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  1. Bruno Heller on Gotham’s Villains & Casting Young Actors as Traditionally Sexualized Comic Book Characters

    Executive Producer/Writer Bruno Heller talks to us about utilizing younger versions of sexy comic book characters and the potential for other villains showing up over the course of the series.

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  2. Gotham Gab: Share Your Thoughts On “Selina Kyle”

    I'm waiting until I can sit down with Hulu to watch last night's Gotham, but I'm sure those of you who are caught up have plenty you'd like to discuss. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below (and if you haven't watched yet, brace for spoilers).

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  3. Hey, Did You Want More Villains In Gotham? Because This Trailer Has Like A Thousand More

    Who are we missing, Calendar Man? Let's call up Calendar Man!

    Gotham's only on its second episode tonight, but Fox just released a new season preview trailer for the show, and oh my infinite crisis are you guys seriously bringing in ALL OF THOSE VILLAINS this season? Major spoilers, and also some intangible and probably unjustifiable rage from yours truly.

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  4. People Are Upset About the Gross Rape Joke On the Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover, Because It’s a Gross Rape Joke

    Lisa would not approve.

    Welp. Looks like Family Guy soils everything it touches by sheer proximity. An hour-long The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode is airing this Sunday, and one particular bit in the trailer has a lot of people upset. Because... well, you can see why:

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  5. Ben McKenzie Talks Mustaches, Gotham’s Ladies, and Last Night’s Premiere

    But seriously, where is the mustache?

    TV's most promising fall show Gotham premiered last night on FOX! We here at The Mary Sue had the opportunity to chat with Ben McKenzie, Gotham's young Jim Gordon, and ask him some questions about how he feels about the show—and the iconic fictional city of the same name.

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  6. Gotham Gab: Share Your Thoughts On The Season 1 Premiere, “Pilot”

    Gotham, the DC Comics-inspired, Bat-story before Batman, premiered tonight on Fox. We want to know what you thought!

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  7. Groovy Or Not Groovy? Bryan Singer Set To Direct X-Men: Apocalypse

    At least try to look surprised? For me?

    Today in unsurprising news: Deadline is reporting that Bryan Singer has just closed a deal with Fox and will be returning to the franchise for X-Men: Apocalypse.

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  8. New “Balloonman” Gotham Pics Reveal Penguin’s Weasley Sweater, First Look at Renee Montoya

    We all float down here, Bruce!

    To tide you over between now and tonight's baby Batman premiere, here are some promotional pics from Gotham's upcoming third episode "The Balloonman." Hit the jump!

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  9. Fox & Friends Talk About Women in Comics, and by Talk We Mean Get Everything Wrong

    Is this even real? Or is it just like one big joke on us?

    In a segment so pitch-perfect for FOX it must, surely, qualify as either self-parody or performance art, the folks at Fox & Friends recently had a discussion about female superheroes in comics, like the new "bustier" Thor, and Wonder Woman. From comparing Wonder Woman's four-year-old pants-inclusive re-design to a burqa, to wondering if we are "wussifying" animated characters, this segment has it all.

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  10. Fox Is Making A TV Show Based On Neil Gaiman’s Lucifer

    That is a lot of derivations.

    Looks like Fox is ready to give NBC's Constantine a run for its Judeochristian demon-snagging, DC Comics-inspired money. But instead of a Billy Idol lookalike demon hunter, they're going for a David Bowie lookalike demon king. Err, demon piano bar owner. Whichever he feels like, man.

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