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  1. Things We Saw Today: Adorably Epic Star Wars Yarns

    Let the felt flow through you.

    Like tiny felt Greedo and Han? Then you'll probably be all about Jack and Holman Wang's new book, Star Wars Epic Yarns.

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  2. Everybody Panic! Capitalism Is Killing You With Toxic Receipt Paper! Is Nothing Sacred!?

    Et tu, Filene?

    That's it. Bolt your doors. Board up your windows. Huddle alone in the dark and for Chrissakes, don't touch anything. Everything is trying to kill you. Everything. Even the receipt paper from that donut you just bought. Even huddling alone in the dark, because you'll probably starve if you don't ruin the whole thing by going outside or moving or something. Life carries a significant risk of death.

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  3. Glazed Donut Vodka: A Dream Come True!

    If I had a nickel for every time I was sitting in a Krispy Kreme and thought to myself,"You know what this donut could really use?Hard liquor!" I might have enough to buy a bottle of 360 Vodka's Glazed Donut-flavored Vodka. Rise, shine, and say,"Nostrovia!"

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  4. Evil Genius Makes S’mores With Krispy Kreme Donuts [Video]

    Behold! Krispy Kreme Donut S'mores: The best idea you never had, or maybe the worst idea you never had. The worst best idea you never had. Well, Nate Smith of Modern Primate had it, and now you have it too. There's no turning back.

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  5. Learn How a Particle Accelerator Works, Using Junk Food [Video]

    Particle accelerators look like donuts, so why not use donuts to explain particle accelerators? That was the thinking by Harriet Bailey and Alice Lighton who use donuts, Kit-Kats, Twizzlers, some kind of strudel-like thing, and far less edible ball bearings to explain what a synchrotron does. By the end of the video, you'll be a little bit smarter. Probably also hungry.

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  6. Face Mug Noms Snacks While You Sip

    While you're sipping your coffee, UncommonGoods' Face Mug stays satiated by munching on cookies, donuts, or what have you; the vendor also recommends the $18 mug for pairings like Oreos and milk and tea and biscotti. (UncommonGoods via Street Anatomy)

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  7. But of Course: A Briefcase for Guarding Your Donuts

    If you're going to make a briefcase for transporting donuts, you might as well make it a fully-featured labor of love: That, anyway, seems to be the thinking behind Doughnut To-Go, a suitably insane invention from Japanese curiosity company Strapya. Here's what you get from this $12 "Ultimate Gadget for All Donut Lovers!" *A "passive ventilation system" consisting of 23 spaced holes, supposedly ensuring donut warmth and freshness *A center hole of 102mm in diameter, the donut hole world standard which Strapya says it arrived at by studying "studying hundreds of different donuts that are available in the world"; you can also use this hole to store a lollipop *Space for a nametag *A security lock hole for a padlock, "to make sure nobody ... and I mean NOBODY takes your donut!" Diagram below:

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  8. Donuts Teach Us Cellular Mitosis

    Artist Kevin Van Aelst has given us the geeky breakfast we crave this morning with his excellent six-print series on cellular mitosis as illustrated by Krispy Kreme donuts. That's got to be the tastiest-looking metaphase we've seen, and it's all the better for not being on our unit exam.

    (via Neatorama)

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