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  1. Anti-Vaxxers Couldn’t Stop This Student Documentary About Vaccination, but They Sure Tried

    It's like a vaccine against ignorance.

    A group of students at Carlsbad High School in California wanted to make a documentary about the risks of under-vaccination and became a target for the anti-vaccination movement, who insisted they were being coerced into making propaganda. After years of work and pushback from opponents, the film has finally been released.

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  2. 50 Female-Directed Movies You Should Watch, Part 5: Reader Recommendations

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu.

    It's been a fun ride, but our series on female-directed movies must come to an end. This final entry is for you, our readers, to share some of your favorite female-directed movies.

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  3. Documentary About Tim Burton’s Failed Superman Lives Gets a Trailer, Needs Your Help

    Is it because he wanted to give Superman a funny hat?

    The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? is a documentary about the Tim Burton-directed, Kevin Smith-penned, Nic Cage-starring Superman movie that might have been. We've all heard a lot of rumors about the production and what went wrong, and this documentary seeks to find the truth, but it's running out of money.

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  4. 50 Female-Directed Movies You Should Watch, Part 2: American Indies

    Netflix queues at the ready!

    Welcome to part two of our week-long series on movies with female directors. Today: 10 American indies that, in my opinion, are pretty dang worth watching. If I didn't include your favorite, quit whining: Didn't you hear that our last post is going to be 100% reader recommendations? So get to the comments section and explain why I'm an utter bastard for not including Winter's Bone. You might be chosen, but not in a bad Hunger Games way.

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  5. Review: A Brony Tale

    We're still not quite in Equestria, friends.

    A Brony Tale educated me, but I can't help but feel the history I learned was a little selective.

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  6. Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman With a Behind-the-Scenes Video Made to Promote the Movie

    Sorry, Adam West, but they made the right call.

    Back in 1989, the superhero movie wasn't exactly a thing like it is now, many of today's ardent Batman fans were much too young to see Tim Burton's movie, and most people's Batman knowledge was dominated by Adam West. So, Warner Bros. needed a way to prove to investors that Burton's darker take on Batman could sell tickets, and they created this fascinating video to explain what went into creating the movie and why it was the right direction for Batman.

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  7. Enter to Win a A Limited Edition Collector’s “Package” of Penis Museum Documentary The Final Member

    Competition will be stiff.

    Here's the firm truth: The Final Member is a documentary about penises. Or, well, the world's only penis museum. Even if you're not into weird science (or, for that matter, penises), it's still an excellent, surprisingly heartfelt film about identity, legacy, and obsession. And we're giving away a copy of the "Collector's 'Package,'" out today on DVD and Blu-ray from Drafthouse Films.

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  8. You Can Buy Those E.T. Game Cartridges They Dug Up In The New Mexico Desert

    If you're interested in owning the worst game ever made, that is.

    Remember that E.T. game that was so horrible they buried it by the millions in the New Mexico desert? And how a documentary film crew finally found and excavated the landfill? If you followed the whole #DiggingET story, then you might be interested in knowing that you can now own your own excavated copy of the game.

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  9. Director Of X-Men Documentary Talks About How Chris Claremont Made Socially Conscious Heroes

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    Rogue. Shadowcat. Mystique. Emma Frost. If you're thinking of a an iconic female character from the X-Men (or just a certain ragin' Cajun), chances are, you're thinking of a Chris Claremont character. Claremont, whose legendary run on the X-books spanned over 16 years (from approximately 1975-1991) and many of our childhoods, is also responsible for many of the series' famous -- and now, movie adaptable -- story arcs, including "Days of Future Past,"and "The Dark Phoneix Saga." He's the man responsible for turning Wolverine into the fan favorite that he is, and for bringing the X-Men back to life after their initial near-commercial-death in the 1960s. Now, Claremont's the subject of a new documentary, Comics in Focus: Chris Claremont's X-Men, from the same team that brought us Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts. No strangers to the subject of women in comics, they're also the ones currently in production on She Makes Comics, a new doc that will focus on exactly what it says on the tin, women who make comics, both in independent circles and in the larger industry. We took a few moments of director and editor Patrick Meaney's time to talk about the importance of female characters to Claremont, what makes his run on X-Men so memorable, and how that decade and a half shaped the way we still look at comics from the Big Two today.

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  10. Trailer for How to Build a Time Machine Documentary Looks Most Excellent

    Step 1: Get in the hot tub...

    Forget DeLoreans and Doc Brown—the trailer for Jay Cheel's new documentary How to Build a Time Machine looks pretty heavy. The movie reportedly follows Rob Noisi, a man obsessed with recreating the time machine from Time Machine, and Ronald Mallett, a physicist whose scientific interest in time travel stems from grief over his father's death.

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