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  1. Dorkly Makes Fun Of New-Thor Opposers With The Help of Snortblat Old-Thor

    We're going to make this happen, gang.

    We all know that Thor is better than those jerks complaining about a new female wielder of Mjolnir (then again, he did become unworthy of the hammer somehow... maybe Internet trolling?), but this series of imagined Facebook statuses really brings home how stupid the whole argument is. Check out the rest over at Dorkly.

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  2. Facebook Users Shame Spielberg for Hunting Triceratops

    A meme 21 years in the making.

    Just how gullible is the Internet?

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  3. The Academic Journal That Published The Facebook Experiment Is Having Second Thoughts

    "Did we do that?"

    So remember that psychology experiment Facebook did recently, and the resulting academic paper they wrote and submitted to a reputable scientific journal? And remember how they didn't actually tell anybody they were doing it and how that sort of made some people mad and possibly even litigious? The scientific journal noticed all of that uproar and maaaaybe they're not as into the paper as they thought, you guys.

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  4. We’re Not Surprised: The Facebook Experiment Is Probably Illegal


    Over the weekend it was revealed that Facebook engaged in "psychological experiments" on hundreds of thousands of its users. Not everyone is as outraged by the news, but it seems pretty clear that those people are in the minority and that most of us would kiiiinda like to be asked first. Well, joke's on Facebook, because despite their weasel-y excuses, they might have still broken the law anyway.

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  5. Facebook Secretly Used 689,003 People for a Psychological Experiment [Updated]

    ...but I think I might be fine with it.

    Facebook has been caught in a scandal after it was discovered that in 2012 they turned 689,003 users into unknowing participants in a psychological experiment. It's sneaky, arguably unethical, but surprisingly I think I'm actually on Facebook's side on this one.

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  6. Facebook Releases Diversity Report, is Hella White and Male Just Like Everywhere Else

    Okay, but how many of their employees are faceless profile picture defaults?

    Lately a lot of tech companies have been released reports detailing the race, ethnicity, and gender make-up of their tech, employees. Google put out theirs first in late May, quickly followed by Yahoo and LinkedIn. Yesterday Facebook followed suit with a diversity report that tracks the demographics of all their tech, non-tech, and "senior-level" workers. The results? Pretty much what you'd expect from your standard tech company at this point.

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  7. Dear European Media: Facebook Europe’s VP Really Doesn’t Like How You’ve Been Covering Female Execs

    Because ignoring their friend request wasn't cutting it.

    Nicola Mendelsohn is the Vice President of Facebook in Europe, and at a speaking engagement in London the other day, she had some choice words for members of the European press concerning how they engage with and report on women in business. Mostly words like "hey, dummies, stop treating us differently then the business dudes." But we're paraphrasing.

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  8. Stop Inviting Pope Francis to Facebook, He’s Never Going to Join

    Well, someone needs to play Words With Friends with me.

    If Pope Francis believes the Internet is a "gift from God," then Facebook is humanity's inevitable corruption of that gift. His Holiness said recently that he will not not be joining Facebook, because, you know, it's terrible—and even a special visit from the network's representatives couldn't sway him.

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  9. Facebook “Ask” Feature Lets You Pester People About Their Relationship

    Don't even think about it, Mom!

    Some members already use Facebook as an excuse for discerning who is eligible for smooches, but courting your crush is about get streamlined. The social network is testing out a new feature that makes bugging people about their relationship as easy at tappin' dat Ask.

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  10. Social Media Sites and Famous Brands As Game of Thrones Houses

    i'll just leave this here

    Design Crowd asked their users to redesign Game of Thrones house banners for various ginormous companies, and while I like what they've done, I really wish I had their design known-how so I could make some fandom-specific ones. Fanfiction.Net: Pit of Voles. (via: BuzzFeed) Previously in Game of Thrones House Banners

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