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Fionna and Cake

  1. Handmade Pop Culture Plushies For All Your Snuggly Needs


    On our travels around the internet today, we encountered an Etsy shop called HandmadeStuffs. Its contents are pretty darn cute, and properly hug-sized, too (18 inches tall, we're told). Crafter Jennifer Bennett sews these little guys, and if you ask nicely (with money), she'll make one for you, too. Click through for a selection of her repertoire.

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  2. The Mary Sue Exclusive: WeLoveFine’s Tremendous Tunic Tanks Turn Torsos to Fionna and Cake!

    Oh Mah Glob Guys

    Catnip! WeLoveFine's adorable Adventure Time tank tops based on various characters from Adventure Time have added Fionna and Cake to their ranks! And they've made some small updates to their usual stable of characters: BMO's tank now includes vents on the back, and Lumpy Space Princess has an updated facial expression. Come on in and take a look!

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  3. I Can’t Show the Latest Fionna and Cake Episode, So Here’s Their iOS Game

    Oh Mah Glob Guys

    Adventure Time's second full episode dedicated to the genderswapped (and slightly older) versions of Finn and Jake, Fionna and Cake aired last night, and if I could show it to you all, I would. Because then I could watch it too. But I can't, so here's the official trailer for Fionna's official iOS game, Fionna Fights, in some ways a sequel to Jumping Finn, a previous Adventure Time game for iOS. Here's one of the previews of last night's episode, featuring the alternate universe Marceline, Marshall Lee, voiced by Donald Glover:

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  4. Adventure Time‘s Genderswapped Universe Is Getting Its Own Comic Series by Natasha Allegri!

    Gender Bendery

    I don't think there will be too many people who disagree with me when I say that Adventure Time is one of the best things Cartoon Network has going for it right now. The animated show focuses on the epic adventures of hero Finn and shapeshifting dog Jake, in a brightly colored world where there's a princess for everything (Muscle, Hot Dog, Doctor, Warrior, Ghost, and Lumpy Space, to name a few notable ones) that... also might be the freakish result of the total nuclear apocalypse that ended our own civilization. Like, it's there. If you read into things. While Finn and Jake are the main characters, the majority of the extended cast are hilarious or kickbutt or politically powerful ladies. That ratio was reversed by Natasha Allegri, one of the artists, designers, and writers behind the show. And in another age, character designs for Fionna, Cake, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee and the Ice Queen might have been kept in a sketchbook or portfiolo. But we live in the internet age. So instead this alternate version of an obscure cartoon has spawned fanart, cosplay, fan animations, and even an entire episode of the actual show featuring celebrity guest voice acting. And now, it's own comic series.

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  5. There Might Be a Fionna & Cake Adventure Time Comic Coming, Try to Contain Your Excitement

    Boom! Studios, the company behind the mathematical comic adaptation of Adventure Time and the glorious spin-off Marceline and the Scream Queens, appear to be teasing what might very well be a gender-swapped version of the original comic. One of the most popular episodes of Adventure Time saw Finn and Jake and the rest of the cast have their genders swapped to produce Fionna and Cake. Hit the jump for the full image.

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