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  1. Monday Cute: A Tiny Baby Elephant That Just Can’t Climb Over This Log


    So we're pretty sure the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is the most magical place on the planet, because just look at this. Look at this. The struggle is real, baby elephant. The struggle is real.

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  2. Elephants Are Just As Smart As Your Baby, Deal With It

    Is there anything these majestic creatures can't do? No, don't tell us.

    Besides the adage "an elephant never forgets", you might not know that elephants are just pretty darn smart in general. The most recent finding in the field of elephant cognition places their brains on a seriously human level: they spontaneously understand what pointing means. For real.

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  3. Monday Cute: The Elephant in the Room


    Sure, I bet it wasn't easy getting out of bed this morning, but you can at least be confident that if there was a baby elephant you'd sit up and pay attention. Previously in Elephants

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  4. Monday Cute: Baby Elephant Vacations For Labor Day, Sees The Ocean For The First Time [VIDEO]


    Some of you may be on vacation today, some of you may be working (we feel your pain) but no matter what you're doing this Monday morning, you should take a break and watch this video. It will make you extremely happy. Promise. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  5. Monday Cute: Baby Elephant in Tiny Pool


    It's a little known fact that baby elephants in hot weather are one of the only surefire ways to get through the much vaunted composure of British news anchors.

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  6. Wild Tiger Kittens Spotted for the First — Wait, Elephant Cams?!

    Adorable kitten videos circulating on the Internet really don't need an introduction, not even when they're tiger cubs. But believe it or not, this is the first footage ever made of a tiger mom with newborn cubs in the wild. And who's bringing this to us? BBC Earth is. Nicely done, BBC! And who brought it to them? Elephants. See for yourself.

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  7. Manhunt On For Utter Monsters Who Killed An Entire Family Of Elephants In Kenya

    In news that would make for a solid first act of a Disney movie if it wasn't already the sad, horrible truth, Kenyan authorities are trying to find a team of poachers who killed an entire family of elephants in Kenya's Tsavo East National Park. In what's being described as the worst incident of poaching in Kenya's long history -- which isn't exactly short on horrific incidents of poaching -- a family of 11 elephants was slaughtered by what police believe to be a 10-person strong gang of poachers who escaped with the elephants' hacked off tusks, which will likely be shipped off to foreign markets to make trinkets, baubles, and pieces of jewelry from the ivory. Because human beings are terrible, that's why.

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  8. Chitwan Kali Wins Elephant Beauty Contest (Also is Elephant)

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    I can guarantee nobody here is fasting, dieting, cleansing, or investing in anti-wrinkle cream. On the other hand, the acceptance speeches are generally harder to understand. (via Digital Spy.)

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  9. Monday Cute: Baby Elephant Rescued From Well


    Ad this to the list of videos that you might otherwise be able to get through, emotions intact, until they slap just the right music on it. Where's the shipping address for these people, so that I can send them all my excess feelings? (via CuteOverload.)

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  10. There is Nothing on the Internet, Please Accept This Video of a Baby Elephant Playing Soccer


    Just keep at it, Donna the Baby Elephant. You'll get to the Olympics some day! (via Best Week Ever.)

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