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Facebook Comments

  1. Star Trek, Online Communities, And the Need for Strong Comment Moderation Policies

    Bigotry may not have a place on the Enterprise's bridge in the 23rd century, but here in the 21st it apparently has a place on the official Star Trek Facebook page, where a small number of very loud fans have decided to repeatedly share sexist, racist, and homophobic comments. Here's why it's not OK to sit back and let that happen.

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  2. Woman Aims to Break World Record for Facebook Comments With One Million Posts, Mostly Two-Letter Words

    This is one of those stories that starts big, and then makes you go, "oh." Here's the big part: Sacramento, CA resident and FrontierVille player Cathy Matthews has acquired some one million comments on a single Facebook post. That's quite a feat, but here's the part that wrinkles the whole thing: Most of the comments were two-letter words. "Go" seems to have been a popular one.

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  3. Facebook Comments Now Searchable On Google, Don't Panic

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, it seems that Facebook comments are finally showing up in Google search results. Google's bots have recently gained the ability to index pages that have AJAX and JavaScript content -- Facebook comments, for instance. Until now, Google wasn't able to index and rank most 3rd party commenting systems (like our own Disqus), but now that they're able to, you can bet they're going to. Concerned about privacy implications? Well, you probably shouldn't be. All the privacy options that are available with Facebook and such still apply, so if your account is locked down properly, you won't see any of your particularly embarrassing drunken rants showing up in Google searches until one of your so-called "friends" decides to submit one to all the popular comedy websites as revenge for a similar, but unrelated tirade directed at him that he thought was completely uncalled for, but that he totally had coming. Not that that's ever happened to me. Definitely not. (But really though, it hasn't.)

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  4. Man Sent To Jail For Abusive, Offensive Facebook Posts

    Stephen Birrell, a 28-year-old from Glasgow, is being jailed for 8 months largely as a result of some offensive Facebook comments. Now, Birrell was not an otherwise upstanding citizen. When he posted the abusive comments, he'd just been released from a completely separate 12-month sentence. In addition, he's been banned from attending any regulation soccer matches for 5 years. Dude probably has some issues with keeping his mouth shut. The postings in question directed hate at fans of the Celtic Football Club as well as Catholics but, surprisingly enough, most of the postings contained neither profanity nor threats of violence. In fact, we can post several of them here. A few of the comments, courtesy of BBC News:

    "Hope they [Celtic fans] all die. Simple. Catholic scumbags ha ha." "Proud to hate Fenian tattie farmers. Simple ha ha." "They're all ploughing the fields the dirty scumbags."
    According to the BBC, he also made some off-color comments about the Pope. Those weren't repeated.

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  5. Facebook May Soon Let You Dislike Something: Comments

    We're not talking about the long-desired "dislike button," but if the annotated screenshot above from AllFacebook is the real deal, Facebook may soon be rolling out a new comment system that includes such features as threaded comments (this alone would be a big deal), user location or afflilations displayed within the thread, and, most notably, positive and negative votes on other comments.

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