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  1. It’s a bird! It’s a Video Game! No, It’s the Amazon Fire TV Set-Top Box, Watch out, Apple

    Shots fired.

    Amazon got into the set-top box game today with a competitor for Roku and and Apple TV in the form of Amazon Fire. They're at a disadvantage with being comparatively late in the game, but Amazon is aiming to build on the shortcomings of those other offerings with its new box, and they're shipping today.

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  2. This Super-Slow-Motion Video of a Match Head Burning Is Hypnotic

    Some men just want to watch the world burn... in super-slow-motion.

    What happens when a match burns? Beautiful science happens, that what. Watch this incredible close-up super-slow-motion video of a match head burning to have an incredible view of the chemical reaction that is fire. Be sure to check out YouTube channel UltraSlo's other videos as well.

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  3. Why Flamethrowers Make Terrible Garden Tools

    In just the last month, two Oregon households have learned the hard way why most people don't use propane torches as weed whackers.

    Have you ever wondered why more people don't use propane torches to do their yard work? You haven't? Congratulations, your brain is functioning the way a human brain should. If you have wondered that, though, here's the answer -- it's a really good way to burn down your house. Over the weekend, Oregon fire crews responded to a blaze caused by a man trying to rid his yard of weeds by torching them. For those of you playing along at home, this marks the second time in the last month that Oregon firefighters have had to help put out fires caused by residents working to beat back weeds using a propane torch.

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  4. DIY Man-Sized Fire-Breathing Piranha Plant Makes Us Wonder Why It Took This Long to Make One [Video]

    Hack A Day's Caleb Kraft impressed us last week with a replica of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, that actually shot lightning. Well, it sparked pretty mightily, anyway, and that was good enough for us. This week, Kraft is back with a new project in the same vein -- a model of the iconic piranha plant that stands over six feet tall and shoots fire from its gaping foam maw. 

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  5. Woman Sets Snake on Fire, Snake Goes on to Set Woman’s House on Fire [Video]

    For today's lesson about cause and effect, we need only look to Bowie County in Texas, where the well-known conflict between woman and snake reared its ugly, flammable head yet again. This particular conflict involved a mowed lawn, gasoline, and a pile of brush. Oh yes, and fire. A Texan woman, you see, was startled by the presence of a snake and decided the best course of action would be to douse it and set it aflame. Whatever could go wrong?

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  6. Digital Holographs Let Firefighters See Through Smoke And Flame

    When firefighters rush into a burning building, they're equipped to deal with extreme temperatures. They're not as equipped to locate the people they're there to save through the smoke and fire. Researchers of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in Italy are working on a new way to see through the chaos of a fire using holographic imaging. It's officially the future.

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  7. Norwegian Road Tunnel Closed by 27 Tons of Flaming Goat Cheese

    In what's bound to be one of the defining events of our generation, a Norwegian truck burst into flames after it's cargo -- about 27 tons of goat cheese -- caught fire. One day, your children will ask "Where were you, noble elder, when the Great Cheese Fire of 2013 struck?" Hopefully, you'll be able to say you were nowhere near the scene, because the truck and its payload have produced a dangerous mixture of toxic gasses that may leave the traffic tunnel it was driving through closed down for weeks.

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  8. Chinese Factory Fire Burns for Hours Because No One Can See the Smoke Through the Smog

    Smog is increasingly a public health concern in many Chinese industrial centers and metropolitan areas, as you can see from the above picture of what we're told is Shanghai. That concern took on an unexpected dimension earlier this week, though, as smog in the nation's Zheijiang province prevented residents from noticing that a building was actively burning down. On Monday, a fire at a furniture factory in the province burned out of control for three full hours before anyone even noticed the smoke through the smog that regularly blankets the region.

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  9. Man Starts Fire In Yard, Clobbers Firefighter With Shovel For Trying To Put It Out

    If you're most people, when a firefighter shows up to extinguish a blaze on your property, your first instinct would be to thanks them -- not to hit them with a shovel. It just goes to show that 44-year-old Floridian Gregory Sean Turner is not most people. Turner was arrested earlier this week on charges of Aggravated Battery on a Firefighter with a Deadly Weapon (Shovel) and Preventing or Obstructing Extinguishment of a Fire. That's a rap sheet we'd really like to think is unique, but being that this is Florida...we just can't assume that's the case.

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  10. Watch Kids Play “Flaming Fireball” A.K.A. Soccer with a Flaming Coconut [Video]

    Soccer (or football, if you prefer) a global pastime. It only makes sense that, over time, different parts of the world come up with different variations on the game, whether in the form of a new set of rules or maybe -- why the hell are those kids kicking a flaming coconut?!

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  11. Translucent Rocket Engine Lets You See Combustion [Video]

    When Valve employee Ben Krasnow isn't working on one of your favorite games starring a mute protagonist, he's making translucent rocket engines that allow viewers to see the combustion as fuel burns. Check out the above video of Krasnow's build process, then marvel at what the inside of a rocket engine looks like when in use.

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  12. Ready for Closeups, Ballistics: Explosive-Proof Makeup Developed for Armed Forces

    Just What You've Always Wanted

    Action movie heroines (and heroes) with perfect makeup are just one step closer to science fact, not fiction. Research scientists at the University of Southern Mississippi have developed a heat-resistant lotion that can withstand high temperatures, protect against a direct blast of heat for more than 15 seconds, is waterproof, and can be applied with ease (and, obviously, is fireproof). Invented for use by soldiers and firefighters, the military's guidelines for the facial creme presented a hurdle for the team, because the product had to include DEET, an insect repellant that is, you guessed it, incredibly flammable.

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  13. Soldiers to Get Bomb Resistant Camouflage Face Paint

    A new type of camouflage paint could protect soldiers in the field from the searing heat of bomb blasts. Developed by the University of Southern Mississippi at the direction of the Department of Defense, the paint replaces its traditional carbon base with silicone that is non-flammable and can absorb heat. The change means that just a thin layer of camouflage face paint could not only help soldiers escape detection, but prevent burn injuries and facial scarring from run-ins with explosives. The substance made its debut today at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia.

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  14. Researchers Find Evidence That Humans Used Fire 1 Million Years Ago

    After performing an analysis on materials found in Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa -- a site that past excavations have shown were occupied by humans -- scientists found evidence of charred bone fragments and plant ash, which in turn is evidence for the use of fire. One might suggest that the fire could have been accidental, but scientists found the plant and bone evidence next to tools in a layer that dates to one million years old, which the scientists feel is evidence that fire was used by the humans who used the tools, one million years ago. This would push the earliest thought use of fire by humans back by around 300,000 years.

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  15. Mall Sports New Fountain of Fire and Water [Video]

    This fountain at the new City Creek Center mall in Salt Lake City, spouts not only water, but employs fire and music in its mesmerizing dance. The fountain was designed by the same people who designed the iconic fountain at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but, you know, this one is a fountain and shoots fire.

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  16. Today in Vague Headlines: DARPA Has Some Kind of High Tech Fire-Killing Wand

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known to its friends as DARPA, has announced their latest innovation: Instant fire suppression. The goal of the research project, which was part of a joint venture with Harvard University, was to find a better way to put out fires. Instead of conventional tactics, DARPA wanted a high-tech tool that would attack the very physical make up of fire using acoustics and electromagnetism.

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  17. Fire Spontaneously Erupts on Girl's Face During Routine Cyst-Removal Surgery

    Today in horribly frightening news that could happen to you but you can't do anything about, Kim Grice, 29, went in for routine cyst-removal surgery, and her face spontaneously caught on fire while under the knife. Doctors said they've never seen anything like it before, and still aren't sure what caused the fire. Grace was rushed to the South Alabama Burn Unit via helicopter, where they treated her second-degree burns.

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  18. Best Chemistry Teacher Ever Carves a Pumpkin By Blowing It Up From the Inside [Video]

    Don't Try This At Home

    Don't stop us, we're just going to say it: We're ending our Halloween posts with a bang. Chemistry teacher Chris Bergmann at Kinard Middle School ran this loud little experiment two years ago, showing his students a one-step way to give a pumpkin a face from the inside out. (via Laughing Squid)

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  19. Sony Recalls Some Bravia TVs For Being Too Likely To Burst Into Flames

    According to Bloomberg, Sony has issued a voluntary recall for about 1.6 million flatscreen televisions in the Bravia line because of a slight defect that makes them somewhat more likely to melt or catch fire than your average TV, but just slightly. Apparently, the recall was sparked by an incident in September when a Japanese owner discovered his Sony flatscreen started a small fire. Eleven such incidents have occurred in Japan since 2008. So far, no one has been hurt. The blame supposedly lies on a faulty backlighting component that can overheat and melt the top of the affected models. This isn't the first time that Sony has had to recall things for overheating. In hopes of remedying the situation, Sony is sending out inspectors to check out the TVs and replace the part if need be. If a replacement part is needed, Sony will offer TV rental during the repair, but they won't offer any replacement TVs or refunds.

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  20. The Trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Is Ridiculous. Very Ridiculous. [Video]

    Just What You've Always Wanted

    For some reason, the sequel to Ghost Rider, which, by all accounts, was a horrible movie that barely broke even has been happening, and here is the trailer. There is a lot of fire in it. Including fire coming out of unexpected parts of Nicolas Cage. So, watch to the end, because there's a joke there that you will either laugh at or would never believe if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes. (Topless Robot)

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