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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Elijah Wood


Summer Glau, Ron Perlman, and Elijah Wood To Voice Comic Book Characters In Alternate Peter Pan Story

How do you get someone to watch your motion comic? Cast Elijah Wood, Summer Glau, and Ron Perlman. They’ll be voicing characters in Image Comic’s Peter Panzerfaust, a World War II-set Peter Pan tale. And oh yeah, it’s bringing Hook’s Rufio, Dante Basco, back to Neverland as well.


My Precious!

That One Time Peter Jackson Made Elijah Wood Get Done Up Like Gollum

I’m sorry to scare you like this. A test shot has been making the rounds today thanks to a post at It depicts actor Elijah Wood in what might have been a scene in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. The scene was either never filmed or wound up on the cutting room floor but would have shown us the eventual fate of Frodo had things not gone the way of the good guys which, as it turns out, would have meant Frodo becoming Gollum’s twin.

(via Blastr)

Previously in The Hobbit


Questions! Questions That Need Answering

New Hobbit Pictures Prove Elijah Wood Will Never Age

Don’t fret, Elijah Wood is merely reprising his role as Frodo in a framing device for the Hobbitses. What disturbs me is that it’s been more than a decade, and the man can still play a younger version of his ten-year-old role. I’m also not sure, if, in one of these pictures, Bilbo is wearing a purple suit and a cravat. Please. Help me.


Winter Is Coming

Elijah Wood Doesn’t Really Know How to Sit on the Iron Throne, Does it Anyway

Elijah Wood is a pint-sized fanboy, and we love it. In Northern Ireland for an upcoming project, Wood used some of his good ol’ Frodo caché to score a visit to the set of Game of Thrones. He was so excited that he spent the descent of his flight in audibly humming the theme song. Once there, he got to experience something a shocking number of characters in the series have literally killed for: Sit in the Iron Throne. Too bad he’s not that good at it.

(via Blastr)

it's time to play the music

Elijah Wood Is Going to Play the Lead Role in a Piano Thriller. Yes, a Piano Thriller.

One of our favorite actors from Back to the Future Part II* was just announced to have taken a lead role in a new movie called Grand Piano. An indie thriller, it is being described as “Speed with a piano” and involves Wood’s character being forced to play the piano in a way that is so good that it will save lives. But like I said, this is a thriller and not a feel-good family movie about a do-gooder-slash-ivory-tickler. Nope — the Speed to which I refer is the 1994 Keanu Reeves action movie about the terrorized bus. Yup. Speed with a piano. Play, Elijah Wood! Play until the world is safe from evil!

*You had no idea, did you?


Don't Panic

Ellen DeGeneres Plays 7 Minutes In Heaven With A Fella? [VIDEO]

Comedian Mike O’Brien has managed to get the likes of Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, and Kristen Wiig (as you can see here), among others, alone in a closet with him. How? He hosts a web show called 7 Minutes in Heaven. His version of the classic middle school party game includes chatting about guests’ work, performing improvisational scenes, and yes, often awkward kisses. Usually to hilarious results and I can only hope that one day I’m famous enough to be a guest (I hope my boyfriend isn’t reading this). Regardless, I always wonder whether the actors know what they’re getting themselves into or not (in the case of rap group ICP, probably not) when they put themselves into the tiny space with O’Brien for 7 Minutes in Heaven. After all, the show hasn’t been around that long. In any case, I wasn’t quite sure what would happen when Ellen DeGeneres appeared, the talk show host is of course married to actress Portia di Rossi. See for yourself.

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we loled

Death & Return of Superman Short Film: It’s Funny Cuz It’s True (& Has Amazing Cameos)

The Death and Return of Superman is “a somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film,” according to its creators. Those creators? Bryan Basham and Max Landis, the son of famed director John Landis. This is a video comic fans will get very excited over (whether positively or negatively) and that non-readers will get a kick out of because it’s so ridiculous it couldn’t possibly be true. Except it kinda is. It also includes cameos from Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood, Chris Hardwick, Simon Pegg (as John Landis) and one more extra special appearance I don’t want to spoil. Give it a watch. 


and let it be known

Elijah Wood Is Really Pissed About George Lucas’ 3D Star Wars Plans

So, Peter Jackson has been shooting The Hobbit in 3D, which is certainly going to be a breathtaking thing to watch! And one of the actors returning to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien to reprise his role from Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood, also likes the prospect of a sweeping, beautiful movie shot in 3D. But what about movies that aren’t shot in 3D and are altered afterwards? Well, some of those are okay, according to Wood. Even the Star Wars movies. Especially the Star Wars movies! But why — OH WHY — do we as a moviegoing audience have to see them in order? Starting with Episode I? Elijah Wood is not happy, you guys.



Stephen Colbert Interviews Elijah Wood and Cannot Help But Bring Up LOTR [Video]

Stephen Colbert really loves J.R.R. Tolkien, and he will pretend to be interested in Happy Feet 2 for as long as he can manage until he starts talking to last night’s guest Elijah Wood about both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. He tried, you guys. Seriously. But alas! Elijah Wood was just so incredibly “right there in front of him,” and the discussion — or as much of the discussion that he was allowed to have, since Stephen Colbert knows things about The Hobbit that he “wants to broadcast” but cannot — was forced to commence, accompanied by the daintiest sword fight that ever took place. (Because those things are authentic, people.)

Oh, and something about a penguin movie.

(via Nerd Bastards)

My Precious!

Elijah Wood’s Role In Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Revealed

We’ve known for some time now that actor Elijah Wood was set to reprise his role as Frodo in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit but as fans of the J.R.R. Tolkien book know, Frodo isn’t actually in The Hobbit. It presented a challenge of course but Jackson is all about overcoming obstacles, especially when it means bringing back fan-favorites. Rumor was that Frodo would perhaps act as a narrating bridge between An Unexpected Journey and There And Back Again, the two parts of the film, but until now, we didn’t know if that was actually the case. If you want to find out what Frodo will be up to in The Hobbit and a few other spoilery bits, hit the jump. If not, quietly head back to the Shire.