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flappy bird

  1. There’s an Official Flappy Bird Sequel If You Haven’t Moved on With Your Life Yet

    Get it before its inevitable removal!

    When Flappy Bird was yanked from the app store by its creator, Dong Nguyen, at the height of its popularity, it created a void that could only be filled by countless knockoffs of varying quality. Now, Nguyen has finally released a sequel called Swing Copters, because we were all really hurting for extra variations of this game concept.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Cyberpunk Sailor Senshi

    If Usagi found herself in Ghost in the Shell.

    W. Scott Forbes took our favorite Sailor Senshi and cyberpunk'd them. We will now never rest until we get a run-down Crystal Tokyo dystopian cyberpunk Sailor Moon remake. (via Tumblr)

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  3. The End Is Nigh: Flappy 2048 Exists

    There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery.

    You know what the most frustrating, addicting game in the world needs? To get mashed up with the other most frustrating, addicting game in the world. Enter Flappy 2048, a game of unspeakable power that will surely bring us all and in the darkness bind us.

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  4. Flappy Bird May Return to App Stores, Just In Time For No One To Care

    Man, that was so three weeks ago.

    Remember when game developer Dong Nguyen got so fed up with the attention his simple sidescroller Flappy Bird was getting that he deleted it from app stores entirely? Yeah, maybe he's changed his mind. Not getting $50,000 dollars a day in ad revenue will do that to a person, we guess.

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  5. Text-Based and MMO Flappy Bird Are Better Than All the Crappy Knockoffs

    Yer a bird. Flap. Don't Flap.

    Flappy Bird's removal from the app store has propelled it even more solidly into cultural phenomenon status, which has caused a lot of silly knockoffs that are quickly growing redundant. Some have taken it upon themselves to turn the original game into an MMO and an old school text-based game, and they're kid of more fun than the original.

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  6. Fall Out Boy To Release Their Own Flappy Bird Clone, Because That’s the World We Live in Now

    Where is your bird tonight?/ I hope he is a gentleman.

    Missed out on the Flappy Bird craze? Do you also happen to be a scene kid stuck perpetually in the last decade? What must be your favorite pop punk band, Fall Out Boy, is here to solve all your problems with a soon-to-be-released game for the iOS and Android. Naturally, it's called Fall Out Bird.

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  7. Geekosystem Podcast Episode 18: “Bouncy Duck/Hoppy Frog”

    Plus an interview with author John Abramowitz!

    After a small snowpacolypsemageddondome that kept us from recording last week, the gang's all here to talk about how much Victoria loves Flappy Bird, how much Glen hates Flappy Bird screencaps, and how over Facebook Look Back videos Dan is. Carolyn's here too, but she's pretty calm by comparison.

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  8. The Creator of Flappy Bird Explains Why He Deleted The App in This Totally Real, Not-at-All Fake Video

    Parody? What's that?

    Yup, this is 100% a true statement from Dong Nguyen, for sure. It's certainly not a parody video done by Nick Douglas of Slacktory fame. Nope. Just a white dude with a Vietnamese name, talking about a game that he definitely created. Nothing else to see here. Take everything we say at face value for the rest of your lives.

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  9. Phones With Flappy Bird Installed On Them Are Selling For Thousands of Dollars

    What a time to be alive.

    Want to experience the magic and/or monotonous frustration that is Flappy Bird? Well, too bad. The creator of the game recently took the app down from both the iTunes store and Google Play, so if you don't already have it downloaded on your phone, you're out of luck. Unless, of course, you would like to buy a new one off of eBay for a couple grand.

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