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  1. Obese Malaysian Orangutan Put On Strict Diet After Two Decades Of Eating Junk Food

    "Fine, but you can't make me exercise. I'm just gonna sit in this tree and mope."

    You know how they tell you not to feed the animals when you go to wildlife parks? They say they're trying to preserve the delicate balance of nature or whatever, but it's really because they don't want the animals to get fat and addicted to junk food. Jackie, the 22-year-old Malaysian orangutan who's currently twice the size that an orangutan should be, is just such a cautionary tale. She's... well, fat and addicted to junk food. And now she's on a strict diet to offset 20 years of eating all the crap that tourists at the park kept feeding her. Poor Jackie. Dieting sucks.

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  2. “Fatbergs” in London Sewer to Become World’s Grossest Alternative Energy Source

    While fossil fuels drive the economy, they're not going to last forever, which is why we're looking pretty much everywhere for new sources of energy. Now solar power, wind power, biodiesel fuel, geothermal energy, and many other have been joined by a new source of fuel: Fatbergs, the massive lumps of congealed oil that coagulate and sometimes clog the sewers of London. A British energy company is planning to harvest the bergs and use them to generate electricity. Enough electricity, in fact, to power 39,000 British homes every year.

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  3. AsapSCIENCE Teaches Us How to Believe It’s Not Butter [Video]

    The differences between margarine and butter are pretty clear, right? One is processed vegetable oil -- the other is good old-fashioned cream and salt. One is the finest of all possible ingredients that can save nearly any recipe if applied in time. The other is, well, margarine. What margarine does have going for it, though, is that it's better for your health than delicious, artery-clogging butter -- or is it? In their latest video, AsapSCIENCE details the chemical differences between butter and margarine, suggesting that margarine might not be the lifesaver we tend to think  it is. Too bad, margarine -- if you don't actually have the health factor working in your favor, this really just stopped being a contest at all.

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  4. World War II Lard Washes Ashore St. Cyrus Nature Reserve Beach, Apparently Still Good for Fryin’

    Plenty of strange and wondrous wash up on the beach every now and then: Shells, pieces of coral, dead and largely indeterminate ocean life that news networks and "experts" are quick to label as a sea monster. The usual stuff, but staff members at the St. Cyrus nature reserve in Angus, Scotland were surprised to find white, barnacle-encrusted blobs of lard washed ashore a nearby beach after a storm had hit the coast. Fortunately, the lard is believed to have originated from the wreck of a sunken WWII-era merchant vessel and not the leftover medical waste from Poseidon's regular liposuction procedures.

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  5. The Fat Get Fatter: Obese People Lose Immune Cells That Protect Against Obesity

    Researchers have discovered a type of immune cell in the body that fights obesity and may prevent the onset of metabolic syndrome, which can be a precursor to conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Here's the catch, though -- subjects in the study who were already obese showed diminished counts of these invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT) suggesting that while your body will help to defend you from becoming obese, it's only to a point. Abusing the privilege may see these fat-fighting cells throw in the towel and storm out in disgust as you put away yet another helping from the Extra Value Menu, and really, who can blame them?

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  6. Do You Like Fatty Foods? Study Finds You Can Blame Your Genes, Taste Buds

    Ever wonder why fatty foods taste so good? Why can't things that are good for you like wheat grass, liquid green tea complex, and other extremely horrible things taste good? According to a study at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, our tongues actually do recognize fat, and have an affinity for it. The reason why cupcakes and mozzarella sticks just taste so great to some people? A variation in a gene, the study finds. Genetics! You can now blame your parents for why you just can't stop eating fried chicken and donuts.

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  7. “Fat” Officially the Sixth Taste — And If You’re Good at Tasting It, You May Be Skinnier

    "Fat" is officially a taste unto itself, according to new scientific findings, and some people are more sensitive to it than others. And that's not all: People who are more sensitive to the taste of fat actually tend to consume less of it and have lower Body Mass Indexes.

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