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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Not all that glitters is gold

Jane Austen to Appear on British Currency

The Bank of England announced today that Jane Austen will be replacing Charles Darwin on the £10 note, making her the third woman to ever appear on British currency (other than a member of the royal family, naturally), behind Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry. She’s also the third artist (unless Wikipedia is steering me wrong), behind composer Edward Elgar and the Bard himself. This comes after protests that with the replacement of Elizabeth Fry with Winston Churchill, the only woman depicted on British banknotes would be the Queen. The bill also includes a quote from Pride and Prejudice, but I can imagine that it was difficult to resist making it “money is the best recipe for happiness.”

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Consider the Following

Britain Installs New Guidelines For Prosecuting Threatening Comments Made Online, Should The U.S. Follow Suit?

Keir Starmer, chief prosecutor for England and Wales, spoke this week about stricter guidelines for harassing and threatening comments online. Is it time for the United States to do the same? 


Bloody Good Fun

London Covered in Artistic Callboxes in Greatest Unintentional Tribute to Inspector Spacetime Ever

So, you know the Cow Parade, the international roving art installation where fiberglass cows are painted and decorated by local artists? Well, BT Artbox is kind of like that. Except instead of cows, it’s the classic red telephone box of the UK, Malta, Bermuda, and Gibraltar, and they’re all over London, as if Inspector Spacetime and several dozen of his buddies dropped in to see the sights.

The boxes themselves are beautifully surreal things to come across in the middle of an otherwise normal city street. (Doctor Who fans, just squint and pretend they’re police boxes.)


Doctor Who’s TARDIS Travels Through Time Thanks To Vintage Photos And Google Street View

TARDIS stands for time and relative dimension in space but in these pictures that concept is realized literally. Mark Dando took vintage photographs, mixed in images from Google street view and voila! TARDIS sightings around London. Hit the jump to see where (and when) else the famous blue lady has shown up! 


she blinded me with science

The UK Pledges to Make All Publicly Funded Research Publicly Available With the Help of Wikipedia

The scientific community has been in a bit of a stir this year, ever since mathematician Tim Gowers wrote a post on his blog stating his intention sto abandon publishing his findings with any journal run by Elsevier, the world’s largest scientific publisher, citing the stranglehold a publisher that large can have on the world’s peer-reviewed scientific information, controlling not just how it’s published, but what it costs to read or even obtain a copy. One step in the right direction, according to many, is to create laws or programs that would ensure that all publicly funded scientific studies were eventually (or immediately) made publicly available.

Well, England’s Science Minister just struck decisive blow for what’s being called the Open Science movement, by promising just that.


We Can Be Heroes

Sci-Fi Villains Raise Money For Women’s Charity, Daleks Have A Race

Two things you don’t expect to see on any given day: 1.) Any type of villain doing charity work. 2.) Daleks having a friendly race to see who’s fastest. All that and more is exactly what happened in Yeovil in in south Somerset, England recently. And yes, there’s photographic proof. 


Pretty Pretty Princess

Queen Elizabeth II Marks 60 Years On United Kingdom’s Throne

Sixty years ago today, Queen Elizabeth II became the United Kingdom’s leading monarch at age 25. The entire country is taking part in her Diamond Jubilee to celebrate. 


Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

So, Here Is Some First-Century British Porn

Hey there, ladies and gents. Allow me to pose a question to you all: Can you feel the love tonight? Well, how about you give this vintage sex token a gander? Recently discovered in the mud of the Thames, historians claim that the bronze token dates back to the first century and was used as currency in brothels. How did they come to that conclusion? I direct your attention to the two figures copulating on the face of the disk. That’s how they figured that out. So, congratulations! You have just started your day by reading about what could possibly be the world’s oldest British pornography!


Bloody Good Fun

The Queen Invites You To Party In Her Throne Room For The London Olympics

If you thought the royal wedding was a party, wait until you hear this. Queen Elizabeth II has approved renting out certain rooms at St. James’ Palace as party venues during the 2012 London Olympics. Lampshade, meet head.