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  1. Surprise! That DNA “Evidence” Shows We’re All Jack the Ripper Victims! Or Something Like That

    These scientists need a lesson from Mr. DNA.

    Oh no! The (most) recent supposed Jack the Ripper identification was wrong! He's still at large! Wait, what do you mean he lived over 100 years ago?

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  2. Jack the Ripper’s Identity “Confirmed” by That Bastion of Scientific Thought: The Daily Mail

    "No, for real this time! We swear! ...Until next time."

    We finally know who Jack the Ripper was, and we have the Daily Mail to thank! It was Walter Sickert! Er, I mean, it was actually a woman who worked for Salvation Army! Wait no, it was actually Aaron Kosminski, a crazy hairdresser! For real this time, you guys! Guys? Where are you going?

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  3. You’re About To Be Able To Make A Baby With Three Biological Parents

    But not in the fun way.

    Making a baby with two parents is pretty cool, I guess - but what if your baby could have DNA from three different biological parents? Well science has already done it - it's a real thing, and it's about to be ready for clinical use.

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  4. Science Can Use DNA GPS To Determine Where Your Ancestors Lived 1000 Years Ago

    Maybe everything you know about yourself is a LIE.

    Most of us can trace our lineage back a few generations, but what about way back? Like, would-need-a-TARDIS-to-determine-the-truth back? Two scientists have collaborated to create a new kind of DNA GPS that can accurately pinpoint where in the world you came from, over a thousand years ago.

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  5. Olive Oil Counterfeiters, Beware “Magnetic DNA Particles”

    Sadly, this does nothing to stop Olive Oyl impersonators.

    Today we learned that olive oil counterfeiting is a real thing, and not the plot of some future Wes Anderson movie. We also learned that olive oil counterfeiters' days might be numbered thanks to some tiny DNA particles that could allow the oil to be verified as authentic. Way to tackle the big issues, science.

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  6. We Have Real, Living Glow in the Dark Pigs Now, Because Science Says “Why Not?”

    Making pigs who are their own nightlight was surprisingly high on the list of genetic engineering uses.

    Advances in genetic engineering have allowed scientists at the South China Agricultural University to raise piglets that glow green when exposed to black light. If you were already on the fence about whether there's a God, you might have your answer in that none of these scientists were smote for creating light switch rave-ready pigs.

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  7. Nanorobots Could Deliver Medicine to Specific Body Parts Through Your Blood

    Unrelated: Can we please bring back pronouncing it as "ro-bit"?

    Are there tiny robots in your blood right now? Probably not. But there could be soon thanks to science. Thanks, science! The tiny robots in question are actually DNA nanocages that can be programmed to release medication to specific areas of the body.

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  8. Happy 93rd Birthday, Rosalind Franklin! Google Got You a Doodle!

    Well, it's not a Nobel, but it's the best we can do for right now.

    You can be forgiven if you're not familiar with today's Google Doodle of Rosalind Franklin. Though she did much of the important X-ray crystallography work that set the stage for James Watson and Francis Crick's discover of the double-helix structure of DNA, Franklin still goes largely unacknowledged in many modern science texts. Today would have been Rosalind Franklin's 93rd birthday, and Google is celebrating her tragically brief life and career with it's highest honor -- a Doodle.

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  9. Kangaroo Poo DNA Test Helps Researchers Count And Manage Species

    The science of identifying an animal by its droppings just got a 21st century update.

    Researchers in Australia have developed a fast, easy, and kind of gross way to to track populations on different species of kangaroo and wallaby across the continent with a quick and dirty DNA test of the droppings the animals leave behind. The tests could help to improve understanding of how many kangaroos of a particular species are alive in the wild, and exactly where they're living, and similar tests could one day help identify and protect populations of more vulnerable animals.

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  10. Herring Sperm Coating Makes Fabrics Flame Retardant

    Looking for a way to make sure your clothes don't burst into flame? A team of researchers at the Polytechnic University of Turin has come up with a method I'm willing to wager you've never tried before -- rubbing herring sperm into the fabric. Because seriously, who would have thought of trying that? I can't even take a guess at where you'd find that much herring sperm. You can't argue with results, though, and whatever else you can say about it, herring sperm seems to make a pretty reliable flame retardant, even if it's not a perfect process yet.

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