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  1. James Patterson’s New Book Is a Literal Bomb, Must Be Read in 24 Hours Before it Self-Destructs

    Brace yourselves, Dads of America!

    As someone who grew up stuffing Harry Potter books into my eye-holes overnight to avoid anyone spoiling the ending, I (and many other members of my nerdy generation) am no stranger to pressure-filled speed reading. That being said, I don't know if I could handle the stress of James Patterson's upcoming thriller Private Vegas.

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  2. Neil Gaiman’s New Book Will Be Released in February; Feature Doctor Who, American Gods Content

    She says, "casually."

    Here's some exciting news to help take the edge off a bleak winter morning: Neil Gaiman's recently announced short story collection Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances will be released in hardcover and ebook on February 3rd! That's a mere twenty-six days and eleven-ish hours from now! I can just hibernate until then!

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  3. Young Adult Fiction Writers, Women Rule List Of World’s Top-Earning Authors

    The f*** yeah in our stars.

    If you still don't think Young Adult fiction should be taken seriously by anyone not in the nebulous intended age range, perhaps you'll allow a butt-ton of money to convince you otherwise? Forbes has released its annual list of the world's top-earning authors, and it's not hard to understand where John Green get his last name from--dude is rolling in it.

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  4. BBC Books Is Giving Us One More Eleventh Doctor/Clara Story with Into Nowhere

    And Clara might actually be interesting in this story!

    Oh, sure, Matt Smith has left Doctor Who, but that doesn't mean Eleven's story is over. He continues in the latest BBC Books Doctor Who "Time Trips" novel Into Nowhere by Jenny T. Colgan, and he's paired up with Clara, The Impossible Girl for one more story if the Christmas Special left you wanting.

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  5. Formatting eBook Error Causes George R.R. Martin’s Name To Randomly Appear In A Feast For Crows

    Petition to make "George R.R. Martin" an official euphemism for something.

    If you're not a regular in the comments section of Gawker Media, then you might have missed this amazing gem of a story from an io9 thread last Thursday -- according to user Teshara, an error in the ebook copy of A Feast For Crows causes the author's name and book title to appear in throughout the book's texts in the most hilarious places possible.

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  6. Want 500 Free Sandwich Recipes? Course You Do. Sandwiches are Delicious.

    Point of fact: You don't actually have to be a man to eat these.

    If you're not familiar with The Art of Manliness blog, you probably should be. It covers things like how to dress and groom oneself, "Manly Skills", and building better relationships. Oh, also sandwiches. They declared April the "Month of Sandwiches" and they've compiled all 500 submitted recipes into a free eBook you can go get right now.

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  7. Barnes & Noble Gives Up on In-House Nooks, Looks for Partners for New Tablets

    America's biggest bookstore chain needs a helping hand developing and building its next foray into the eReader market.

    Hey, do you want to help Barnes & Noble make a color tablet that's mostly an e-reader, but also some other things? Because someone is going to have to. America's biggest book retailer is looking for a hand developing their next generation of Nook tablets, which will no longer be an in-house project going forward, the company announced today. By seeking manufacturing partners, the bookstore chain is hoping to stem its losses on the readers which have seen associated revenues drop over a third in the past year.

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  8. Exclusive: Watch The Trailer For The Resurrectionist, A Beautifully Dark Art Book And Novel

    The Resurrectionist is part art book and part novel, but both parts are meticulously detailed, dark, and beautiful. It tells the story of the fictional work of Dr. Spencer Black whose field of study could best be described as Darwin meets Frankenstein. It's publisher Quirk Books asked us to give you an exclusive first look at the book's trailer.

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  9. The Book From Last Night’s Doctor Who is Being Published And You Can Buy it April 4th [Updated]

    [Update] The original article said the book was being published April 2nd, but my source at BBC Books is now saying it will be available on April 4th. It is available now for pre-order on Amazon. Summer Falls, a book being read by a character in last night's Doctor Who episode "The Bells of Saint John" is being published as an eBook on Thursday, April 4th. It's being put out by BBC Books, and it could be more than just a fun merchandising tie-in. Here's what I think it could be:

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  10. Amazon Wipes Woman’s Kindle, Closes Her Account, Won’t Explain Why When Asked

    Digital rights management, often referred to as simply DRM, is the all-encompassing term used for just about anything that's meant to combat online piracy. Part of the greater DRM schema is the current business model that most digital distribution sales actually only license out their content. This can lead to some odd situations. For example, Amazon recently wiped a woman's Kindle and closed her account, because the company had determined her account was "directly related" to an account that had been closed by the online retailer before. When asked to clarify, Amazon merely reiterated their stance.

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