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  1. Star Wars Cosplayers Are Here To Brighten Your Day With Pets

    Sorry, no ysalamiri.

    The 501st Legion: Capital City Garrison and the Ottawa Humane Society have the cure for what ails your daily blues: cuddly, fuzzy wuzzies that you can (and should!) totally adopt.

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  2. Dogs Align Their Bodies with Earth’s Magnetic Field While Pooping, They Have So Much to Teach Us (About Poo)

    Excuse us while we go make sure our toilets are aligned for optimal pooping.

    There are instances in the animal kingdom of animals aligning their bodies with the Earth's magnetic field during certain movements, but dogs being walking poo compasses is our favorite example by far. Yes, scientists in Prague have discovered that dogs align their bodies North to South along Earth's magnetic field while they do their business.

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  3. Seattle Driver Sets New Record for Animal Cruelty by Locking Dog and Pig in Sweltering, Poop-Filled Car

    Technically, the car probably wasn't poop-filled before the driver locked these two poor animals inside it.

    Well, this is as good a day as any for your annual PSA reminding you not to leave your beloved pets locked in the car this summer. This friendly reminder is spurred on by a gruesome 911 call in Seattle reporting a dog and a pig locked in a car in the midst of the city's heat wave. It gets worse, though. When police responded to the call, they found both animals inside the car, the inside of which was smeared with feces. That was probably mostly the dog, though, as reports indicate that the large pot-bellied pig in the car was dressed to the nines in a pair of sweatpants.

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  4. Snake Robot Teams With Dog For Search and Rescue Operations

    Carnegie Mellon University's unnerving snake robot is back in the news today, and not for its unnerving auto-strangle function, which we've talked about here previously. The snake-bot -- which was designed to be a maneuverable set of eyes and ears in disaster situations, delving into collapsed buildings and other areas that first responders may not be able to reach. Over the weekend, the team behind the project released footage of some of it's latest tests, where it's paired with a rescue dog that carries it into the building.

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  5. Engineer Stops Train Just Short Of Hitting Puppy Tied To Tracks

    A train engineer in California is my new hero -- and hopefully yours -- for pulling the emergency brake on the train he was conducting earlier this month in time to avoid hitting a puppy that had been tied to the tracks by a 78-year-old man. The pup, dubbed Banjo by the animal shelter that has taken him in, is okay after his harrowing experience, though we assume he will bear a lifelong aversion to men with top hats and handlebar moustaches. Then again, who doesn't?

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  6. Watch a Dog Try to Carry a Giant Stick Through a Gap That’s Too Small

    This dog gets an A+ for perseverance, but fails when it comes to spatial reasoning. It found a giant stick on one side of a fence, and wants desperately to get it to the other side, but oh noes! The stick is too big! That doesn't stop the dog from repeatedly smashing it into the fence trying to get it through. Of course the person filming this, I presume the dog's owner, eventually helps the dog get the stick through, but I kind of wish he let it try for a little longer. Silly puppy. That stick's too big!

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  7. Stray Dog Steals 400,000 Rupees From Indian Businessman

    We knew it was only a matter of time before the stray dogs of the world rose up against their mistreatment at the hands of humans, and it appears that the revolution has begun, At least, it has in India, where a stray dog reportedly stole a bag containing over 400,000 Indian rupees -- almost $7,500 U.S. dollars -- from a man when he stepped outside for just a moment to wash his face.

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  8. Silly Dog, You Can’t Eat All Those Cars! [Video]

    We humans love proving our species' superiority by recording videos of animals doing silly things to upload to the Internet. It truly is lovely to be the most advanced and intelligent species living on our little planet. We are so fortunate that we don't feel the need to eat cars as they pass us on the freeway. So sit back, crack open a brewskie with those opposable thumbs, watch this video, and revel in the glory that is humanity and also adorable dogs.

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  9. These Pooping Dogs Lamps Were Banned From an Art Exhibition

    Artist Whatshisname created these two lamps that portray pooping dogs, the bigger of the two dubbed Good Boy and the smaller dubbed Good Puppy. The switch to turn the bigger lamp on and off is actually the pile of curled poop found underneath the dog that you need to step on, so don't you worry, the poop is practical. The artist states that both of the lamps were set to be part of the Art Below exhibition at London Underground stations, but were banned from the show due to being offensive. If you'd like to get ahold of one of these lamps, you actually can, but it'll cost you.

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  10. Guy Turns Pet Bunny and Puppy Into Valve Logos, Complete With Intro Music

    Redditor Linksawake took his pets, a bunny and puppy, and turned them into the iconic Valve logos. You know the ones, with the valve sticking out of the back of the guy's head, and poking out of the other guy's eye socket? This time it's a bunny and puppy though, so it's adorable, and also you probably like Valve. Linksawake also made a video of the Valve splash screen, complete with the valved bunny and valved puppy coinciding with the iconic Valve brwoaw sound effect. That's how you spell that. Check it out after the break.

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  11. Is it Cold Where You Are? Because Here’s a Corgi Buried in Sand at the Beach

    Another possible title for this post: Shai-Hulud is way less intimidating in person.

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  12. This Dog is the Best Ping Pong Spectator [Video]

    This young red fox labrador Tessie is not only adorable, but just about the best ping pong spectator for which one could hope. Too small for the table, Tessie jumps every single time the ball is hit, and since the pup wants a pretty good view of the action, jumps in the proper direction each time. If you wanted to be a fan of this ping pong fan, don't worry, because she has her own Facebook page.

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  13. Dog’s Eye View of the Dog Park is Dogtastic [Video]

    You've never seen a dog park like this before. No, I don't mean with all the slow-motion editing and glorious HD; I mean from the perspective of your canine pals. This video, by Kelsey Wynns features his 9-month old Great Dane Bishop and his friends. Sure, it makes the rough-housing look a bit rougher, but the sheer joy of the dogs is downright palpable.

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  14. Small Dog is Adorable in Huge Pile of Leaves [Video]

    Willow is a small dog and that is a very big pile of leaves. Hilarity, adorableness ensue.

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  15. Puppy Totally Pumped About Eating [Video]

    I've been excited to eat before, but that's nothing compared to this adorable little puppy. He's so happy to have a face full of food that he can't even keep his feet on the ground. Perhaps I should take a clue from this dog and start doing handstands to show my appreciation for wonderful things. But then again, I would probably just end up hurting someone.

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  16. Dog Wearing Pants Handstands Down The Stairs [Video]

    If you put pants on me, I just get cranky, usually because it means that I'm going to have to leave the house or see other human beings. If you put pants on a dog, however, it appears to give him superpowers; at least it does for this dog. This dog, when put in pants and confronted with stairs, will walk down them on his two front legs, because his skinny Santa-pants are just a little too skinny. Why doesn't he do this all the time? He realizes that it can be dangerous to blow your mind that often.

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  17. Adorable Pig and Rescue Dog Are Best Friends

    Susie, a boxer dog with a heart of gold, has had a rough life. She was rescued two years ago from a Welsh puppy farm where she was kept in terrible conditions. Now, she's a healthy and happy resident of the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, where she met Tabitha, the pig. As you can see, the two are best buddies. You owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to watch this video of a pig and a dog playing together. See it, after the break.

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  18. Watch This Dog Eat Dunkers With His Suspiciously Human Arms [Video]

    Bizzle is one cool dog. He totally knows where it's at when it comes to snack foods. Watch as he completely devours his favorite dunking-based cookie snack with gusto. Gusto and suspiciously human arms.

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  19. Dress Up Your Dog Like Animals More Dangerous Than Dogs, Also a Tortoise

    If you've ever wanted to dress up your dog as a dinosaur, then these officially licensed Animal Planet costumes are just for you. There are currently three models of dino-dog costumes -- stegosaurus, triceratops, and velociraptor. However, there are several other dangerous species included. Read on after the break for a look at these adorable, rampaging canine cosplayers.

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  20. Otis The Skydiving Pug Might Be Braver Than You [Video]

    Would you jump out of an airplane? I'm sure some of you have, and I'm sure some of you answered absolutely not. But if you are in the absolutely not camp, I hate to say it, but this adorable dog is braver than you. Otis (a pug) not only goes skydiving with his owner, professional skydiver Will DaSilva, he enjoys the experience. Safely nestled in a harness built just for him, Otis is more afraid to go to the vet than he is to jump out of a plane. This little dog is now a pro, going on bigger and better jumps. Adorable (check out those goggles!) and badass.

    (via ViralViralVideos)

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