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Dragon Con

  1. Guardians Director James Gunn Takes Photo With The Best Groot Cosplayer You’ll Ever See


    I've been seeing photos of this cosplayer from HurleyFX floating around for a bit, but kismet happened at Dragon Con this weekend as they ran into James Gunn.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Chuck & The Piemaker Finally Kiss

    Plus new Rat Queens, cruelty-free Hogwarts quills, Dragon Con cakes, and more!

    The facts were these: Anna Friel posted this photo of her kissing Lee Pace on IG, and a world's worth of Chuck/Ned shippers went crazy. #SavePushingDaisies2k14 (via Instagram)

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  3. DragonCon Co-Founder Ed Kramer Pleads Guilty To Molestation Charges, Is Sentenced

    It seems as if the Ed Kramer saga has finally come to an end. The DragonCon co-founder has pleaded guilty to three of six counts of child molestation. 

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  4. Things We Saw Today: A Macabre Sherlock Premiere Date Confirmation

    Things We Saw Today

    The BBC revealed the UK premiere date for Sherlock by driving an empty hearse around. Sounds about right. In case you can't read the flowers, it's January 1. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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  5. Things We Saw Today: McKellen & Stewart Touring NYC

    Things We Saw Today

    Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart continuing their excellent tour of New York City. (via Twitter)

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  6. Cosplayers Finally Facing Copyright Legal Action… Except It’s Over a Carpet

    *gasp* Twist!

    Dragon Con is held at the same Mariott hotel in Atlanta every year, so the people behind Volpin Props decided to get extra-creative and dress up as the unusual-looking carpet that every con-goer knows and... well, tolerates. It was a huge hit with everyone -- right up until the carpet designers slapped them with a Cease & Desist. Womp womp.

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  7. Cosplayers Dress Up As Carpet, Carpet Designers Are Not Pleased

    We Can't Have Nice Things

    At DragonCon last month, a couple of cosplayers decided to sidestep the usual fare of superheroes and cartoon characters in favor of dressing up as the carpet at the Marriott hotel where the con takes place. Yup, there was carpet-colored camo. That is a real thing that now exists. Naturally, other people wanted to emulate the design, but, alas, this psychedelic carpet army was not to be - because Courtisan Inc., the company that designed the original rug, issued a Cease and Desist soon after the design went up.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream

    Things We Saw Today

    You won't be able to partake in this social network-themed treat unless you're on Croatia's Murter Island, where the not-sanctioned-by-Facebook confection can be found exclusively in brothers Admir and Ibi Adili's ice cream shop. It's pretty much just plain ice cream with a blue syrup that tastes like "chewing gum and candy" drizzled on top. So it's geared towards kids and looks neat at first but ultimately doesn't have much to it. Fitting. (That's Nerdalicious)

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  9. Reunion of the Century: Red Fraggle and Mokey Fraggle

    it's time to play the music

    Bleeding Cool has this video from a Dragon*Con panel that featured Red and Mokey (and, of course, their silly creature counterparts, Karen Prell and Kathryn Mullen), reminiscing about their many adventures down in Fraggle Rock. Previously in Fraggle Rock

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Arya Stark Becoming King of All England

    Things We Saw Today

    "Arya Stark, you've just won the Game of Thrones, what's next?" Question answered. (The Disney Blog)

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