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domestic violence

  1. Salvation Army Uses “The Dress” for Domestic Violence PSA

    Mixed feelings.

    Only a week after the Internet was torn asunder by the world's most frustrating article of clothing, the South African branch of the Salvation Army has already released an anti-domestic violence PSA featuring a woman wearing the dress and the message "Why is it so hard to see black and blue? The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in 6 women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women."

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  2. Last Night the Grammys Reached Out To Victims of Domestic Violence


    We know that the Grammys are not usually a nerd hotspot of viewing, but the dedicated segment on domestic violence, which gave abuse survivor Brooke Axtell a national stage for a stirring speech about her experiences, is definitely up our alley.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Shoes Inspired By NASA

    Yes, that's a moonwalk. Everything I do in these babies is a moonwalk.

    Good showing so far, 2015: we've got Marty McFly's self-lacing shoes and two pairs of Adidas shoes inspired by iconic NASA space suits. Too bad these fly kicks will run you up to $455.

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  4. Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign No More Has a Superbowl Ad This Year

    In particular, No More's ad, which will likely be seen by millions this Sunday, highlights the difficulty many abuse victims have in safely speaking out against or even simply making another person aware of their abuse.

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  5. Rat Queens Co-Creator Kurtis Wiebe Says Upchurch Is No Longer Illustrating The Comic

    In the wake of Rat Queens artist and co-creator Roc Upchurch's arrest for battery, co-creator and writer Kurtis Wiebe has spoken out about domestic abuse and the future of the comic.

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  6. Rat Queens Artist & Co-Creator Roc Upchurch Arrested For Domestic Abuse

    Rat Queens co-creator and artist Roc Upchurch has been arrested for domestic violence after allegedly beating his ex-wife.

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  7. Superhero Weekend Arrives To Fight Domestic Violence

    Cosplay + charity = awesome

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Comic Fusion in New Jersey is continuing their yearly Superhero Weekend tradition to help raise funds for a local charity. See how you can help and bid on some amazing comic art from your favorite creators.

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  8. DiGiorno Pizza Gets In On #WhyIStayed Domestic Abuse Hashtag With Admittedly “Awful and Careless” PR Gaffe

    All the no in the world.

    Oof. The #WhyIStayed hashtag, if you're unfamiliar, has been a place for Twitter to examine issues of domestic abuse after video of (now-former) Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice beating his then-fiancée Janay Palmer hit the web. DiGiorno Pizza very much not realize that when they tweeted the above implication that you would stay with an abusive partner because they have pizza. To their credit, DiGiorno immediately deleted the tweet and apologized, both en masse and to individual users:

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  9. Superhero Weekend Returns to Raise Money for Domestic Violence Shelter

    and let it be known

    This wouldn't be the first time that we've reported on Superhero Weekend, a celebration organized by the Comic Fusion shop in Flemington, NJ that's raised more than $50,000 for its local women's shelter, but it's that time of year again. We thought you'd might like to know about the cosplayers, raffles, art, and prizes, with all the proceeds going to a good cause. And that's not to mention special guests Jamal Igle, Duane Swierczynski, Dani O'Brien, and Sarah Donner.
    There’s no reason that superheroes in capes can’t be relevant today. Characters have evolved over the decades to become better role models than ever before,” said Elizabeth Amber Love, event planner. “This fundraiser gets people talking about advocacy and awareness through the great support system of the comic book industry.
    If you're not in the Flemington area (and let's face it, most of you aren't) Superhero Weekend has a history of offering original sketches and prints in an online auction over the course of the weekend, with proceeds going to SAFE in Hunterdon, so keep an eye on their site and their Facebook page!

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  10. Facebook Creates Guide For Domestic Violence Victims

    For A More Civilized Age

    Facebook and the NNEDV (National Network To End Domestic Violence) teamed up to create a guide to Facebook security and privacy specifically tailored to people who are victims of domestic abuse and/or cyberstalking. The guide walks users through the details of changing security settings, what the various privacy mechanisms do, and generally giving an in-depth tutorial on social media safety. Not only is it a great resource for anyone trying to grapple with violence, it is also just a well-written, straightforward guide about Facebook safety for any user.

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  11. Patrick Stewart’s Recent Speech Confirms I Want to Be Patrick Stewart When I Grow Up

    Hey, everyone! Remember how incredible Patrick Stewart is in pretty much all ways? Here is a convenient reminder.

    Good morning, everyone. Today, we're delighted to bring you this video of nerd icon Patrick Stewart being exactly the person you want him to be in real life this weekend at Comicapalooza in Houston. In response to a fan's touching question, Stewart delivers an incredible, heartfelt, and deeply personal off-the-cuff speech about the repercussions of domestic violence and PTSD in his own life, and the work he does to try and help others suffering through the same sorts of troubles.

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  12. Man Tries to Win Back Ex-Wife by Blowing Her Up, Perfects Art of Doing It Wrong

    There's an old rule of journalism that states, and I'm paraphrasing, "if a dog bites a man it's not a story, but if a man bites a dog, it is." This proverb may have found it's perfect expression (well, short of a man biting a dog, I guess) in a story coming out of Russia this week: While it is not necessarily a story if a man tries to blow up his ex-wife with a bomb, it's pretty newsworthy if he tries to blow her up with a bomb to win her back. Rarely has an idea on how to do a thing been so perfectly, woefully incorrect.

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  13. Celebrate Superhero Weekend And Help Domestic Violence Shelters

    We Can Be Heroes

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but did you know it's also Domestic Violence Awareness Month? One comic shop in New Jersey is raising money during an event they've dubbed "Superhero Weekend" to raise money for a local women's shelter this Saturday and Sunday. They'll be auctioning off comic book art, featuring artists, holding costume contests and more! The best part is, you don't have to live in the Garden State in order to help. 

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  14. Could an App Stop Sexual Violence?

    The Frisky

    I’ll admit I was skeptical when I heard that the White House was holding a technology challenge for developers to create an app that would help prevent sexual violence. All of the stuff that I believe can change the prevalence of sexual violence — harsher punishments for criminals, a cultural change on what consent means, a modification of the way we use alcohol and drugs — cannot be found in the App Store. But I’m impressed — very impressed — by the contest’s winning app called Circle Of Six. >>> Read more at The Frisky

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  15. Survivors Show Their Strength On The Runway At Fashion Week

    Why Not Do It With Some Style?

    Over twenty domestic violence victims, former drug addicts, homeless, and other survivors walked the famous Fashion Week runways this past Thursday in New York City in a show organized by the non-profit group Bottomless Closet and celebrity stylist Derek Warburton. Designers Nicole Miller, Ivana Helsinki, Betsey Johnson and Rachel Comey donated looks to the participants of the event dubbed, "Real Fashion, Real Women."

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  16. Women Of Wonder Day Auction To Benefit Domestic Violence Shelters

    We Can Be Heroes

    It's National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this weekend is the 6th annual Women of Wonder Day. It's not a national holiday but it is a chance for comic book fans to spend their money on art and collectibles and have it go to a worthy cause - domestic violence shelters. 

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