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  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Awesome Explanation For Why He’s A Feminist

    500 (Plus) Years of Systemic Oppression.

    In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, talented actor and seemingly wonderful human Joseph Gordon-Levitt was asked what he thought of being "'a male feminist" [...] when nowadays, you have a lot of young stars coming out against being labeled a feminist." That's a loaded question, but Levitt's answer is practically perfect.

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  2. 5 Feminist Lessons Little Girls Can Learn from Gravity Falls and Mabel Pines

    I'm legalizing everything!

    Aw yeah, the summer got a little sweeter in my house because Gravity Falls is back, baby! And when I say nearly a year, I mean the very next day marked a year since season one ended. Quite frankly, it’s been far too long since we’ve seen the Mystery Twins.

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  3. “Excuse Me, Princess“: The Princess Type, for Good or Ill, Part 1

    Venture into the pretty pink minefield with us!

    How do we create a complex woman character who can give girls a choice in who they identify with, but that Hollywood will still regularly produce? And how can we do it while encouraging the qualities of modern feminism, instead of diminishing them?

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  4. Rethinking the Progressiveness of Fargo‘s Molly Solverson

    One Strong Female Character doesn't cut it.

    The problem with Molly isn’t Molly. The problem with Molly is the way in which the show's writers have configured her as a Strong Female Character in a wasteland of women that we're intended to see as sluts, nags and doormats.

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  5. Fend off Number-Demanding Creeps With the Feminist Phone Intervention Hotline

    You don't leave the receiver off the (bell) hook anymore.

    In a perfect world, the guy trying to corner you at the bar would just listen when you tell him you aren't interested. Sadly, we don't live in that world, and sometimes it's easier—and safer—to just pretend to give him your phone number and be done with it. But what if you could also teach him about the wonders of feminism via noted author and social activist bell hooks? There is now a service that allows you to do just that.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: #YesAllWomen

    Things We Saw Today

    #YesAllWomen rose to trending on Twitter this past weekend after the world learned of a shooting spree on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. The suspect, now dead, killed six and left behind horrifying video evidence in which he credits his hatred for women as motivation for murder. We've collected a few essays and personal declarations made by individuals online in the wake of the news.

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  7. What If Rosie the Riveter Was From Vulcan?

    To Boldly Go

    She'd tell you feminism is only logical. Available as a t-shirt from Meh Productions on RedBubble. Previously in Star Trek

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  8. Gabourey Sidibe Says Smart Things About Being Confident

    Today in Awesome

    Last night, actress Gabourey Sidibe gave a speech at the Gloria Awards and Gala, held by the Ms. Foundation for Women. And what a speech it was. It's a moving piece about strength, beauty, and feminism, and the whole thing is worth a read. If you'd just like the highlights, read on.

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  9. Gather ‘Round, Bibliophiles, For A Crash Course on Jane Eyre [Video]

    This Exists... Because of A Lady

    Reader, if you would enjoy nothing better than to spend an evening debating feminist themes in Victorian literature, then this is the video (and likely, the comment thread) for you. In this episode of Crash Course, host John Green picks apart Charlotte Brontë's masterwork, including her personal history, the plot of the novel, and the tip of the interpretive iceberg. Go make some popcorn.

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  10. Happy International Women’s Day From All Of Us At The Mary Sue

    We Can Be Heroes

    Doesn't matter if you're young or old, straight or queer, cis or trans, Gryffindor or Slytherin. Today belongs to all of us. Cheers to you, women of the world, and to the men who stand beside us. Let's get out there and make things awesome.

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