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Dungeons and Dragons

  1. The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview: Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford on Acknowledging Sexuality and Gender Diversity in D&D

    Dungeons and Literally a Five-Headed Dragon

    Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford, lead designers of the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons, out this summer, talk about the mechanics of inclusive gaming, Gen Con diversity panels, realistic artwork, and the decision to "look at the wonderfully diverse group of people who play the game and say, 'There’s a place for each of you at the game table'" with the system's new suggestions for roleplaying gender and sexuality.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: That’s No Moon

    In space, no one can rear you scream.

    Boy, this image of Comet 67P that was taken by the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft looks like something, but I can't put my finger on just butt it is. Err, what it is. Go check out some more details on the ESA website.

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  3. The Basic Rules of Dungeons and Dragons Next Have Some Cool Things To Say About Gender Identity

    Please do not misgender the Eye of the Beholder.

    Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast released a set of free-to-download "basic rules" for the upcoming fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, with the idea of putting this new version of D&D into "as many hands as possible." This in itself is pretty rad, but the actual text of the rules are surprisingly inclusive to non-binary players and characters in a way that hasn't shown up in an official guide before.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Captain Picard and Batman Fighting Xenomorphs

    Things We Saw Today

    Seven seasons and a movie. Artwork by Jimsmash. (via Neatorama)

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  5. Dark Dungeons Has a New Trailer, Possibly Also Some Old Ones

    Fun fact: did you know that Cthulhu and the Necronomicon are both totally real things?

    In case you weren't already pumped for Dark Dungeons, the upcoming film adaptation of that Jack Chick tract about the Satanic dangers of tabletop role playing games, then the full trailer is here to ramp up the excitement. It's incredibly realistic, too. What, your last campaign wasn't full of frat guys shouting "LET'S GET READY TO RPG"?

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  6. Attention All Roleplayers, Fanfic Authors, and Simmers: Drop What You’re Doing And Play Storium


    I’m no stranger to group storytelling. In high school, I wrote fanfic with a friend, swapping a spiral-bound notebook back and forth. During that same time I was working at a renaissance faire and my inbox overflowed with email threads of in-character letters. When I was in college, I was an active participant in a Star Trek sim. My World of Warcraft guild forums had a section dedicated to roleplaying. And in recent years, after I moved countries, my previously-local friends and I went through a short period of playing Parsely and Dungeons & Dragons via Google Hangouts. So believe me when I say — if you like to roleplay, if you like collaborative storytelling, if you have gaming friends you can’t meet in person, Storium is what you’ve been looking for. 

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Blink and Kitty Get Days of Future Past Posters

    Things We Saw Today

    Yeah yeah, and Colossus and Iceman, too. Question: Is Colossus' metallic skin, as depicted in this poster, a bigger or worse special effects fail than Emma Frost's diamond form in First Class? (SuperHeroHype)

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  8. David A. Trampier, Defining Illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons, Has Passed Away

    Can I make a grief check?

    If you don't recognize the name "David A. Trampier," you're probably not alone—while his work on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was considered iconic of an entire series for generations of fans, he tended to shy away from the spotlight. Now, sadly, a local paper in his hometown is reporting news of his death.

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  9. Community Report Season 5 Episode 10 “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

    I hug my father.

    Another Dungeons & Dragons episode! Worth it. This one focused on Hickey... kind of. The plot worked, but it was more of an excuse to have everyone play out a ridiculous D&D scenario again, which is just fine by me.

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  10. That Chick Tract About Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting Made Into a Movie

    Cast magic missile at the darkness all you like, but only Jesus can save you now.

    Everyone knows that Dungeons & Dragons is a secret tool of the devil to lure young, impressionable minds away from their rightful savior and forever trap their souls in unholy perdition, right? Well, in case you didn't know, the upcoming Zombie Orpheus Entertainment-produced film Dark Dungeons is going to set you straight this summer.

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