the Comic-Con rush by providing some more information about Fox's Gotham, including two new characters to be added to season one. Holy oversaturated market for eventual villainy, Batman! (Spoilers for the series to follow, of course.)

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  4. Death by Snu-Snu: Futurama to Get Mashed Together With The Simpsons for a Crossover Episode Send-Off

    But who will play the Great Gazoo!?

    Oh no, Futurama is over! But it's back! But it's over! But it's back! Yes, Futurama is coming back one last time (again) for a Simpsons crossover of Flintstones/Jetsons proportions. The Family Guy/Simpsons crossover is getting a bit more crowded, as it'll serve up a delicious cameo of the week from Bob's Burgers.

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  5. Fox Wants You to Zipline Through Gotham’s Skyline and Ride in Gotham PD Cars at Comic-Con

    Do you get to break out like Bruce in Year One?

    Fans eagerly awaiting Gotham will get more than just a look at its first episode at Comic-Con. Fox is also setting up some theme park-type attractions for fans to zipline around the Gotham City skyline and ride around in Gotham City Police cars. I mean, if Batman is still a pre-teen, someone's gotta swing around the city's rooftops, I guess.

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  6. Community Might Not Be the Only Sitcom Yahoo! Is Saving

    Is our timeline actually getting even brighter?

    We were thrilled to hear that Yahoo! was saving our beloved Community and giving it a sixth season on Yahoo! Screen, but it might not be the only canceled show getting a second chance. (Or in Community's case... what... fourth chance? Fifth?)

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  7. Find out When You’ll Be Watching Gotham, Gracepoint, and Whatever Else in Fox’s Fall TV Schedule

    Wait, there are going to be other shows?

    Hey, Fox finally let their fall premiere schedule see the light of day, and now we know when we're going to sit, glued to the TV, to find out whether we're going to spend the fall watching or hate-watching Gotham! (Because either way, we're going to be watching.) Oh, and there are some other shows on there, too, I guess. And Gracepoint with David Tennant!

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  8. New Gotham TV Spot Is Full of Puppies, Rainbows, Tragic Gravitas

    Minus the puppies and rainbows.

    No, I'm never going to let the Bruce Wayne casting call requesting a young actor with "tragic gravitas" go. What do you think? Is David Mazouz's gravitas looking tragic enough?

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  9. Fox Cancelled That Crazy-Looking TV Show by the Writer of Pacific Rim Before It Even Aired

    Soon Fox will be canceling things before they're even pitched.

    Hieroglyph, we barely knew ye. We've been keeping our eye on the ancient Egypt-set show by Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham for several reasons, but now we'll never get to see it, because Fox decided, nah, they don't think they'll run it after all.

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  10. Fantastic Four Reboot May Use Director Josh Trank’s Found Footage Style From Chronicle

    Fantastic Footage? Foundtastic Four?

    There's no doubt that Josh Trank was brought on board the new Fantastic Four because his debut film project was a pretty successful take on young people coming to terms with superpowers. For better or worse, that sounds like exactly the direction the new movie is going in. Just how much will Chronicle's signature found footage style bleed over into the new movie, though? From these comments, it sounds like more than we expected.

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