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  1. Artist Regenerates Van Gogh’s Lost Ear, but How Long Before They Grow the Rest of Him?

    Cool! Now do Evander Holyfield!

    Ears! They're always getting lopped off, amiright? Maybe not always, but Vincent van Gogh's certainly did. Thankfully, a German museum has regrown Van Gogh's lost... organ? Appendage? Flappy bit of cartilage? Ears are weird when you think about it, and so is regrowing them in a museum.

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  2. AsapSCIENCE Says Your Ears Are Lying to You, Put Them to the Test With This Audio Illusion Video

    I knew it! You've been colluding with my eyeballs all along!

    Optical illusions are old hat at this point. Yes, the two lines are the same length. No, that's an old lady AND a young woman at the same time. But what about audio illusions? Those don't get nearly enough play, so to speak. That's why AsapSCIENCE wants to trick your brain with sounds instead of sights using a number of famous paradoxes.

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  3. Check How Old Your Ears Are With AsapSCIENCE’s Hearing Test [Video]

    What's that? WHAT? SPEAK UP I CAN'T HEAR YOU

    Everybody remembers those annoying ringtones that could only be heard by people under the age of 40, right? Well, there's a scientific reason why that's possible, and AsapSCIENCE is here to tell you about it. You know, in addition to testing how high a frequency you can actually hear yourself.

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  4. Man Implants Magnets Into His Ears to Use as Invisible Headphones

    Listen, this is cool and all, but it's also a little creepy. Mostly cool.

    Have you ever seen that Instructables article that teaches you how to make your own invisible headphones using magnets and a coil necklace with attached amplifier? Rich Lee, a self-described "grinder" who dabbles in body modification, decided to take the idea one step further and surgically implant those magnets into both of his ears. Now he wants to see just what he can do with this new set-up, which I guess is pretty awesome. It's also making the part of me that's really creeped out by the Borg, Cybermen, and similar biologic robot monsters kind of concerned, but we're still a long way from that...right? Right.

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  5. Why Alcohol Makes Your Head Spin [Video]

    Some valuable information from thegnome54 as we approach New Year's Eve. Stay safe, everyone.

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  6. New Study Suggests Why Nails on a Chalkboard Hurts Our Ears

    Most people take for granted that the sound of nails on a chalkboard is unpleasant, but most have probably never wondered why. That was not the case for Michael Oehler of the Macromedia University for Media and Communication and University of Vienna's Christoph Reuter, whose new research into the unpleasant sound may have found the root of our dislike. In their research, the two musicologists looked at both physical and psychological reactions to unpleasant sounds. In their experiments, they played the much-maligned sound of nails on a chalkboard to participants as well as other hated sounds such as squeaky styrofoam, forks scrapping against dinner plates, and chalk against slate. Sometimes they told respondents the true source of the sound and in others told them that the sounds were from a musical composition. On the physical end of the experiment, the researchers monitored various vital signs of the participants while the tones were played. The results were fairly dramatic.

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  7. iPhone Cases That Give Your Ear a New Look

    We all love our ears, they're cool, polite dudes and gals, but sometimes you see other people's ears and experience a slight twinge of jealousy and wish your ears could be living another life, if only for about the length of, say, a phone conversation. If you want to experience a bit of ear role-playing, you don't need a whole character sheet and a set of dice, all you need is an iPhone 4 and an EARonic case or two. You could be a fella and pretend to have a lady-ear, or be a respectable businessman and pretend to have a bunch of piercings, both of which can be seen after the break. Head on over to CollabCubed to see the range of ear-fantasy options.

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  8. This Guy Put an Ear in His Arm [Video]

    So, last week, I nearly gave myself a panic attack over getting a part of my ear pierced. Meanwhile, this guy put an ear in his arm. For art. Australian artist Stelarc had an idea to share what he heard on a daily basis with people around the world. So, as logic would lead him, he put an ear in his arm. Insert Van Gogh joke here. Video after the jump.

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