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  1. Witness This “Very Rare” Albino Dolphin Sighting, Fantasize About Taking to the Sea

    Ooh, aah, etc.

    Let's all run away to the ocean before Monday, OK? We can all search for this white bottlenose dolphin together and become its friend.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Models Merged With Superheroes


    French photographer Christophe Serrano did a series of superhero-infused photos with models. Some are very normative. Some — Hulk, for example — less so. Thoughts? (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  3. Russia Has Taken Control of Ukraine’s Elite Dolphin Soldiers, Also Ukraine Used to Have Elite Dolphin Soldiers

    Unrelated: Who wants to play Battle Beasts later?

    The situation in Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea is complicated, and honestly not the kind of thing that usually falls into our purview, but we just learned that Ukraine had a team of dolphin soldiers that Crimea took with them. The Russian navy now has a team of dolphin soldiers.

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  4. Dolphin Whistle Translator Interprets Dolphin Sounds to Human Speech Live for the First Time

    "So long, and thanks for all the fish!" We're screwed.

    Imagine how you'd react if your cat just started speaking English to you. (Yeah, you're a geek on the Internet, so I took a wild guess that you have a cat.) Now, you have a pretty decent idea of what Denise Herzing felt like when she heard a dolphin speak English to her through an electronic translator for the first time.

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  5. Drone Captures Incredible Footage of Dolphin Stampede

    Smart PR move, drones.

    Apparently there is a positive aspect to drones (besides their ability to deliver useless things to lazy people.) The technology offers a surprisingly noninvasive way to capture footage of wildlife—such as this insane video of a DOLPHIN STAMPEDE. Watch to the end for bonus baby humpbacks.

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  6. David Tennant Narrates Nature Documentary Featuring Robot Turtle and Stoned Dolphins

    this exists

    It's a real nature documentary. With David Tennant, robot spy turtles, and dolphins that get high by bothering puffer fish. Oh, sure if you want details you can go read them at Geekosystem. But I'm perfectly happy just knowing that this exists in the abstract.

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  7. Dolphins Purposefully Get High in a Nature Documentary Narrated by David Tennant, We Are Endlessly Entertained

    Apparently nature has a sense of humor, because you can get high on "puffer" fish.

    As it turns out, dolphins know how to get high off of the toxins in puffer fish, and David Tennant is apparently a total narc. At least, that's what we're getting from Tennant-narrated BBC nature documentary that exposes the secret lives of dolphins and rats them out for experimenting with deadly nerve toxins.

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  8. Bummer News of the Day: Dolphins Mysteriously Turning Up Dead In Droves

    Is this a really twisted way of informing us that the Vogons are coming to destroy us?

    Over 120 bottlenose dolphins have been found dead or dying on the East Coast since June of this year. This is really sad, guys. Not to mention scary -- scientists as of yet have no idea what is causing the rash of dolphin deaths, but one researcher has already said this likely indicates a serious condemnation of the ecosystem's health.

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  9. Dolphins Form Life Raft To Try And Save One Of Their Own [Video]

    OK, fine -- we're not totally sure that a pod of dolphins forming a life raft to help a dying dolphin breathe is what's actually happening here. Are we being snookered by the overwhelming desire to anthropomorphize one of our very favorite animals? Sure, maybe. Watch the whole video, though and tell us you don't think that what you're seeing is dolphins trying to save -- or at least help out -- one of their own. It's very, very hard to do. We should also point out that while the video below is amazing, must-see stuff, it also centers around a dolphin in very ill health, and may thus be NSFW, depending on how comfortable you feel totally crying at work.

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  10. Navy Dolphins to Be Replaced by Robots in 5 Years, Human Jobs Probably Safe A Little Longer

    Looks like the robots' insidious plot to displace all of mankind from their jobs even extends to our friends in the animal kingdom. The Navy is planning to reduce its reliance on mine-detecting dolphins -- and seals -- in favor of more sophisticated unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). While the Navy isn't planning to begin this initiative at least by 2017, this certainly doesn't bode well for dolphins who have mouths to feed in this tenuous economy. So long and thanks for all the pink slips.

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  11. Ukrainian Navy is Training Dolphins to Attack With Special Head-Mounted Pistols

    Whenever the phrase "attack dolphins" happens to be uttered, the typical imagery that comes to mind is of Cold War operations that trained the aquatic mammals to perform various tasks, like hunt for mines. This is apparently not true for everyone, however. Even today, some governments are supposedly training dolphins to kill. Specifically, the Ukrainian navy allegedly wants to outfit dolphins with head-mounted pistols. That's a comforting thought.

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  12. Thousands of Dolphins Chase Boat [Video]

    Photographer Chase Jarvis and explorer Mike Horn were traveling off the coast of South Africa, about one hour south of Capetown, when they experienced what is known as a superpod of dolphins. A superpod is what it sounds like, and is an absolutely enormous pod of dolphins, numbering into the thousands. Jarvis recalls that there were so many dolphins, and the pod so thick, that "you could have walked across their backs had they been game for it." Check out the above video they made with the footage they managed to capture. It's seriously amazing.

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  13. Researchers Find Hints of Dolphin Culture, Social Network Tendencies

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Does anyone else ever get the feeling that dolphins just have the best of it? Aside from us destroying their environment (which is kind of a bummer), dolphins just seem kind of like what humans might be like if we just let everything go and relaxed. They're already similar to us in some pretty striking ways; they even have genes that are homologous with humans. Now, new research is suggesting that dolphins may also form what we humans call "cliques," and all based on what kind of functional fashion their fellow dolphins are wearing.

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  14. Could Whales and Dolphins Get Legal Rights Within Our Lifetimes?

    The Future Is Now!

    Such is the question posed (and that will eventually by answered) by Steven M. Wise. In the past few decades, biologists have whittled away at what were once considered to be exclusively human traits. The research of Jane Goodall, for example, that showed that Chimpanzees are capable of using and modifying objects in their surroundings as tools, was incredibly controversial in its day. Decades later, we have scientists openly considering the idea of reclassifying dolphins as "non-human persons" rather than animals. (Or, to my nerdy mind, reclassifying them as ramen instead of varelse.) Whether or not this should happen or will happen is not really something I'm prepared to make definitive statements about. But I do find it fascinating that there's enough science out there on the subject that we've come to the point where anyone is seriously considering a campaign to give cetaceans legal rights as persons instead of objects.

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  15. Lisa Frank Now Has A Clothing Line; Is Offering Adult Sizes

    Good News Everyone!

    I bet you didn't know that Lisa Frank has a retail website. I bet you didn't know that it looks like the late 90's. Okay, well that's not particularly surprising, I'll grant you. But I'm willing to bet that you haven't yet heard of their most recent additions to their online retail offerings: clothing. Some of which is in adult sizes. A realization that a number of media makers are coming to these days is that it's finally the right time to start making money of the nostalgia of people born in the mid-to-late-eighties, and for those of you who think that the rehashing of decades old properties is emblematic of regression in the mainstream creative process and creating a stagnation in modern cinema and fashion I am going to have to say in this specific instance SHUT UP AND GIVE ME SEASON THREE OF PETE & PETE. *ahem* Shall we examine what's on offer?

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  16. Dog Wants to be Dolphin, Almost Succeeds


    The studio's attempts to film a Rin Tin Tin/Flipper crossover were subsequently abandoned.

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  17. We Might Be Able to Have Conversations With Dolphins

    Just What You've Always Wanted

    Scientists are hard at work, trying to make it possible for us to not just communicate with dolphins, but to figure out a way for them to reciprocate and respond. And they are prepared to collaborate with dolphins to create another whole language! Somebody's been watching seaQuest DSV on Netflix, haven't they?

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  18. A Cat and a Dolphin, Making Friends [Video]


    You know that once they become friends on Facebook, they'll probably never actually hang out again. (Neatorama)

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  19. The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today: A Cat and Dolphins Loving Each Other [Video]

    Like barbecue ribs and whipped cream (which is, surprisingly, not bad) or cookies and ketchup (which, unsurprisingly, tastes exactly how it sounds it would), the above video shows another extremely unlikely combination--a cat and some dolphins. From the side of what appears to be a boat or dock, the cat, adorably named Thunder, nuzzles on some dolphins that seem to be petting Thunder with their noses. Adorable.

    (Super Punch via Neatorama)

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  20. Brave Cop Grabs Dolphin Toy From Highway Barrier


    In news that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, a New Zealand police officer used "his years of training" to retrieve a beloved stuffed dolphin that was thrown out the window and onto a busy highway by a four-year-old girl. Obviously, this is not a gigantic deal, but we just like how very seriously the official report documents this incident.

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