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  1. The Mary Sue Interview: Agent Carter‘s EP On That Finale, Season Two, And Possible Time Jumps

    Does Peggy have more than one future on TV?!

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  2. New!Thor Addresses Those Damn Feminists Who Ruin Everything

    Snortblat would be so proud.

    Well, okay, no—she addresses jerks like Absorbing Man here who think feminists are actively trying to make his life worse simply by wanting more out of their entertainment than just the same three or four white dudes punching stuff together in every single comic book. More like Nolmir, am I right, guys?

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  3. Emma Watson Sent a Handwritten Thank You Note to Steve Carell for Supporting Gender Equality at the Oscars

    She is all-seeing.

    Steve Carell didn't take home an Oscar for Foxcatcher last night, but he might have won the greatest prize of all: a personal letter of admiration from UN Ambassador and Generally Awesome Human Emma Watson!

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  4. Matthew Vaughn Responds to Concerns Over Kingsman Sex Scene, Blames Humorless Feminists


    Well, this is a bummer. Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Kingsman: The Secret Service yet, or if you prefer to not sully your day with some grossness.

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  5. Art+Feminism Is Hosting Its Second Ever Wikipedia Edit-a-thon To Promote Gender Equality

    Wikipedia is a great resource for all kinds of odd information, but it's often not particularly welcoming to women who want to participate in its elaborate editing process. But just talking about the problem isn't going to create more female editors—training women who are interested will.

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  6. The Media Aren’t The Only Ones Failing Transgender Women of Color

    We all are.

    I think we can all agree at this point that the coverage of transgender women in mainstream media is terrible. The handling of trans issues is not exactly positive even at the best of times, and this is despite handy media guides put out by the likes of GLAAD. When it comes to transgender women of colour (TWoC) the coverage gets worse, it spans all the way from disrespectful at one end to abusive lies at the other and recent tragedies have brought this to light in the worst way.

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  7. You Would Cry Too: Remembering LGBTQ Activist, Feminist Anthemist, and It’s My Party Singer Lesley Gore

    Renowned '60s girl-pop star, composer and actress Lesley Gore passed away yesterday in Manhattan at age 68 of lung cancer. The iconic singer is survived by her brother and mother as well as her partner of 33 years, Lois Sasson.

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  8. It’s All Feminism To Me: What The “F” Word Really Means

    In a moment of ill-fated curiosity, I searched the word “feminism” on Google. Immediately, I was inundated with what I can only describe in the politest way possible as “an absolute disaster” of misinformation and contradictory sentiments from an infinite variety of perspectives. Women For Feminism. Women Against Feminism. Post-Feminist Women. Men For Feminism As Long As It Doesn’t Actually Affect Them In Their Day-to-Day Lives.

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  9. Gillian Anderson on Feminism, Being Asked to Smile, & Not Feeling Sorry For Men

    Sure, fine, whatever.

    Back in August of 2014, Gillian Anderson did an interview with Celia Walden for Glamour UK. She discussed feminism, how she compares herself to Kristin Stewart, and if you read on you can witness what she does when someone asks her to smile.

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  10. Saved By The bell hooks Tumblr Brings Feminist Theory to Bayside High

    Feminism is for Everybody!

    "When [hooks'] stinging clarity meets the banal familiarity of Saved by the Bell, the juxtaposition can be a bit jarring. And I love that; the insistence that scholarship interact with something so absentmindedly consumed by our younger selves."

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