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  1. Stop Inviting Pope Francis to Facebook, He’s Never Going to Join

    Well, someone needs to play Words With Friends with me.

    If Pope Francis believes the Internet is a "gift from God," then Facebook is humanity's inevitable corruption of that gift. His Holiness said recently that he will not not be joining Facebook, because, you know, it's terrible—and even a special visit from the network's representatives couldn't sway him.

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  2. Facebook “Ask” Feature Lets You Pester People About Their Relationship

    Don't even think about it, Mom!

    Some members already use Facebook as an excuse for discerning who is eligible for smooches, but courting your crush is about get streamlined. The social network is testing out a new feature that makes bugging people about their relationship as easy at tappin' dat Ask.

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  3. Social Media Sites and Famous Brands As Game of Thrones Houses

    i'll just leave this here

    Design Crowd asked their users to redesign Game of Thrones house banners for various ginormous companies, and while I like what they've done, I really wish I had their design known-how so I could make some fandom-specific ones. Fanfiction.Net: Pit of Voles. (via: BuzzFeed) Previously in Game of Thrones House Banners

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  4. Science Tells Us What We Already Know, Says That Social Media Users Find Change ‘Stressful’

    Breaking nerds! Um, news. Breaking news.

    Every single time Twitter or Facebook changes their layout in a big way, everybody gets upset -- either at the changes themselves, or at all the people who are freaking out over the changes. A group of researchers decided to study this phenomenon, and found that there are ways for social media websites to mitigate this nerd rage.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Boba Fett Ball Gown Cosplay

    Things We Saw Today

    We saw this one too late to include it in our roundup of C2E2 cosplay, but damn it is amazing. She and Princess Batman need to hang out. (The Apex Fan, via Fashionably Geek)

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  6. Study Proves Youtube Commenters Are The Worst

    If you don't have anything nice to say, say it on Youtube. Everyone else is.

    Youtube comment sections showcase humanity at its worst, and that's no longer just my personal (accurate) opinion, it's science. A study in PLOS One reveals that trolls on Youtube are more frequent and make more sexist, emotional, and irrelevant comments than on other parts of the Internet. Does that vindicate anyone? I hope so.

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  7. Ubisoft Will Mine Your Online Data to Creep You out in Their Watch Dogs Marketing Site

    Who watches the watchdogs?

    Ubisoft has put together a clever marketing site for their hacking-themed game, Watch Dogs. If you use Facebook, it will mine your data (and your friends' data that they've shared with you) and present an eerie analysis of the type of person you are, your net worth, and which of your friends could be used against you.

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  8. No. Bison Leaving Yellowstone National Park Doesn’t Mean a Volcano Is About To Erupt

    They're just hungry, Internet. Relax.

    "American Bison" is the top trending topic on my Facebook feed right now. I wondered why, so I clicked to find post after post from local news affiliates and pseudoscientific Facebook Pages sharing this video of bison "fleeing" Yellowstone National Park with warnings of an impending super volcano. The real reason is a lot simpler.

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  9. Food Delivery Company Eat24 Quits Facebook With Crazy Breakup Letter, Because It’s Been Lying to Them

    You never take us dancing anymore, Facebook!

    Facebook is free and always will be, but the reach it offers to businesses for free has been dwindling. As Facebook's algorithm for what shows up in a user's newsfeed changes, businesses are seeing that their posts reach far fewer users. Eat24 decided they'd had enough, and they deleted their account with a lengthy breakup letter.

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  10. Kickstarter Backers Are Mad at Oculus Over Facebook Deal, But Maybe Everyone Should Just Chill Out

    Too bad the Internet is fueled by pure fan rage.

    Man, people are really upset over the whole Oculus Rift/Facebook deal, and perhaps most understandably, their backers on Kickstarter are feeling the most betrayed. Still, maybe we should all pause for a moment of sanity before making any Vines of throwing a Rift in the garbage.

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