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  1. Dead Or Alive 5 Tournament Places Soft Ban on Overly Sexy Costumes

    So was any part of the game not banned, then?

    As a franchise, Dead or Alive is pretty notorious for its fixation on its female characters' bodies—which, to be fair, is a very deliberately earned reputation given that the game has a "OMG Breast Motion" button that does exactly what you'd expect it to do. But FreeStepDodge, one of the most prominent DOA online tournaments, wants to do its best to turn everyone's attention away from the cleavage and back to the fighting mechanics. Will it work? Probably not, I bet.

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  2. League of Legends Tournament Reverses Restrictive Anti-Gay and Trans Ruling With Classic Non-Apology

    "Good discussion, team!"

    I imagine that when the team behind Garena Philippines woke up this morning, they were, to put it mildly, alarmed at their sudden international attention. But the good news is, they've seen the light! Sort of. We think. At least they're not doing the thing we were all mad at anymore.

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  3. ESPN President on Twitch/Amazon Deal: Whatever, eSports Aren’t Real Sports Anyway

    Obviously, he is not a golfer.

    ESPN President John Skipper didn't hold back when asked how he felt about Amazon's nearly $1 billion dollar purchase of online video game streaming platform Twitch. He's got some feelings about the legitimacy of eSports and online streaming.

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  4. Huge, Record-Breaking Dota 2 Tournament Set for Madison Square Garden During NY Comic Con

    "The geek shall inherit the Earth." -The Bible, I think.

    Continuing the unstoppable conquest of eSports, Valve's Dota 2 will be played in the largest in-person eSports event ever held on the East coast during the New York Super Week of New York Comic-Con in October. The finals of the ESL One global Dota 2 tournament will be played out live in front of thousands of spectators at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

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  5. No, Women-Only eSports Events Do Not Mean There Should Be Men-Only Ones

    Today in, "Things we wish we didn't feel the need to explain."

    The Internet (us included) was in an uproar recently over a men-only Hearthstone tournament. Such an uproar, in fact, that the International eSports Federation reversed its policy of separating competitions by gender, but competitions specifically for women remained. Diversity in games and eSports are tough issues to navigate, and some may not understand why tournaments for women are OK but ones for men aren't.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Photographer Makes Self-Serious Male Authors and Their Cigarettes Look Silly

    Dial it back a bit, boys.

    Stop trying to make cigarettes look cool. Stop trying to make yourself look cool with cigarettes. It is not working. And if it is working, congratulations, you're convincing people to take up an unhealthy addiction. Also, stop taking yourself so seriously. I guess if I have one message here, it's "Stop." But definitely check out the rest of this photo series from photographer Szilvia Molnar. (via Jezebel)

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  7. IeSF World Championship Changes Stance On Gender Segregation, Now “Open for All”

    All you gamer ladies, show us what you got!

    The International eSports Federation re-wrote their rules to allow anyone to enter their main World Championship tournaments.

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  8. Finnish Hearthstone Tournament Isn’t Accepting Female Entries

    Apparently girls aren't as good at video games.

    Finnish Assembly isn't allowing women to enter their Hearthstone tournament - but it's not entirely their fault.

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  9. Watch the CEO 2014 Fighting Game Tournament All Weekend [Live Now]

    You didn't want to go outside this weekend or anything, right?

    Despite competitive gaming's explosion in popularity recently, most people still don't know much about it or where to find it. So, here are all the details about how you can watch the big CEO 2014 fighting game tournament for yourself. Fighting games are a great way to get into eSports, because they're fast paced and easier to grasp on a basic level than, say, strategy games, so you should definitely give it a watch.

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  10. League of Legends Now a Varsity Sport With Scholarships and Everything at a Chicago University

    But now how will we know who the nerds are?

    Today in turning society on its head news, Robert Morris University in Illinois is making a full-fledged varsity sport out of multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. Like other sports, it'll have scholarships, a coach, uniforms—all that sports stuff (but no official word on butt-slapping or non-athlete swirlie quota just yet).

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