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  1. Hold Onto Your Blunts: New Study Shows Dinosaurs May Have Gotten High on Psychedelic Fungus

    Well, they're all literal stoners now.

    They've figured out how to open doors. Doors to your mind, maaaaaan.

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  2. Lifespan of Mice Increased With Experimental Drug, Prepare for Your Immortal Rodent Overlords

    Nicodemus would be pleased.

    A new experimental drug has shown to increase the lifespan of mice. The drug could have positive implications for humans as well, but let's focus on the real goal here: mice immortality.

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  3. Someone Made a Black Market Search Engine That Looks Just Like Google

    Be honest, you've already thought of something you would search for.

    Google is great and all, but Grams, a Google look-alike search engine that offers a listing of reliable sources for illicit materials, is the most comprehensive way to find all things illegal. Drugs, weapons, Vampire Blood (probably), it's all there. Or, you know, that's what my friend told me.

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  4. Everything You Wanted To Know About Crack Cocaine But Didn’t Want to Ask [Video]

    Crack is whack and scientifically interesting.

    Want to know what your brain is like on drugs without actually having to take the drugs themselves? Because AsapSCIENCE wants to tell you all about how crack cocaine allows for a buildup of dopemine in your brain by blocking your reabsorption receptors, and then later makes you feel like you're covered in bugs.

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  5. Scientists in the UK Are Developing a Drug That Mimics Alcohol without the Negative Effects

    Consequences are for suckers.

    Professor David Nutt, a Former Government drug advisor, and his team at Imperial College London are developing a drug that will mimic alcohol's "positive" effects on the brain without hangovers or addictive qualities. If only we'd realized sooner that consequences, not poor judgement and impaired reflexes, are the problem with too much drinking.

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  6. No, I Don’t Even Lift, Because Science Has Finally Created a Pill That Can Simulate Exercise

    We've always known the gym was for suckers, but now we finally have a viable alternative. Thanks, science!

    Going to the gym is a great idea in theory. Once you get there, though, I think we can all agree that it almost always seems like a terrible idea. A terrible idea full of grunting and being sore where all of the things around you are covered in a fine sheen of other peoples' sweat. Luckily, researchers may have made a breakthrough that could finally release humanity from the curse of going to the gym without dooming them to life as a grotesque shut-in -- a pill that simulates some of the effects of physical exercise. In case there was any doubt, yes, we live in the future now.

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  7. Would Not Abuse at All: AsapSCIENCE Explores the Science of Super Strength [Video]

    Superman-strength is probably out of the question, but science is making it easier to add a couple inches to your biceps.

    Come on, admit it -- we've all fantasized about having superhuman strength at one point or another. Having the sort of car-tossing, Mjolnir-swinging, evildoers cowering before your might sort of strength we've all seen in comic books may be out of the question, sure, but science is helping us learn more and more about how we get strong, and that understanding could help us get better at getting stronger. In their latest video, AsapSCIENCE explains what it takes to reach that goal, why some people naturally have greater muscle mass than others, and how new technologies could make super strength a reality in the future. You won't even need to be bitten by a radioactive spider.

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  8. Colorado Kids Hospitalized After Snacking on Pot Cookies

    Medicinal pot needs to be treated like medicine, argue doctors pushing for childproof packaging for marijuana baked goods

    This right here, folks? This is why we can't have nice things. A recent study published online by JAMA Pediatrics found that one hospital in Colorado is dealing with a new medical phenomenon in the wake of marijuana being approved for medicinal use in the state -- children being hospitalized after unwittingly snacking on their parents' therapeutic pot brownies.

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  9. Drones Could Join The War On Drugs, Navy Tests New Aerial Tools

    Some technology currently being used during battle in places like Afghanistan could soon find its way into the war on drugs. This weekend the U.S. Navy tested several items they hope could help them stop drug smugglers out on the open seas. The technology they're using isn't exactly new, but with sequester budget cuts in place, the Navy is getting creative.

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  10. New Treatment Could Blast Cocaine Addiction Out of the Brain With Lasers

    Cocaine addiction is notoriously difficult to treat, but researchers working on ways to fight it may have a unexpected new weapon in their arsenal -- lasers. Recent research in the field of optogenetics suggests that using lasers to turn certain parts of the brain on and off could help to curb addicts craving for the drug. Take that, cocaine addiction! Pew pew pew!

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