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Ender’s Game

  1. Watch the Ender’s Game StarCraft II Tournament Live

    Remember, the enemy's Command Center gate is down.

    The simulations in Ender's Game are pretty much a giant, virtual reality version of StarCraft, and it turns out the studio sees that as the perfect excuse to market the movie's DVD release with a live streaming StarCraft II tournament. The first round is today at 7:00PM PST, and it will run on Feb. 5th - 9th.

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  2. Could Seeing Ender’s Game Be Considered a Political Action? [Video]

    Yes? No? We're very conflicted.

    Ender's Game has been out for about a week now, and whether or not audiences should go see it if they're opposed to Orson Scott Card's politics has been a hotly contested issue over the past few months. Mike Rugnetta and PBS Idea Channel decided to take a look at whether money should be wielded as a political "upvote."

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Princess Dalek

    Things We Saw Today

    We've seen Princess Vader, now it's time to meet Princess Dalek. EXTERMI-AWWWWW. (via Fashionably Geek) 

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  4. Oh My God It’s Really Happening: Ender’s Game Now Running Ads on TV [Video]

    You mean it's not just a dream we had? It's still real?

    Say what you want about Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card and his awful personal politics -- reading the book itself was a formative experience for many a young nerd. In fact, it's still hard to believe we're even getting a movie in the first place after so many years of waiting. But look! They're even putting these commercials on TV now!

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  5. Orson Scott Card Compares Obama to Hitler, Napoleon, Ceasar, Worried He’ll Use Urban Youths as Secret Police

    Somewhere, the press team for Ender's Game weeping openly, begging Card to just stop with the talking thing.

    You know that feeling when you read something so ridiculous you think it's a really funny parody, followed by that sinking sensation when it turns out its writer was serious? Orson Scott Card's "Unlikely Events" on why Obama is already a dictator, controlling literally all the things and all the people is like that.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: The Grumpy Catbus

    Things We Saw Today

    Timothy Doyle created this memetic Miyazaki mashup masterpiece for an upcoming Lil Bub gallery show at Spoke Art. (io9)

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Michonne The Vampire Queen

    Things We Saw Today

    Somehow artists Mike Vasquez and Joe Hogan have managed to make the Land of Ooo even more post-apocalyptic with their Adventure Time and The Walking Dead mashup illustration. Vasquez and Hogan have also drawn Star Wars and Deadpool illustrations with the likes of Treetrunks as Yoda and Finn as Deadpool. (via So Geek Chic)

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Hey, People at SDCC. Buy Us Some Direwolf Plushies.

    Things We Saw Today

    Yes, but do any of these SDCC-exclusive stuffed direwolves [Game of Thrones season three finale spoiler] have a detachable head? Head to io9 for Factory Entertainment's three-eyed-crow and dragon egg plushies.

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  9. Ender’s Game Clip Shows Off a Bit More Dogfighting [Video]

    Folks, I'm really excited.

    Exclusively premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, this clip of Ender's Game gives us the a much longer glimpse of alien battles, with Harrison Ford explaining why exactly humans can and will do some serious alien killing. Ford might no longer look like the ladies' man professor-slash-archaeologist-slash-mercenary-slash-scoundrel of yesteryear, but he still sounds determined enough to kick my butt.

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  10. Comic-Con 2013: While You Were Sleeping, Part 1

    Sometimes you can't check Twitter because you're eating, or sleeping, or watching Netflix, or having strange dreams about being on the Voyager crew, so here’s a round-up of some of the best announcements, pictures, and happenings from the first day of San Diego Comic Con 2013. Hit the jump for info on Kelly Sue DeConnick's new ongoing series, photos from X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Benedict Cumberbatch!

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