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  1. Why There Probably Won’t Be a Dredd Sequel (Unless They Can Hire The Rock)

    "The guy who dresses up like The Crow is going to give you a lesson in film finance."

    Adi Shankar's been in the public eye a bit more than usual thanks to the Power/Rangers fan film he produced, but he's got a lot of awesome genre cred going for him in other places—including as a producer for Dredd, AKA The One Where Karl Urban Makes a Grumpy Cat Face For 90 Minutes. So why hasn't this legitimately good film gotten a sequel greenlit? Because of France. DAMN YOU, FRANCE.

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  2. 10 Kick-Ass Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies on Netflix to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With

    <3 <3 <3

    For some, Valentine’s Day is a day for love, sex, ’n’ romance. For others, it’s… not.

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  3. Dredd Is Coming Back, Just Not As a Movie This Time

    The opposite of Dreddful.

    OK, but is Grumpy Cat Karl Urban going to be in it? These are important things that I need to know.

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  4. In Defense of Reboots and Remakes, Those Red-Headed Stepchildren of Film

    Droppin' some knowledge.

    A friend told me a story the other day. He was discussing reboots with his wife, explaining how he doesn't like them on principle. Until his wife had the gall to point out: "Wait, honey... you love Battlestar Galactica."

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  5. 8 Romanceless Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Valentine’s Day

    Power Grid

    Depending on whom you ask, tomorrow might be Valentine's Day, Singles Awareness Day, or Day-Before-Discount-Candy-At-Duane-Reade Day. Like it or not, romance is a big deal tomorrow, at least if you're in the States. And to, er, celebrate, I decided to write about movies and TV shows that don't have any romance. Sadly, there aren't as many of them as you might think.

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  6. Luján Fernández Draws Strong Women Of Pop-Culture

    A Series of Fallopian Tubes

    I was happy to stumble upon artist Luján Fernández. She has a great collection of drawings featuring many of my favorite pop-culture characters including the women of Game of Thrones, comics, and Disney! Check out our selection here which also features Adventure Time and Dredd, and see more at her Deviant Art page.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: All The Hurricane Sandy Things

    Things We Saw Today

    We've been seeing a lot of Hurricane Sandy memes, fake photos, and even hurricane cats around the net today. I'm still voting horse head jogger guy as my favorite item. (via The FW) 

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Steampunk Merida & Belle

    Things We Saw Today

    By the always awesome Amy Mebberson, one of the few artists I got to see at NYCC last weekend.  

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  9. First Dredd Trailer Leaves Us Cautiously Optimistic

    He may be no Stallone but Karl Urban does a decent job at being a no-shenanigans judge, jury and executioner in the first trailer for Dredd. Granted, this is our first real look at the movie, but with folks like Lena Headey in the cast it's hard to be just a little bit intrigued. Headey currently stars as the deliciously cruel Cersei Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones and will be once again playing the villain. Surely we can find room in our collective hearts for a few more explosions.

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