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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

Book Purses, The Perfect Solution For When You Switch To An E-Reader

If you’re a book lover like I am, it both excited and vexed you when e-readers were invented. True, you could have any number of books ready to read at a whim but the downside is, no one else knew what you were reading. Here’s one solution via Etsy user NovelCreations – book purses! See if your favorite old or new classic has been turned into a e-reader transportation device.


This is just like magic!

Amazon Secures Licensing Rights To Let Kindle Users Borrow Harry Potter

For a long time, Harry Potter fans were wondering when J.K. Rowling’s novels about the boy wizard would make their way to e-readers. Turns out, she was holding out for something extra special – Pottermore. Although you can download the series onto Sony Reader, Kindle, the Nook, and Google Play, and the retailers get a cut of the sales, the power still resides with Pottermore. Until now. Rowling has struck a deal with Amazon to offer all of the Harry Potter books through their lending library. 


This is just like magic!

Pottermore Is Finally Here! Read Harry Potter EBooks For The First Time Today!

I feel like singing Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! J.K. Rowling’s best-selling Harry Potter novels are finally available for download on ereaders today. You know what that means…Harry Potter re-read! 



Is Manga Obscene? Canada and Amazon Seem to Think So

Things aren’t going so well for graphic novel and manga publishing. In March of 2011, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund issued an advisory about transporting comics and graphic novels across international borders. Two months later a comics fan named Tom Neeley was detained at the Canadian border, and his copy of the comic anthology Black Eye confiscated by customs. CBR reported then that Canadian censorship seemed particularly aimed at Japanese comics and gay-themed material.

Last week Comics Alliance reported that criminal charges of child pornography possession had been dropped against U.S. citizen Ryan Matheson, who, in 2010, “entered Ottawa on vacation with a laptop that contained comics images that Matheson described as ‘anime illustrations from art books’ and ‘drawings of fictional anime and manga characters.’”


Make It So

Help Author Diane Duane Recover Her Savings by Buying Her E-Books at a Discount

Diane Duane, one of our favorite YA science fiction authors, is having a pretty horrible start to her new year; her entire bank account was sucked dry by some nasty, nasty jerkweed, and she’s been left with nothing. While her bank is actively helping her and her husband to regain their funds, there are still bills that need to be paid before the mess is completely sorted out and their balance is restored. So, what can we do to help? Buy her e-books. She’s even offering a 20 percent discount on her titles. Think of this way: every Diane Duane e-book bought is like “spitting in the face” of the person who screwed her over. Details on where to direct that spit are right after the jump.



At What Temperature Do E-Readers Burn? Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 Finally Going Digital

You know, I thought it was kind of funny when Amazon named their latest Kindle, Fire. It made me think about book burnings and specifically, Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451. So it was even more interesting when I read the news today that 91-year-old Bradbury finally conceded to transferring his famous novel to the digital format. That’s hot. 


Never Mind

No Harry Potter E-Books on Pottermore Until Next Year

Sad face. I signed myself up for the Beta of J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore (with three different email addresses I might add) on the first day you were able to do so – Harry Potter and Rowling’s birthday, July 31. You know what I still don’t have? A beta code to Pottermore. What’s worse, even those that do won’t be able to read the best-selling book series on the website until next year.


Good News Everyone!

Kindle Library Lending Is Coming to Actual Libraries

Amazon has announced that later this year, Kindle users will be able to borrow e-books from 11,000 participating libraries using its new Library Lending service. This applies to all Kindle services including every generation of Kindle devices and all the platforms offering the Kindle app. Not only that, but Library Lending will also incorporate Whispersync technology, which allows users to take notes in the margins of the books they borrow.


Pros and Cons

Borders Closing Sales: Now Is the Time to Go Buy Books

Now that Borders has filed for bankruptcy and will be closing some of its stores (see if yours made the cut), this means something that is, indeed, still very good for books: liquidation sales. If you’re one of those people who spent quiet evenings perusing the shelves of your local Borders without making a purchase, then now is the time to go for it. Your brain will be psyched and your wallet won’t complain too much!