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  1. Woman Graduates From FDNY Academy 13 Years After Her Firefighter Father Died on 9/11

    After two entrance exams, 18 weeks of intensive training, and 13 years of waiting, 34-year-old Josephine Smith has become the first-ever daughter of a firefighter killed during 9/11 to assume active duty herself. Josephine says she felt her father's presence yesterday at the ceremony where she became one of only 4 girls to graduate from the Fire Academy's class of 280: "I believe my dad was sitting in the front [...] I accomplished something so big."

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  2. Firefighters Use Teeny-Tiny Oxygen Masks To Rescue Hamster Family

    Our tiny pizzas! Our tiny burritos! All is lost, all is lost!

    Life sucks and then you die, but if you're lucky you might help some hamsters first.

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  3. Russia Now Has Firefighters Flying Around on Firehose-Powered Hovercraft

    Flyer Fighter? Firefly?

    Russian firefighters made a hovercraft like those jet ski-powered jetpacks. I don't know what's happening in Russia that they needed to invent flying firefighters, but they can now levitate with the power of water to save you wherever you are. (Provided "wherever you are" is a few feet off the ground and relatively nearby.)

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  4. Why Flamethrowers Make Terrible Garden Tools

    In just the last month, two Oregon households have learned the hard way why most people don't use propane torches as weed whackers.

    Have you ever wondered why more people don't use propane torches to do their yard work? You haven't? Congratulations, your brain is functioning the way a human brain should. If you have wondered that, though, here's the answer -- it's a really good way to burn down your house. Over the weekend, Oregon fire crews responded to a blaze caused by a man trying to rid his yard of weeds by torching them. For those of you playing along at home, this marks the second time in the last month that Oregon firefighters have had to help put out fires caused by residents working to beat back weeds using a propane torch.

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  5. Firefighter Pours Out Two Bootfuls of Sweat After F-16 Crash [Video]

    Fire is hot, but so is the equipment brave firefighters have to wear to fight it. It's probably not a surprise to anyone that firefighters sweat under all that gear, but the volume of it is amazing. This video shows a firefighter dumping a lot of sweat from the boots of his "Level-B suit" after putting out a fire from an F-16 crash in 110 degree heat. You shouldn't be able to pour your sweat out of your shoe. Seriously. Go thank a firefighter, and will somebody please buy this guy a beer?

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  6. Digital Holographs Let Firefighters See Through Smoke And Flame

    When firefighters rush into a burning building, they're equipped to deal with extreme temperatures. They're not as equipped to locate the people they're there to save through the smoke and fire. Researchers of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in Italy are working on a new way to see through the chaos of a fire using holographic imaging. It's officially the future.

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  7. Meet Jan Mendoza, the Woman Who Broke Through California’s Glass Ceiling With a Fire Ax

    Great Hera!

    Let this be a lesson to everyone: Do not tell a woman she can't do something, because she's going to do it anyway, and it's going to be a big deal. As in, one of the first women to become a firefighter for the California Department of Forestry (now known as Calfire). That's what happened to Jan Mendoza nearly 35 years ago, and now, she's written a book about becoming the first female firefighter to take on the California wildfires. Allow me to also mention that she followed up her firefighting career by touring as a musician. So, yes -- Jan Mendoza probably has the best stories to tell by a campfire, which she will also be able to keep in control (the fire, that is).

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  8. That’s Hot: Twenty New York Women Train To Become Firefighters

    In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

    Being a firefighter is a difficult profession that not everyone is cut out for it. Society at large sees it as a job for men, but twenty women in New York state are skewing stereotypes by training to become firefighters. And no, they aren't the first, we just want to take a moment to applaud them for it. 

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  9. Some Like it Hot, but Not These Firefighters

    Gender Bendery

    These mild-mannered Minnesotan firemen were 100% off-duty last weekend, appearing in Sauk Centre's St. Patrick's Day parade wearing dresses in order to raise money for charity (no, we don't have any more details than that). This meant that when a truck fire started up just yards from where they were waiting to march off, instead of waiting for the nearest available fire department to travel the fifteen miles to get there, they got to work. From a safe distance where they wouldn't be hindered by their lack of a firefighter's normal safety equipment. Showing once again that there's nothing unmanly about appearing feminine. ( via Best Week Ever.)

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  10. Things We Saw Today: A Humble Tribute

    Things We Saw Today

    It became a little bit impossible to not acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, especially for those of us based in New York, and as a result, this edition of TWS has a few things that we saw that helped us remember (and a few things to help remind us that our lives -- and geekery -- go on). Above is just one of about 100 tributes that appeared in Sunday comics this morning by Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell. You can see more at Hero Complex. (via Bleeding Cool)

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  11. Water Bazooka Powered by Jet Engine

    China's Luoyang City fire department spent $456,000 on what is essentially a water bazooka, presumably in order to destroy buildings that are on fire, no doubt a roundabout way to extinguish a fire. After all, no more building technically means no more building on fire. The crazy thing was built using a fighter jet engine, and can shoot four tons of water per minute over 400 feet, while being able to rotate almost 360 degrees. Kind of makes your Super Soaker look a little weak.

    (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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  12. Report: Firefighters Allow House To Burn Because Resident Did Not Pay Fee

    America, meet the Cranicks. They are the family who now live in a trailer near the charred remains of their home in rural Obion County, Tennessee, all because the local fire department refused to extinguish a fire that destroyed their home. Why? Because they had not paid a $75 fee (on top of taxes) for fire fighting services from the nearby town. The Cranick’s grandson was burning trash near the family home when the fire grew out of control. The Cranicks reportedly called 911 several times, but the fire department refused to respond because the Cranicks had not paid the nearby town of South Fulton ‘firefighting’ fee of $75. The Fire Department did respond to a neighbor’s call because they had paid the fee. >>>More details and news video at Mediaite.

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