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  1. Drone Dad: Over-Protectiveness At Its Best Worst

    "I was like...uh, wow." - Katie. RIGHT?!

    So, check this Tennessee dad out. His eight-year-old daughter asks to walk to school on her own, and rather than a) trusting her to know what to do and letting her go, or b) telling her 'no,' because he doesn't think she's ready yet, he came up with this weird third option - having a drone follow her so she can keep an eye on what she's doing.

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  2. Get All Up Inside Volcanoes With The Help Of These Brave, Doomed Drones


    I'm not gonna lie, my brain spent most of its time watching this video just going "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Which I will defend as perfectly natural, because volcanoes are all kinds of awe-inspiring badassery and drones are allowing us to get all up in their innards.

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  3. Some Scruffy Nerf Herder Built a Millennium Falcon Drone

    She's got it where it...ahhhh, you get it.

    But can it make the kessel run in less than twelve parsecs? That's the real question. Well... actually, the real question is how many people are going to pipe up in the comments section about how parsecs are actually a measure of distance because they think we don't all know that and make jokes about it to mess with them. Either or.

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  4. CNN Pulls a T.G.I.Friday’s, Inks Deal With the FAA to Launch Reporter Drones

    Brace yourself for some exploitative coverage if one of them ever crashes.

    What does T.G.I.Friday's have to do with drones, you ask? MORE THAN ONE WOULD THINK.

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  5. Happy Boxing Day! Here’s A Kangaroo Punching A Drone Out Of The Sky

    You're welcome, Internet.

    This video was taken in Hunter Valley, Australia, and while the footage was salvaged, the device itself was damaged beyond repair. On the plus side, now little Timmy will probably feel a bit better about getting his new Christmas drone stuck in a tree already—or, if he's a different sort of kid, he'll be jealous that he didn't get any aerial kangaroo punching footage in the process. It could go either way.

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  6. The Navy’s Newest Drone Is A Literal Robot Shark; SharkNATO Is Imminent

    Jawsome or not jawsome?

    Oh, it's not a "shark robot," you say? It's called the "GhostSwimmer?" Well, consider me reassured.

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  7. So The TGI Friday Mistletoe Drone Already Slit Someone’s Face Open

    We are the endless appetizers.

    Last month we covered TGI Friday's "Mistletoe Drone" program, the franchise restaurant's initiative to encourage holiday cheer while simultaneously satiating their robot overlords' lust for power. Rarely has our snark been so justified. Blood hath been spilt in Brooklyn.

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  8. Blech: Renowned Romantic Restaurant TGI Friday’s Launches Mistletoe Drones

    Too Gross Is Frenching?

    Of all the obligatory affection we're expected to show during the Holidays, mistletoe kisses definitely make me the most uncomfortable. But, judging from that above TGI Friday ad, I'm in the minority. People love being pressured by robots and waitstaff into swapping mozzarella-tinged spit with their dinner companions! 'Tis the season, ohohohoho!

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  9. Olde But Goode News: Drone Discovers Abandoned Renaissance Fair On Historic Land

    I said reconnaissance, you bucket of bolts! What care I for meat on a stick?

    Disclaimer: this story, much like the Renaissance itself, is a little old. But does extreme radness really have an expiration date?

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  10. This Is A Cute Bracelet! Oh, And It’s Also A Drone That Will Take Selfies For You In Mid-Air

    Does it come in black?

    Jewelry makes you feel super-cute, and it doesn't have to serve any purpose beyond that. But wouldn't it be better if all your accessories worked double-duty as amazing tech that would also make you feel like a super spy?

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  11. Fantasia-esque Cirque du Soleil Flying Drone Dance Short Film Makes Us Miss Practical Effects in Movies

    We're looking at you, Episode VII. Don't screw up.

    Hollywood, take note. This magical video is seriously just a few quadcopters cosplaying as lampshades and flying along to an algorithm, and it looks amazing. Can we please have more inventive practical effects back in our movies? This is like Fantasia or Beauty and the Beast come to life. (Behind-the-scenes video after the jump.)

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  12. Disney Has Patented Illegal “Gepetto Drone” Technology To Operate A Fleet Of Enormous Puppets

    Do you want to amass an army?

    For all their possible positive uses, unmanned aerial vehicles don't exactly have the greatest public image--much like puppets, they're an inherently creepy and untrustworthy human innovation.

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  13. Some Jerk Crashed a Drone Into Yellowstone National Park’s Hot Springs

    This is why we can't have nice springs.

    Drones are hard to fly. I know. I've crashed one. Repeatedly. But I didn't do it into an amazing natural phenomena like the Grand Prismatic Spring like some tourist did this week at Yellowstone National Park.

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  14. FAA Kills Amazon’s Drone-Delivery Plans, and Our Dreams of Robots Bringing Us Stuff

    If a robot can't bring my late-night impulse buys then what's even the point?

    Ars Technica is reporting that the FAA has shot down Amazon's plans to use pilot-less drones to deliver packages. The issue could be revisited soon, but for now it seems Amazon and any other companies planning on using drones for commercial purposes are out of luck.

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  15. You Can Now Borrow an Aerial Drone From a Library in South Florida


    Some universities have awesome "makerspaces" where patrons have access to 3D printers, laser cutters, and other emerging technology. Others have books that are bound in human skin. Thankfully, the University of South Florida's library is closer to the former than the latter, in that they now offer aerial drone check-outs. Though, you never know: after the drones gain sentience and enslave all of humanity just like we've always feared they might, the USF library could one day have both!

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  16. These Slow-Mo Videos Of Drone-Fired Missiles Bring The Video Game Realness

    The best way to eliminate campers.

    This is what it looks like when a Brimstone missile-equipped MQ-9 Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) drone decimates targets traveling up to 70MPH from 20,000 feet in the air. Using lasers for accuracy. Basically, it looks like the craziest video game ever, except real things explode in slow motion.

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  17. UPS Delivers Government’s $400,000 Drone Instead of Dude’s Weights

    Inability to deliver drones disqualifies UPS from having drones, right?

    Reddit user Seventy_Seven ordered weights for his gym, but UPS delivered hardware of an entirely different kind: a pricey PUMA Unmanned Aircraft System.

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  18. Colorado Town Shoots Down Proposal to Allow Residents to Shoot Down Drones

    It's drone season! Rabbit season! Drone season! Rabbit season!

    Last year, we heard about a proposal in Deer Trail, Colorado that would allow residents to shoot down drones flying overhead in exchange for a bounty. A vote yesterday shot down the proposal and got rid of the town's mayor, who supported the plan. It looks like drone season will have to wait for another day.

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  19. Innovative Dad Pulls Son’s Baby Tooth Using Flying Drone [Video]

    Just wait until your wisdom teeth come in, boy.

    Apparently the "slamming door" method was just too boring for Malcolm Swan and his brave son, Adam. Instead, the pair removed Adam's baby tooth the good old fashioned way—by tying it to a DJI Phantom Quadcopter and then letting the drone rip. Sadly, Adam's tooth was never recovered, but I think the Tooth Fairy will still pay up.

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  20. Drone Captures Incredible Footage of Dolphin Stampede

    Smart PR move, drones.

    Apparently there is a positive aspect to drones (besides their ability to deliver useless things to lazy people.) The technology offers a surprisingly noninvasive way to capture footage of wildlife—such as this insane video of a DOLPHIN STAMPEDE. Watch to the end for bonus baby humpbacks.

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