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  1. Capcom Sees No Difference Between On-Disc “DLC” and Actual DLC

    As anyone who has been regularly playing video games this console generation is aware, downloadable content -- not stellar games or recognizable franchises -- is at the forefront of what will define this generation when we look back on it. The DLC craze, though it obviously generates money for developers, is getting out of control, and just about every gamer knows it. Capcom, however, either thinks gamers are stupid, or the company needs a dictionary regarding what downloadable content should entail.

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  2. Nintendo Finally Delving Into Paid DLC After Years of Pushing Against It

    First, the good news: Nintendo will be releasing a new entry in the stellar turn-based strategy Fire Emblem series, for a spring 2012 release in Japan. Now, the bad news: It's going to be releasing on the Nintendo 3DS, a system that isn't selling too well, and one that at least one writer doesn't want to have to buy just to play a new game in one of his favorite strategy series. The mixed news, now: This new Fire Emblem will be Nintendo's first game to have paid downloadable content. After years of pushing against it, for better or worse, it looks as though Nintendo will embrace the DLC era.

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  3. Rock Band is Adding a 20 Minute Song, Rush's "2112"

    After being sold for less than the price of their actual game, Harmonix went back to independent status and continued to work on their musical gaming opus, Rock Band. Though the luster and sheen has worn off for many avid Rock Band enthusiasts, myself included, the series' regularly released downloadable content is still going strong, nothing short of an amazing feat. For Harmonix's next amazing feat, they will be releasing nothing short -- Rush's "2112," which will be separated into three separate playable packages, but will also come with the full, 20-minute-long track of the entire 2112 suite if the whole DLC package is purchased, rather than just the separately available tracks.

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  4. Xbox Live Indie Game DLC Quest Turns Basic Features Into Comedy DLC [Video]

    There is a disturbing trend with this generation of console games. Aside from the overabundance of space marines and war shooters, one of the most defining aspects of this console generation is that gamers got nickel-and-dimed to death. Yes, downloadable content. DLC that releases on the very day the actual game release. Seventy different types of slightly different clothing. The ubiquitous map pack. Online passes that allow players who already bought the game (though, used) to play online. For whatever this generation ends up being known for in the annals of history, DLC will surely be a prominent memory. So, it was only a matter of time before a game developer with a sense of humor targeted DLC, right? And thus, the Xbox Live Indie Game DLC Quest was born.

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  5. The Next Portal 2 DLC Will Be an "In-Game"Editor

    Earlier this month, Valve released the first batch of Portal 2 DLC. It was free, and largely centered on everyone's favorite adorable cooperative robots. If you're wondering what Valve has up their DLSleeves, it isn't some new scenarios or some kind of epilogue, but an "in-game editor," which means they are releasing infinite levels forever. Sure, most of them will be in the shape of penises, and some will be specifically just to frustrate players, but anyone who plays games with level editors, like LittleBigPlanet or StarCraft II, knows full well that some of the armchair level designers out there are as talented as the developers themselves. So, there's a lot to look forward to.

    If you're worried about sifting through all of the crap to get to the brilliant, Valve will be introducing community elements to the DLC as well, allowing players to vote on levels, which, surprisingly, ends up actually differentiating the crap from the brilliant more often than not. For those who are a little sore that the first batch of DLC was largely focused on cooperative play, the level editor will allow both single and multiplayer levels, so that's more good news. The DLC is targeted to release sometime early next year.

    Check out the press release after the break, and spend your Friday night thinking with portals.

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  6. Possibility: Romance-Based DLC for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age?

    In an interview with some of the guys at BioWare last week, Kotaku asked what content was in store for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age's future DLC packs, and jokingly wondered if more romance options were a possibility.

    Much to their surprise, their suggestion was taken totally seriously.

    [Greg] Zeschuk said that the idea of adding more dating and love to the game after the fact is an idea he likes. He thinks of such possible content as, in his words, "a romance pack," something that has nothing to do with combat and everything to do with relationships. "You know, It's possible," he said.

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  7. Secondary Market for Game Licenses to Launch; Steam to Become Crowded, Peddler-Ridden Bazaar

    A UK company named Green Man Games is planning to launch a market for buying and selling used licenses for downloadable video game titles. One small problem - if publishers haven't been convinced by decades of piracy to loosen their grip on legacy titles, who's going to convince them now?

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