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Fantastic Four

  1. Watch Out! She’s Got Science!: On the Portrayal of Female Scientists in Media

    We all know there’s a problem out there when it comes to women and science. Girls are discouraged from learning about science, and women are harassed out of scientific careers. In fact, the general public doesn’t even think of women when they think of scientists. But just what kind of role models do we have out there for a world that desperately needs more female scientists?

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  2. PSA: Whitewashing A Character Is Different From Michael B. Jordan Being Cast As Johnny Storm

    The difference between racebending and whitewashing.

    When it was announced about a year ago that Michael B. Jordan would be taking on the role of Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot, there was a considerable amount of backlash against the decision to cast a black actor in the role of a character who has always been portrayed as a white man. Despite Jordan taking the comments in stride (“It was expected . . . You can’t make everybody happy” he said), this is response is indicative of our culture’s exclusion of people of color in mainstream me

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  3. The Fantastic Four Character Posters Let Us All Down With A Sue Storm Booty Pose

    "Change is Coming," but not for women in Hollywood.

    But how will we know if she's a lady if we can't see both her boobs and her butt simultaneously?!

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  4. What Does Reed Richards’ Changing Bio Reveal About Fantastic Four?

    Was this explanation for his powers a bit of a STRETCH? (See what I did there?)

    We all know that The Fantastic Four's Reed Richards is the stretchy guy. And readers of Marvel's Fantastic Four comics might not really care or think too hard about how that stretchy power actually works. As with most superhero origin stories, the science is often iffy - but as it's not really the point, we're often totally cool with Radioactive substance? Cosmic rays from space? Exposure to toxins? Sure, whatever. GET TO THE HERO-ING!

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  5. New Fantastic Four Official Character Descriptions Reveal Neat New Details

    We already knew that Ben was a big ol' softie, right?

    The official Fantastic Four movie website was updated this weekend with new character descriptions featuring information on the fearless foursome. Most of it is pretty standard information, but interestingly enough, they made one pretty subtle change to Reed Richards' power.

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  6. Michael B. Jordan Won’t Dignify the “Ignorance” of Fantastic Four Race Questions

    "There’s a thing called adoption." - Michael B. Jordan, 2015

    Plenty of real people have siblings of different races. It's not a big deal, and Michael B. Jordan is tired of incessant questions about the racial specifics of playing noted-white-person Kate Mara's sibling in Fantastic Four—in general, and also in this one specific interview, in which Jimmy Kimmel fails to take a hint.

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  7. New Fantastic Four Trailer Has an Omen of Doom

    Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom do DOOM, DOOOM.

    It's been a crazy week just absolutely jam-packed with trailers. If you aren't burnt out yet, then this brand new Fantastic Four trailer featuring the eponymous heroes and their tin can arch-nemesis is just for you.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: A Neopets Cosplay That Will Take You Way Back

    This Neopets cosplay from AF is bringing me way back. From left to right: the Tooth Faerie, Taelia, the Air Faerie, the Soup Faerie, Illusen, and the Grey Faerie.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Penny Dreadful Clue Is a Real Thing That Exists, Is Ideal

    Perfect franchise team-up is perfect.

    A mere $39.99 from Entertainment Earth, pre-order now for July. This means Tim Curry is going to appear on Penny Dreadful, yes?

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Pop Culture Easter Egg Art Feat. Guardians Of the Galaxy

    Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! My main form of celebrating this holiday mainly involves shoveling Peeps into my mouth and watching the occasional adorable Easter video. The one above features the Guardians Of the Galaxy crew as Easter eggs.

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