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  1. It’s OK Not to Be Offended But Not OK to Be Offended That Others Are Offended

    Did you get that? Allow me to explain...

    "I hate the Internet." It's something I utter on almost a daily basis while doing my job—my job on the Internet—which may make you wonder why I continue to do said job. You see, I also love the internet.

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  2. Jane the Virgin Star Quickly Changes Her Feminist Status

    It seems the new trend these days is to put actresses on the spot to ask them if they're feminists. Although it very occasionally happens to men, women are getting asked this question more and more these days as some sort of test. But this time it was a fan who asked Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez if she considers herself a feminist. What she said may surprise you.

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  3. Maisie Williams Talks Online Harassment, Lena Headey, and “First-World Feminism”

    Girls see more blood than boys.

    In a recent interview with The Guardian, Maisie Williams revealed that she was inspired by personal experiences to address online harassment and privacy in her upcoming hacker drama Cyber Bully.

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  4. College Freshmen Respond To On-Campus Violence In Heartwarming Video

    It's never too early to happy-cry.

    What an awesome group of 18-year-olds!

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  5. A Night With The Women Of She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

    WITCHes unite!

    It's difficult to separate She's Beautiful When She's Angry from the context of recent events or the actual experience I had of watching it in a theater, but considering the movie's subject matter, that's probably as it should be.

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  6. The Mary Sue Interview: Liv Ullmann On Miss Julie, Feminism, And Her Half-Century-Long Career

    At one point during our conversation, Liv Ullmann refers to herself as "one of the last wonders." She's joking, but she's also right.

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  7. Gail Simone Will Make Sure Nightwing’s Butt Gets Featured In Her Convergence Miniseries, For Feminism

    Good. Good choice. Yes.

    The Secret Six and Red Sonja writer also spoke with Comics Alliance about the importance of diversity in comics, her own writing process, and her wonderful experiences working with artists and comic publishers. But c'mon. Like we're not going to lead with butts.

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  8. Freida Pinto Explains Feminism For All The Haters; Terry Crews Compares Rape Culture To Terrorism

    Everything's coming up gender equality.

    The word "feminist" has weathered a lot of irresponsible and uninformed criticism from surprising places of late (cough cough, TIME), so when celebrities use their visibility and influence to address misconceptions about the label, that's definitely worth celebrating.

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  9. Anna Kendrick on Feminist: “You Just Have to Fight Back and Own That Word”

    She also brought up Gamergate.

    Anna Kendrick shoots straight on Time Magazine's worst word poll debacle, Gamergate, and celebrity photo hacking.

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  10. “It’s About Equality”: Natalie Dormer Talks About Feminism, Gets Everything Right

    This is why we love you.

    Interviews with Natalie Dormer are always worth a read, but any interview that ends up with her saying "I’m a feminist in the true sense of the word" is going to be that much more compelling for us. Plus, she also discusses Mockingjay and Game of Thrones! What more could we possibly want?

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