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  1. [UPDATED] Voice Behind Flanders, Smithers, Mr. Burns, and Principal Skinner Leaves The Simpsons After 26 Seasons

    Please trap door yourself out.

    After 26 years, Simpsons actor Harry Shearer, the voice behind iconic characters like Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Otto, and Smithers has announced via Twitter that he will not be returning to the show.

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  2. [UPDATED] BREAKING: Fault In Our Stars Director Josh Boone to Direct FOX’s X-Men Spin-Off The New Mutants

    THIS JUST IN. The X-Men spin-off, The New Mutants, is moving forward as a film at FOX, and they've hired director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) to helm.

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  3. Check Out “Inside Looks” at Fox’s Lucifer, Minority Report, Frankenstein Code, and More

    Yesterday was "here's what we'll be doing with TV next year" day for Fox, and now we've got trailers to go along with the shows that will be starting up on the network this fall—and boy are there a lot of adaptations. We've got an adaptation of Lucifer comics, a TV version of Minority Report, and a modern retelling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with Frankenstein Code. Take a look!

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  4. FOX Brings Their Genre “A” Game With Trailers for Minority Report and Lucifer

    We're still upset about The Mindy Project, though...

    While we're still stinging from the cancellation of The Mindy Project (do the right thing, Hulu!), we're thrilled that FOX is bringing us some awesome-looking genre projects!

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  5. X-Files Revival: The Premiere Date Is out There

    I want to believe... that this will do the X-Files justice.

    Fox has announced its premiere dates for the next TV season, and for the first time since 2002, The X-Files appears on the list with a premiere date for the new, limited series! Are you excited? GET EXCITED.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Stephen Merchant Is Dirrty. Real Dirrty.

    Chaps and booty shorts ahead. You've been warned.

    Listen, we all saw this coming. When Lip Sync Battle was announced, it was obvious to all of us that Stephen Merchant was going to become a regular fixture. Not only that, but we all knew that he was going to be a hilarious fixture. Like those crazy things on the walls at Chili's. Woo! An alligator with sunglasses. Ha.

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  7. Lucifer To Get His Own TV Show On Fox

    The Sandman Lucifer, not The Wicked + The Divine Lucifer. Yeah, I know.

    It looks like Fox is going to continue exploring the comic book world, because they just ordered Lucifer to be adapted into a TV series.

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  8. Fox Canceled The Mindy Project, but Hulu May Pick It Up and Restore Meaning to Our Lives

    C'mon, TV. Let's work this out.

    Entertainment Weekly says that comedic-genius-Mindy Kaling's show, The Mindy Project, has been canceled after just three seasons—which we still managed to hear despite plugging our ears and yelling "LALALA" really loud. But there's still hope for TV comedy! Hulu is reportedly in talks to bring the show back.

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  9. I Can’t Believe I Watched a Whole Season of Gotham

    Or, Why Batman Can't Get Rid of a Bomb

    I, Jill Pantozzi, am going to tell you why I did not like the first season of Gotham. You've been warned.

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  10. Gotham Season Finale Gab: “All Happy Families Are Alike”

    The first season of Gotham has come to a close! What did you think?

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  11. Orlando Jones Is Leaving Sleepy Hollow

    RIP this show when it was actually good.

    Orlando Jones is leaving Fox's Sleepy Hollow in advance of its third season, Variety is reporting. Though there's no official world from Fox, Jones will be joining showrunner Mark Goffman in his post-season two exit as well.

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  12. [UPDATED] Kingsman: The Secret Service Getting a Sequel, Lexi Alexander Would Be Down to Direct


    According to "individuals with knowledge of the project (aka spies!)," The Wrap reports that a sequel to February's Kingsman: The Secret Service is currently in development at Fox.

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  13. Gotham Gab: “The Anvil or the Hammer”

    Barbara. I am so sorry about how this show is treating you, Barbara.

    What did you think of last night's pen(guin)ultimate episode of Gotham Season 1? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but look out for spoilers if you're behind.

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  14. The Mary Sue Interview: M. Night Shyamalan and Matt Dillon Talk Wayward Pines

    The pines are not what they seem.

    If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, then M. Night Shyamalan definitely recommends checking out Wayward Pines.

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  15. Gotham Gab: “Beasts of Prey”


    Last night marked Milo Ventimiglia's premiere on Gotham as serial killer Jason Lennon, another character (a la Fish Mooney) written specifically for the show; and as much as I like Ventimiglia as an actor, I'm already beyond frustrated by his character's gross story arc.

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  16. Gotham‘s Ben McKenzie Gets Us Ready For the Last Four Eps of the Season

    "You’re really starting to see the downward spiral of Gotham..."

    Gotham returns to FOX tonight with the last four episodes of the season! While he had nothing to say about Jada Pinkett-Smith leaving the show after this season, Ben McKenzie, who stars as Det. Jim Gordon, gave up some tasty tidbits about the show's upcoming dark story arc, and where Gotham is headed in Season 2 while speaking to a group of journalists recently.

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  17. Time Warp Again? Rocky Horror Picture Show Being Re-Imagined As a FOX Special

    "It seems so unhealthy here."

    We have news of yet another re-imagining of another property that wasn't particularly screaming for a remake. This time, it's The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just in time for the cult classic's 40th Anniversary, FOX is creating a made-for-TV special called The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, which will keep all the original music and the original story but, according to Deadline Hollywood, "greatly reimagine the story visually."

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  18. Production Art Shows Angel in X-Men: Apocalypse!

    X-Men: Now with time-travelly shenanigans!

    Timelines be damned!

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  19. The First Image of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in Costume is Perfect

    "If the Internet could see us like this, it would have fits."

    With its February 2016 release date less than a year away, the Deadpool movie is finally becoming more real than the voices in Deadpool's head. Here's our first look at Ryan Reynolds in costume from the actor itself, and it's perfectly suited to Deadpool's sense of humor.

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  20. [Updated] NOT A DRILL: Fox Announces The X-Files Officially Returning for 6-Episode Run!

    The truth is still out there.

    After months of rumors, Fox officially announced this morning that The X-Files will be returning with creator and executive producer Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on board.

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