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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fernando Reza

Here Be Dragons

See the Monsters of the World in Vintage-Style Travel Posters

Forget sight-seeing. Why not organize your next trip by mythological creatures? Fernando Reza has released a second series of his mythical beast travel posters, which highlight creatures of legend from around the world. When are we going to get a poster for the wampa of Hoth? I guess it doesn’t count if the place is fictional, too. Darn.


Winter Is Coming

What If Saul Bass Had Made Posters For HBO’s Game Of Thrones?

Yesterday, legendary designer and filmmaker Saul Bass would have been 93. Everyone celebrated in their own way – Google made a doodle in honor of him and artist Fernando Reza created a unique tribute. He created Game of Thrones posters in the Bass’ unique style. He writes, “Each poster commemorates one of Saul Bass’ frequent collaborators Otto Preminger, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchock, and John Frankenheimer. Each with visual cues to some of Bass’s most iconic works. This also opened the door to envisioning what a Hitchcock/Kubrick/Preminger/ Frankenheimer adaptation may have been, so each print comes complete with prospective cast and crew info at the bottom.”


eye candy

Is It Too Early To Start Thinking About a Summer Vacation?

Well, I mean, how could I not, with Fernando Reza’s mythical beast travel posters. Although no one’s been able to tell yet whether our native Manhattan alligators have been helped or harmed by the events of Hurricane Sandy. According to the one I talked to, he really liked the decor of our subway stations, even if the third rail was a bit chewy.