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  1. Here’s An App To Help You Avoid Human Contact, Especially At A Certain Texas Festival

    Hell is other people at SXSW.

    SXSW started today, and an Austin tech developer wants to ensure that Texas residents won't be too overwhelmed by the invading indie masses. Enter "Avoid Humans," an app that uses Foursquare to tell you what locations to steer clear of if you want to leave your house but not interact with your species.

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  2. Hell is Other People: Anti-Social App Helps You Avoid Running Into Your Friends

    If you could figure out where all your friends were at any given time, you'd probably want to avoid them.

    Ever had a day where you just don't want to have to deal with other people? Ever taken a different path than usual because there's someone you really don't want to run into on the way? Good news, an app developer has leveraged social media to direct you along routes where your friends aren't. The app, called Hell Is Other People, is an experiment in anti-social media. It monitors your friends' check-ins on Foursquare to figure out where they might be and then creates a map with "optimally distanced safe zones" to decrease the chances that you might cross their paths.

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  3. Foursquare is Changing Its Privacy Policy, Probably Because That Worked so Well for Instagram

    Foursquare is continuing to grow despite the very subjective metric that I haven't seen one of those "Check in Here" stickers at a business in a while. I sort of forgot about Foursquare. Still, they've had a great year that saw millions of new users and their three-mbillionth check-in. They've branched out their services to be a stronger competitor to Yelp, whose stickers I have seen a lot of around New York. Now Foursquare is telling its users that it's going to be updating its terms of service, making more user information public. I don't see this going well for you, Foursquare.

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  4. Visiting a Planetarium Could Now Earn You a Curiosity Explorer Badge on Foursquare

    Geeks are a lot like hobbits: Aside from enjoying a good fantasy story and a hearty meal, neither of us venture beyond the comfortable confines of our home unless there is an absolutely necessary reason to do so -- which still necessitates heavy consideration. That's the stereotype, anyway. Case in point, NASA's teaming up with Foursquare to present those conquering their agoraphobic tendencies with a Curiosity rover-themed badge if they follow NASA via the social media platform and check in when they arrive at a NASA visitor center or any other approved locations -- such as a museum or planetarium -- that provide an educational experience. Sadly, events like Star Wars movie marathons at your local theater or science fiction conventions don't count toward receiving this special badge.

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  5. NASA’s Curiosity Rover Checks in on Foursquare, Probably Only Candidate for Mayor

    In what is surely the best use of technology to date, NASA's Curiosity rover that happens to be performing serious science on the surface of Mars just checked in via Foursquare. This is obviously the best way to tell that it's actually on Mars, though we probably can't meet up for drinks. All snark aside, the rover's almost guaranteed to become the mayor in short order due to a dearth of competition. What perks this might entail aren't exactly known at the moment.

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  6. Site Confirms You Knew Social Platforms Before They Were Cool

    There's a particular phenomenon popularized on the Internet wherein users who consider themselves early adopters look down on those who were late to the party. Now, thanks to, folks can figure out exactly how much cooler folks are than other folks. The site asks for authorization to Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Github. After being authorized, it spits out where that account exists, in percentage points, when compared to all other accounts.

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  7. Abandoned by Facebook and Foursquare; Creepy, Stalker-Enabling App Girls Around Me is Pulled by Developer

    what is this I don't even

    Gotta love those stories that you come across late in the day, and then by the time you get a moment to report on them, they've already sort of solved themselves. For about two months now, an app called Girls Around Me has be available on Apple's App Store, and, for what it's worth, it's not that it's explicitly intended to make it easy to pretend that you know a girl, or find a girl who may be susceptible to drunkenly going home with you... Well, actually I take it back, it's explicitly intended to do both of those things. As Cult of Mac expertly summarizes it: "Girls Around Me lets you identify women, find out where they are, look at pictures of them and then research their personal lives, all in pursuit of a 'one-night stand.'" Its creators wanted to make the lives of "ballers and pick-up artists" easier, which, while not my cup of tea, doesn't remove the fact that they're also giving would-be stalkers and date-rapists a incredible convenience.

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  8. [UPDATED] Planned Parenthood Wants You to “Check In” on Foursquare Every Time You Use a Condom

    It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

    A regional chapter of Planned Parenthood, god bless them, is running a promotion that asks responsible young men to "check in" on Foursquare every time they practice safe sex, so they can proclaim, "I am wrapped up and proud!" But, um, what about the people with whom these fine young men are practicing the safe sex? I guess "a gentleman never kisses and tells" is not a thing anymore?

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  9. President Obama Joins Foursquare

    After hosting a town hall meeting on Twitter, it would seem President Obama decided to continue the White House's modernization and joined Foursquare. Announced on the White House blog, Obama's joining of Foursquare will allow followers to discover "tips" from the White House "featuring the places President Obama has visited, what he did there, plus historical information."

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  10. World of Fourcraft Turns NYC Foursquare Into Huge Game of Real-Life RISK

    Whether you love it or hate it, RISK has been a board game staple ever since its release. Over the weekend at Game Hack Day NYC, a team of seven people modded Foursquare and turned New York City into a giant game of RISK. Using Foursquare and Google Maps API, World of Fourcraft allows players to swear allegiance to one of New York City's five boroughs, then when a player checks into a borough, the game acts as though the player just put a new army on a territory, and an algorithm decides which team controls which neighborhood based on the number of people checking in. Ricky Robinett, a member of the World of Fourcraft team, felt Foursquare and RISK weren't addictive enough, and aims to add a leveling-up style feature that would make frequent users' checkins more effective at claiming and securing territories. As if Foursquare needed to get more addictive. Check out the game over at its website.

    (World of Fourcraft via Mashable)

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