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Electronic Arts

  1. SimCity Developer Maxis Has Been Shut Down by EA

    "Quick! During GDC while no one is looking!" -EA, probably.

    This was not on the list of pre-selected disasters; I don't know how to deal with it.

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  2. Looking Forward to EA’s Free-to-Play Command & Conquer? You Might Want to Sit Down for This

    We guess it's also free-to-not-play.

    Command & Conquer is a popular real-time-strategy franchise, though clearly not popular enough for EA to go ahead with the free-to-play version it had been working on. They've sacked the project after a disappointing round of alpha testing.

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  3. Electronic Arts Drops Online Pass Program, Causes Internet to Worry Over What’s Coming Next

    Well, folks, EA's finally gone and dropped their Online Pass program. In case you weren't aware that this was a thing, the publisher was essentially holding multiplayer and similar video game features behind a gate that was meant to help promote anything but used game sales. That's dead and gone, at least going forward. That said, the fact that EA's officially discontinued the Online Pass so close to Microsoft's next-gen console reveal is worrisome.

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  4. EA Snaps Up Domains Up to, So Rock, Paper, Shotgun Grabs

    If you love games where you pretend to kill your friends and strangers over the Internet, then you're probably down with EA's Battlefield series. Battlefield 4 is coming out this Fall, but EA has plans for even more sequels to the game. Kind of a lot of them, in fact.  They recently registered Battlefield domains ending in numbers 13-20, so gaming site Rock Paper Shotgun did them exactly one better and registered

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  5. EA Continues Downward Spiral, Ends SimCity Social and Other Facebook Games

    Electronic Arts has been on a losing streak lately. Their launch of SimCity 5 was a nightmare. They just won their second Consumerist Golden Poo Award in a row for being the worst company in America, and now they're closing down what were once popular Facebook games. The Sims Social, SimCity Social, and Pet Society all posted goodbye statuses to their Facebook pages informing players they have until June 14th before the games are gone for good. Considering the drop off in play, this probably won't upset that many people.

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  6. Let’s All Congratulate EA on Winning Worst Company in America Two Years Running

    Every year Consumerist asks the Internet to participate in a survey to find the worst companies in America, and this year it's video game maker Electronic Arts. They "won" last year's survey too, making them the first company to ever win consecutive Consumerist "Golden Poo" awards. It appears the Internet has some kind of ax to grind against the purveyor of such games as Battlefield, Madden NFL, and Mass Effect. Why do you hate EA so much, Internet?

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  7. Here’s the List of EA’s SimCity Apology Games

    Earlier this month Electronics Arts more or less admitted their launch of SimCity 5 was a complete disaster, and as an apology to angry gamers, offered to give them a free game. For some reason they didn't say which game or games that would be, just that a free game was going to be offered. They've finally come through with a list, and as Rollin guessed, it includes Battlefield 3, but that's not the only game spurned SimCity players can get.

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  8. Hack Shows Offline SimCity Play’s Possible, Questions Always-Online Requirement

    Electronic Arts has done a terrible job with the launch of the newest SimCity, and things have just gotten worse since someone hacked the game to show that it can run offline, calling into question EA's claims that forcing players to be online in order to play is required for the game to run properly, and not just sneaky digital rights management.

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  9. EA Admits They Screwed the Pooch on SimCity, Would Like to Buy Your Forgiveness

    To state that the launch of the latest SimCity video game has gone poorly for Electronic Arts would be putting it kindly. Despite what they assure us were their best efforts, the PC game has been plagued with server issues from the moment it went live. They've been scrambling to correct this matter, and things seem to be smoothing out, but the majority of this past week was a hellish one for virtual cities everywhere. Well, EA knows they "done goofed," and they're going to offer a free game to everyone that's had to deal with their shenanigans.

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  10. Strange Things Are Happening With Ubisoft and Electronic Arts’ Online Stores

    Video game publishers Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are up to something that can only be described as bewildering. Ubisoft will be selling third-party games (i.e. not their own) on their online store, Uplay. Odd, but simple enough. They're also going to be selling their own games on competitor Electronic Art's online store, Origin. Huh? No, wait, I have a theory.

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