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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

  1. Things We Saw Today: Grumpy Cat Has Her Own Grumpy Comic!

    Spoiler alert: She already hates it.

    Get ready to love hate something new. Grumpy Cat and her brother, Pokey, have a three-issue miniseries coming out from Dynamite this Fall!

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  2. The Rock at Age 15 Was Probably Frequently Mistaken for His School’s Gym Teacher

    How is this even possible? According to The Rock on Fallon, girls wouldn't even go out with him because they thought he was a 30-year-old narc. At age 15 in Nashville, Dwayne Johnson probably told people he wanted to be a pro wrestler, and everyone was like "well... yeah."

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  3. Race to Hitch Mountain: The Rock Marries Fan Couple in Surprise Ceremony

    Can you smell what The Rock is officiating?

    In general I'm not a fan of pranks, particularly ones that put the prank-ee in an initially uncomfortable position or require them to feign enthusiasm in front of a crowd, but considering the bride and groom's history of being epic Rock fans, I'm tentatively on board for this one. Besides, what says "true love" more than a ceremony filled with earthquake metaphors?

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  4. Daddy’s Gotta Go to Work (Again): The Rock May Get a Fast and the Furious Spin-Off Franchise All to Himself

    Hobbs on Lock.

    During a press conference for the upcoming faultless masterpiece San Andreas, The Rock confirmed that he'll be returning to the highly successful Fast and the Furious franchise for the as-yet-untitled Furious 8, and said that he and Universal are currently in talks for a spin-off series dedicated exclusively to the Luke Hobbs character.

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  5. The Rock Will Star In Alpha Squad Seven, A “Sci-Fi Action Comedy” Which Sounds Like It Might Be The Best Film Of All Time Seriously

    The Rock has just signed on to star in Alpha Squad Seven, a sci-fi action comedy that is being described as a combination of Independence Day, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Armageddon. Just read that again slowly. And then freak out with me.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Adorably Epic Star Wars Yarns

    Let the felt flow through you.

    Like tiny felt Greedo and Han? Then you'll probably be all about Jack and Holman Wang's new book, Star Wars Epic Yarns.

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  7. Whose Fault Is This New Trailer for The Rock’s San Andreas?

    I'm sorry.

    It comes out on May 29, whatever, we all know why you're here: Rock GIFs.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Get Your Penny Dreadful Fix With This YouTube Playlist!

    Get ready for the Penny Dreadful premiere May 3rd!

    Do you miss Penny Dreadful? Can't wait for the Season 3 premiere next week? Well, get your fix with this awesome playlist provided by the Penny Dreadful YouTube channel. It even includes the first episode of Season 2 in full so you can introduce the series to a friend!

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  9. Is The Rock an Animorph? Discuss


    God bless the good people of the Internet for noticing this.

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  10. The Flash Solo Film Wants Phil Lord and Chris Miller; Furious 7‘s James Wan May Direct The Rock Again in Shazam

    The Flash and the Furious.

    Take these rumors with a grain of salt the size of The Rock's neck.

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  11. Here’s a Full Video of The Rock Lip Syncing “Shake It Off.” God Bless America.

    LL Cool J bobbing in the background, all happy as a clam

    I can't even muster the bitterness to make fun of Spike TV (the channel for men!) right now. It has all been Rocked out of me.

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  12. The Rock Officially Signs on for Disney’s Moana, is Stoked to Show off His Singing Skills

    Well, this is adorable news! Disney's Moana has its first official cast member, and boy is he excited.

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  13. Furious 7 Review: Vroom Vroom, Beep Beep, F*** Yeah

    10/10, would Furious again.

    If you were to tell me that I would love a movie where the most frequently recurring shots are of Jason Statham looking bored and the part of a lady's bottom where her legs meet her butt, I wouldn't believe you. But there's way more to the Fast and the Furious franchise (and Furious 7 in particular) than meets the furious eye.

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  14. Behold, The Rock As A Violent Muscle-Bound Bambi For SNL

    Feat. deer puns.

    With Cinderella in theaters and the Emma Watson-starring Beauty and the Beast all stocked up, a lot of us have Disney's live-action fairytale adaptations at the back of our minds.

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  15. Things We Saw Today: The Rock As All of Fraggle Rock‘s Doozers


    Our Dear Departed Rebecca Pahle lists seven movie remakes that need to cast The Rock over at Pajiba. Attention, Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

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  16. Good Morning, Here Is a Brief Moment of The Rock Lip Syncing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off’

    Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

    A real thing that is happening this April is that LL Cool J is hosting a Tonight Show spin-off called Lip Sync Battle, which I would normally find preposterous except here is a trailer featuring The Rock lip syncing TSwift, so I'm probably going to need to watch the premiere live.

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  17. Start Your Day The Right Way With The Rock In A New San Andreas Trailer

    We will Rock you.

    Because The Rock is the right way to start every day.

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  18. Why There Probably Won’t Be a Dredd Sequel (Unless They Can Hire The Rock)

    "The guy who dresses up like The Crow is going to give you a lesson in film finance."

    Adi Shankar's been in the public eye a bit more than usual thanks to the Power/Rangers fan film he produced, but he's got a lot of awesome genre cred going for him in other places—including as a producer for Dredd, AKA The One Where Karl Urban Makes a Grumpy Cat Face For 90 Minutes. So why hasn't this legitimately good film gotten a sequel greenlit? Because of France. DAMN YOU, FRANCE.

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  19. Looks Like DC Comics Just Confirmed a Shared Universe For Warner Bros’ Superhero Films

    Were you hoping you'd see The Rock punch Henry Cavill in the face? You just might get your chance.

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  20. Princess Benedict Sparklefists and More: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Photoshops of 2014

    Whoops, our hands slipped.

    Here at The Mary Sue, we try to report on all the news that's fit to geek out about in comics, gaming, pop culture, science, and more. But c'mooon. Let's not kid ourselves here. You all tune in because you want to see our ridiculous photoshop skills, right? Screw having nuanced, critically-minded opinions when we can just throw a picture of '90s Dwayne Johnson wherever we want and call it a day, right? Yeah, you get us.

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