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  1. Good Morning, Here are Six Dwarves and a New Zealand Band

    There And Back Again

    The Wellington-based three-person band Claude Rains (not the Casablanca actor) posted this video for their song "You Say" this summer, but somehow it escaped our notice. Their special guest stars are, in order of appearance, James Nesbitt, Graham McTavish, Adam Brown, Jed Brophy, Stephen Hunter, and Mark Hadlow. Or to put it another way, Bofur, Dwalin, Ori, Nori, Bombur, and Dori. Enjoy! (via SeanBeanery.)

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  2. Crocheted Viking and Dwarf Beard Helmets are Perfect for Those Without Facial Hair

    Vikings and dwarves are famed throughout the world for their tenacity, but also for their amazing, luxuriant beards. Sadly, most of us are either incapable of growing that much facial hair or bow to the societal pressure to remain clean-shaven. Thankfully, Dortha Gibbs has a hand-crocheted solution. Her yarn helmets are not only fashionable, but also sport enormous beards and other hair accents.

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  3. New LEGO Lord of the Rings Minifigs Unveiled

    Yes, it seems like those official LEGO Lord of the Rings sets are creeping closer and closer toward a reality. The latest announcement from the popular European construction toy features the Minifig population of Middle-Earth, with everyone's favorite hobbits, wizards, dwarves, nazgul, elves, orcs, uruk-hai, and humans. Oh, and somebody else, but I just can't remember his name. Creepy little dude, grey skin, you know the guy (gollum! gollum!). Oh, excuse this (gollum!) horrific wet hacking cough I've developed. Anyway, I'm sure his name will come back to me eventually.

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  4. The Way The Lord of the Rings Could Have Ended, 2 1/2 Books Earlier

    Council of Elrond recuts are sooooo 2002, but it was the slack-jawed look on Boromir's face that really did it for us. Also dwarves are awesome. (via Geeks Are Sexy.)

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  5. Man Uses World’s Most Difficult Computer Game to Create … A Working Turing Machine

    Continuing today's theme of incredibly ambitious projects carried out in city-building games -- someone has created a Dwarf Fortress city that operates, effectively, as a Turing machine.

    No, it's not called "MOAR-ia." Although it should be. For the uninitiated, Dwarf Fortress is to normal city-building games as the UNIX command line is to Windows: abstruse, catastrophically punishing of newbie mistakes, unfailingly esoteric in documentation, and thoroughly opaque in operation. In addition to its incredibly steep learning curve, Dwarf Fortress is an insanely difficult game. Forgot to bring along some lumber when you founded your city? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Left your gates open when the local Cyclops came by for a visit? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Accidentally hurled an elven emissary into a magma vent when he was just trying to offer you a trade agreement? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Also, the interface is entirely composed of ASCII-based graphics. Scared yet?

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