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Flying Car

  1. You’re Doing It Wrong: Man Turns Plane Into Street-Legal Car Instead of Building Flying Car

    A police officer built a plane that's really a car, but what he should have done is built a car that's really a plane.

    What do you do when you have an abandoned airplane and a van? If you're officer Jeff Bloch you get some buddies together and weld them together into the a plane that's also a car and call it The Spirit of LeMons. I'm not saying that this street-legal plane/car isn't cool to look at it, but a car that flies is cooler than a plane that drives. That should be your next project, officer Bloch.

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  2. Today in Geek History: The First Flying Car Took Off

    Remember when we didn't have flying cars? Remember when all we could do is zoom around in two dimensions like suckers? Life was simpler then. Anyway, that's the wistful reality that inventor/aviator Waldo Waterman was hoping for us. You see, today in 1937, the first "flying car" left the ground.

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  3. This 1954 Flying Car Can be Yours for a Mere $1.25 Million

    Looking like a cross between a Cessna, a Yugo, and a wooden clog, this is the 1954 Taylor Aerocar N-101D. One of only five ever made by the mid-century company, the air and street-worthy vehicle is now on sale for the low, low price of $1.25 million. If you're tired of waiting for those other flying car companies to deliver your dreams, it's the deal of the century.

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  4. I Feel Cautiously Optimistic About This Flying Car

    If there's one product that's practically synonymous with vaporware, it would have to be "flying car." For as long as there have been commercially viable automobiles and commercially affordable aircraft, people have been trying to combine the two. The Dutch company PAL-V is the latest to join the fun, with their gyrocopter car slated to go into production in 2014. However, something seems a little different about this one.

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  5. Flying Car Gets Green Light From Feds

    Flying car company Terrafugia, whose website conveniently includes a pronunciation guide (say it with me: "Terra-FOO-gee-ah"), has announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has granted the company specific exceptions regarding their Transition vehicle. The Transition aims to fulfill the dream that we've been promised since the earliest days of prognostication: The flying car. Unlike other projects like the Skycar, the Transition is meant to function as both a street-legal car and a light aircraft. The idea is that you could drive it from your home, right onto the airfield, and take off. But to balance the requirements of the stresses of flight, the Transition needed heavy duty tires and a heavy-duty polycarbonate windscreen. Both of these required special exemptions from the NHTSA, which Terrafugia has now secured. For Terrafugia, receiving these exceptions is a great accomplishment but it is by no means the last hurdle for the Transition. The company still has some rounds of torturous safety testing ahead of it, and then the task of marketing and selling what is sure to be a pricey piece of luxury machinery. But who cares about that? Soon, we'll live in a world where you buy a flying car, and that's what's most important here. (Terrafugia via Geeks are Sexy)

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  6. Worst FAA Decision Ever? Flying Car Approved, Nobody Safe Anymore

    Look at that. You know what that is? It's a flying car. Specifically, it's the Terrafugia, a clever little Latin name playing off the idea of fleeing the ground. And despite being attached to some decent wordplay, it's probably going to kill us all, or at least its drivers. The Terrafugia is a legitimate flying car, with a maximum flight range of around 460 miles. That's a lot of miles! Also, did we mention it's a FLYING CAR. As awesome as that is, and as much as I can't escape wanting one more than anything else in the world right now (only $194,000, people. Get me one for the holidays), I also think it is the biggest safety risk we've ever allowed on the road or in the air.

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  7. World’s Oldest “Flying Car” for Sale

    The world's oldest flying car -- or at least the oldest one that we know about -- is being auctioned off by an Atlanta, GA antiques outlet, Red Baron's Antiques. It doesn't actually fly, but you can still drive it:

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