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  1. 20 of the Craziest New Top Level Domains We Could Find

    A lot of these are .silly

    Yesterday we told you that more than a thousand new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) would be coming to join .com, .gov, .org, and the few other gTLDs we already use. We went through the list of coming additions and picked out some of our favorites.

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  2. Search Engine Exclusively for Sexual Content Launches, Reaffirms Internet is for Porn

    In case you weren't already aware of the old adage, though you almost certainly were, the Internet is for porn. There's even a whole song about it in Avenue Q. Thanks to the suffix .xxx, which hosts exactly the kind of content you think it might, allows for things like search engines to easily distinguish between what is and what is not related to pornography. In fact, -- a search engine specifically for porn -- has now launched.

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  3. Go Daddy Patents Announcing Domain Registrations on Websites, Clearly Nothing Wrong With System

    The patent system, as it stands, is kind of a silly mess. The usual cycle is that companies patent anything and everything they can get away with in order to prevent themselves from being trolled only to then troll others with their menagerie of ridiculous patents. It's a numbers game, and something's bound to stick. For example, Go Daddy now has a patent for "announcing a domain name registration on a social website" in their stable. Perhaps someone should patent "announcing a relationship status change on a social website" before Facebook gets there first.

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  4. After The Pirate Bay Founders Were Denied Appeal, The Pirate Bay Moves Domain to .SE to Avoid Seizure

    Sweden's Supreme Court announced earlier today that they would not grant leave to appeal in the now long-running trial that charged three The Pirate Bay founders with criminal copyright infringement. The sentences and fines against the trio of Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm, are now final. Fortunately for torrenters, The Pirate Bay website was not part of the trial, and was left unharmed and operational. However, with the trial against the three founders out of the way, and with the recent MegaUpload takedown, The Pirate Bay is now more vulnerable than ever, so the people currently running the torrent site quickly moved the address to a .SE domain, in order for it to be out of reach of U.S. authorities. That's right: Http://, and according to a new post on their blog, 2012 will be "the year of the storm."

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  5. Microsoft Registers Domains and

    Intriguing domain registrations happen all the time, and they're generally for "just in case" purposes, but Microsoft recently registered a few intriguing domain names that are so intriguing, one can only hope they go beyond the "just in case" scenario. A member of NeoGAF spotted the domains and verified them with a whois search. The two domains? and More interesting than some random, right? Piki Geek points out that Microsoft and Sony have partnered before, so in all likelihood, this domain probably isn't the unified console the gaming masses have been wanting since the dawn of time, but probably more something in line with the Windows Phone or Blu-ray. We can dream, though, right? Of a world where we get to buy less consoles but still have all the games? Sigh. (via Piki Geek)

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  6. Bank of America Buying Up “Hundreds” of Web Domains About How They “Suck” to Prepare for WikiLeaks Fallout

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange seemed to imply in a recent interview that Bank of America would be the major bank about which WikiLeaks planned to release a vast amount of potentially damaging information early next year. Forbes security columnist Andy Greenberg has his doubts, but Bank of America, in any event, seems to be taking no chances. According to Domain Name Wire, BoA has been quietly buying up "hundreds" of domain names related to how they or their executives "suck" or "blow."

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