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e3 2012

  1. Some Spine-Tingling Dead Space 3 Gameplay To End Your Day

    Executive producer Steve Papoutsis introduces us to some major additions to Dead Space 3. Featured are: Drop-in, drop-out cooperative play, new hydra-like Necromorphs, a big pulping drill, and a huge-ass monster that just won't die.

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  2. A Friendly Reminder: E3 Isn’t For Gamers

    With E3 in full swing, gamers and journalists alike are all over the press conferences and announcements. This year in particular, things have been a little dull. Microsoft's press conference was chiefly concerned with the Xbox as a "media console," and Nintendo's Wii U stuff sort of panders to the Wii Fit-using masses. Many of the hardcore gamers who watch increasingly accessible E3 footage are feeling a little miffed that their interests aren't being catered to. After all, they're the real fans, and E3 is about real gaming, damn it! Well, not really. E3 is a trade show; it's not for gamers.

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  3. Nintendo’s E3 2012 Keynote Brings Pikmin 3, Some Marios

    We've seen Microsoft's showing, we've seen Sony's. Now, Nintendo shows off their goods, and unfortunately, it was highly predictable. The big surprise was a game we all knew was coming, and following that were a few montages of third party games, which rang all too reminiscent of past E3 Wii showings, and three Mario games. Ubisoft showed off a new zombie title, and Nintendo ended with what they're hoping will be the Wii U's Wii Sports, NintendoLand, a (who would've guessed it?!) collection of minigames.

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  4. Sony’s E3 2012 Keynote Showed Off Some Big Guns, and a Few Surprises

    E3 is in full swing, with Microsoft already delivering their underwhelming keynote, and Nintendo delivering their extremely weird pre-E3 briefing (with their actual keynote to come later today). Late last night, Sony delivered their keynote. It was full of multiple Assassin's Creed games, Sony's version of Smash Brothers, the prequel God of War: Ascension, and Naughty Dog's Uncharted follow-up, The Last of Us, which got head billing, and rightfully so. The keynote was kicked off with a new IP from Quantic Dream, makers of Heavy Rain, and there was also a surprise, something Microsoft failed to deliver, but it was weird and underwhelming. Check out what happened, after the break.

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  5. Microsoft’s E3 2012 Keynote Plays Up Non-Gaming Aspects Of Xbox 360

    We're in it folks. E3 is happening. While you may not be able to expect the unveiling of any new, next generation consoles, there's still plenty going down. This year, Microsoft has made it clear they're not pushing the aging Xbox 360 as only a "gaming device," but as a "media console." That's not to say there aren't some big games coming down the pipe, but a surprising amount of the announcements, like Internet Explorer for the Xbox (OH BOY!) and SmartGlass have little, if anything to do with gaming. That said, let's break it down, shall we?

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  6. Nintendo’s Big Pre-E3 Announcement: Miiverse, a Social Network for the Wii U

    E3 2012 is upon us, dear readers. That means a bunch of announcements we already knew about, and hopefully a few that surprise us for the better, unlike last year's extremely underwhelming showing. Before Nintendo's conference tomorrow, they had a thirty minute pre-E3 briefing, where they covered what would normally be headline material. In the briefing, they stated they're getting all of the hardware announcements out of the way in order to focus entirely on software during their keynote, which is tomorrow at noon EDT -- something that'll be interesting coming from a company that, in the past decade or so, has had its hardware essentially print money, and its software sales lag far behind its competitors' software sales. We knew about the Wii U and its tablet controller, so the most surprising (and definitely weirdest) announcement to come from the pre-E3 briefing is Miiverse, Nintendo's social network for the Wii U.

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  7. Watch All of Nintendo’s Pre-E3 WiiU Announcement Right Here

    Coming to you from the seventh floor of Nintendo's Kyoto HQ is president Satoru Iwata and a pre-E3 presentation on the forthcoming Wii U. In an interesting move, Nintendo has released a 30 minute video about the controversial console's online elements and the control scheme for the new device. Prominently featured is the newly named Wii U GamePad with its enormous touchscreen and a very Xbox-like Pro Controller, and a somewhat bewildering look at what Nintendo thinks gaming on the Wi iU will be like.

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  8. The Game Genie Is Back And It’s Coming To PS3

    Those of us who grew up with cartridge-based consoles remember that those could be really freaking hard. As such, sometimes cheating was practically necessary. Back then, old-fashioned cheat codes were still a thing, but the good stuff -- the real awesome cheats -- always involved awkwardly strapping a piece of third party hardware to your game, thereby doubling the amount of dusty connections that might fail, and crossing your fingers that this time it would actually work. If you miss that, I've got good news: Game Genie is coming back, and it's going to come to the PS3.

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